Pension Application of John and Mary Dotson Miller W47

Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris


State of Tennessee

White County Court of pleas and quarter Sessions in the year 1834

On this thirteenth day of October in the year 1834 personally appeared in open Court before the worshipful Thomas Eastland, John Bryson and William Hitchcock now sitting and holding said Court, John Miller a resident citizen of the County of White in the State of Tennessee aged sixty nine years who being first duly sworn according to the laws of the land doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832

That he entered the service of the United States under te following named officers and served as herein stated

He states he first entered the service of the United States in the War of the revolution in Washington County [sic] in the State of Maryland as a substitute, for a tour of three months and marched to a place called fort Frederic [sic: Fort Frederick] in the same state, and was there employed in guarding prisoners. The colonel in command was called as he recollects Rollins

He served out his full tour of three months as a guard and was discharged at Fort Frederic

Shortly after his return he again hired himself as a substitute for three months more and again was employed in guarding the same prisoners. His captains name as he recollects was called Ott or Utt He states he served out his full tour of three months and was again discharged So soon as this tour was closed he again hired as a substitute, and continued in the same service for some more than a month and aided in marching and guarding some prisoners from Frederictown To Fort Frederic when the prisoners were removed and he was released from further service This closed his service as a soldier of the revolution but as to the date of his service he begs leave to refer the department to the facts he has stated. It was before Cornwallis was taken [19 Oct 1781]

He further states that from old age and great defect and disability of recollection he has been unable to give names. The officers were all strangers to him, and he cannot state there names. One fact he can clearly and most confidently state he served as much as seven months as a guard, and in the character of a substitute. He knew nothing of the men for whom he hired they were not acquaintances, and their names have wholly left his memory

He is thus wholly unable to make a more satisfactory statement than above for the reasons stated

He states he has lost his discharges. he never considered them of any value and therefore did not preserve them.

He has no documentary evidence of his service nor does he know of any living witness by whom he can prove his services or any part thereof.

He hereby relinquishes every claim to a pension or annuity whatever except the present nor is his name on the pension roll of the agency of any state John his X mark Miller

I was born in Pennsylvania

I have no record of my age, but from the best information I have I was born in 1765

When called into service I was living in Washington County Maryland. My father removed & I with him, to Pennsylvania, from thence to Shenandoah County Virginia, from that I moved to Botetourt County Virginia, from there to Greenbrier County, from there to Grainger County Tennessee From there to White County, where I now reside, & where I have lived twenty four years

I was called into service as a substitute, but I cannot state the names. I cannot say more of my officers than I have already stated my service being altogether as a guard. I can say nothing of regiments. I recollect that there were some regulars in the service & out at the same time and that while I served there were two sets of prisoners I think I received two discharges, but I do not know what became of them. I believe that my neighbors without any exception will testify as to my character for veracity, and if any one doubts my service as a soldier of the revolution I do not know it. I will name Col. Sevier Evans, Daniel Dale, Capt. John White, John Sertton[?], Turner Lane John his X mark Miller

NOTE: On 14 Aug 1849 Mary Miller, 81, applied for a pension stating that she married John Miller in Shenandoah County on 5 July 1787, and he died 4 Nov 1846. The file includes a copy of the return by Rev. John Koonts for the marriage of John Miller and Mary Dotson.