Pension Application of John Davis: S30371

                        Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris


            State of Kentucky       }  Sct

            Wayne County }

On this 14th day of September 1832 personally appeared Before Robert Belshe a justice of the peace for Wayne County Kentucky John Davis of the county of Wayne and State of Kentucky, aged He thinks & believes 74 years on the 12th day of Next December. who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his Oath make the following Declaration In order to obtain the Benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed June the 7th 1832.

            That he first enlisted in the service of the United States in the year 1776. just after New year, (the particular day not recollected) under Roly Madison [Rowland Madison] the second Lieutenant of the company in Bottetourt [sic: Botetourt] County and State of Virginia, and served in the 7th Virginia Regiment [illegible word] of the line, under the following officers. My Field Officers was Genl Andrew Lewis  Coln [Alexander] McClanahan  his christian name not recollected and under my Captain Thomas Posey. I served about 10 months & got sick  too unwell to discharge my Duty with the ague & fever. In the mean time my Brother Thomas Davis came down to the Army to see me, and finding me unwell he agreed to stay in the army in my place with my captain, untill I might go home Recover and return. But shortly afterwards, & Before I got well, he wrote me I might not return  that he would serve my two years out, and did so & he then enlisted for three years longer. I received a furlough to come home from my officer or captain when I was sick and my Brother Took my place as aforesaid. In this term of enlistment I was in no considerable Battle, except one Engagement at Guinns Island [sic: Gwynn Island, 8 - 10 July 1776] against the British commanded by Lord Dunmore. From Bottetourt County we first marched to Glocester [sic: Gloucester] court House, and joined part of the Regiment. And thence to Augusta and thence to Albemarle, thence easterly to the Sea Shores, where [illegible word] we were stationed as a guard for some time. We then marched to Williams burgh [sic: Williamsburg] & was there stationed for some time. Where and when my Brother Thomas Davis came to see me (and by the consent of my officer a captain and good of the service, took my place as specified

Something like 12 months after my first enlistment was out the precise time not recollected Having recovered my health again I again enlisted for three years in Bottetourt county and State of Virginia, sometime in the winter before the Battle of Little York [Siege of Yorktown, 28 Sep - 19 Oct 1781] under, I think Captain Balmes Smith & served under Colo. Frebecker, his christian name not recollected [sic: Christian Febiger], & Col. Ghaskins, his christian name not recollected [sic: Thomas Gaskins], and I think in the 12th Regiment of Virginia. We had many Generals in this term of service, viz. Genl. [Anthony] Wayne, General Stubain [sic: Baron von Steuben], Genl. Sinclair [sic: Arthur St. Clair], Genl. Marcus dela Fayette [sic: Marquis de Lafayette] and General Washington at the Siege of York in Virginia. We started & marched thro Augusta, Albemarle down James River & joined the main army following and pursuing Lord Corn Wallace [sic: Cornwallis] & his army in every Direction he marched. At or near Jamestown we had a Battle [Battle of Green Springs Plantation, 6 July 1781] & General Wayne was much wasted [worsted?] by the British by their laying in ambush for him. Thence we marched thro and about Williamsburgh, and Remained about there untill we marched to the siege of York & I was at the Siege & Battle of York. And there one night, whilst on guard had my gun Barril in my hands About half cut off By the Bursting of a Bum [sic: bomb] shell. It set my clothes on fire. I was much stunned and shocked, and remained speechless and senseless for some time, untill the Balanis[?] of the Guard came to my relief & put out the fire Burning my cloths. I then recovered not experiencing much injury from the shrok[?]

After the Battle of York sometime I was discharged By Captain Nathaniel Lamb who then commanded the particular time not now recollected. But well recollect of having served Nine months of my last enlistment of three years, and had a written discharge from my officer, But many years past in Virginia I parted with it, & now know nothing of it. I served nineteen months as a private for which I claim compensation  I know of no person by whom I can prove my service, and have no documentary evidence

I the said John Davis hereby Relinquish every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present, and declair that my name is not on the pension roll of any agency in any state.

            Sworn to and subscribed this 14 day of September and year aforesaid

                        Jno hisXmark Davis