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August 31, 1997 from (Linda Kell)
I am looking for James CARTMILL, born May 26, 1813 in Botetourt Co Virginia. He died August 29, 1882. His wife was Lucinda STEPHENS, born September 4, 1821 in Kanawha Co Va (WVa). She died March 10, 1895. They had 12 children: 1. James Henry; 2. Mary Elizabeth; 3. John Gilbert; 4. David Stephen; 5. William Marion; 6. Flavious Josephus; 7. Minnesota; 8. Robert Morris; 9. George Washington; 10. Frances Isabel (My line); 11. Jefferson Davis; and 12. Ida Lee CARTMILL. Any information about this James CARTMILL & Lucinda STEPHENS family would be appreciated.

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August 28, 1997 from (billy f. montgomery)
I am looking for any information in regards to a Hugh MONTGOMERY whose wife name was Sarah\ Sally. Their son Hugh was born in 1826 in Botetourt County. His son Hugh married Evaline DOWNS of Rockbridge County and in 1867 moved to Ohio. He may have had two daughters by the name of Jane and Castina\ Castenah MONTGOMERY. Castina married a Joseph SORREL and Jane married a George DOWNS of Rockbridge County in 1860. Jane was 22 when she married according to the marriage license. Any help would be most appreciated and I am willing to share any information that I have in relation to the ancestors of Hugh MONTGOMERY. Thank you.

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August 27, 1997 from (Betty Withrow)
I am looking for parents names of William and Mary WITHROW who lived in Botetourt County, Va 1795-1811. They had one child listed (that I have found) John . He was born about 1776 in Pa. He married Sarah (last name unknown) and they had seven children. I have a copy of the "Plantation Map of the Greenfield - Amsterdam Community" that shows land owned by both William and his son John. I have copies of deeds. Are there any records available that would have family names and can some one do a look-up for me? John and Sarah WITHROW may have been married in Botetourt. Thank you.

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August 26, 1997 from (S. D. Gibbs)
I need information on the Joshua MARTIN and Robert BEAVERS listed in Botetourt County milita and tax records in the 1780s. Men by these names lived in Wilkes and Greene counties in Georgia in the late 1780s and after and I would like to know if there is a connection or if they indeed may be the same people. The Joshua MARTIN of Ga had a son named Joshua Jr. who married Esther BEAVERS who was the daughter of Robert BEAVERS. It is known that the Robert BEAVERS of GA lived in Virginia prior to living in GA. He was born in New Jersey. Your help appreciated.

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August 25, 1997 from donnier@MIS.Net (Donnie M. Richardson)
Reesden (also spelled "Risden") RICHARDSON (also spelled as RICHESON) married Sarah "Sally" JEWELL on Nov. 26, 1818. They had 7 children (4 boys: Noah, Alexander, Jewell (Juel), & Powell; and 3 girls: Sarah Jane, Elizabeth, & Jemima - the last child born in 1831). I've been trying to find a line on this family prior to Reesden (or Risden), but so far I've come up blank. There is no mention of Reesden in the 1810 Census of Montgomery Co., VA. Family oral history has it that Risden and "his brothers" moved into Montgomery County from down around Roanoke/Bedford, VA. So far this has been the end of the line for me. Anybody having anything on Risden (Reesden) RICHARDSON would be a welcome sight! There were also a Jacob and a Soveron "RICHESON" (RICHARDSON) listed along with "Risden" in the 1820 Census - not sure if there was a connection, and as I said this has been the end of the line for me. Thanks for any information.

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August 24, 1997 from (Dorothy m.)
I am looking for info on my ggparents James TAYLOR and Sarah CHADD (possibly CADD). Known to have lived there in Botetourt County in 1892 when my gmother was born. Who were their parents. Thank you,

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August 22, 1997 from (Clay Dyer)
I am in search of information on a John McGEE, a Pvt. in the 12th Va. Regiment who served under Capt. Wm. McKEY and was discharged on 10 Oct 1778. He was born 30 Jan 1757 or 1752 in Botetourt Co. and lived in Rockbridge Co. during the time of the Revolution. Any info pertaining to John McGEE or any McGEE living in Botetourt Co. btwn 1720-1780 would be appreciated.

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August 27, 1997 from JG or (John Gregg Scircle, III)
Looking for John CIRCLE, ( who may have been known as William) who may enlisted in a Virginia Volunteer Rifle Regiment, possibley the 37th Regiment. He enlisted in August or September 1813 in Botetourt County. He was discharged in 1814. He married a NICELY (name may be Caroline or Margaret, and is perhaps from Shenandoah County , Botetourt County, or Alleghnay County) in Virginia before 1818. Had a child, George Adam CIRCLE, born 5 March 1818, in Virginia (George Adam later changed surname to SCIRCLE). He moved to Clarke County, Ohio and had three more children, William, Caroline, and John. They then moved to Indiana, and where Caroline NICELY died about 1825. John CIRCLE married Lucyan STRAIN in Tippecanor County on 21 Feb 1831. John CIRCLE and family then moved to Missouri before 1840. Trying to find out if John CIRCLE was related to Peter CIRCLE/ZIRKLE, son of Ludowick ZIRKLE. Could John CIRCLE have been the son of the Peter CIRCLE/ZIRKLE who died in 1818 in Botetourt County or another relative of Peter or Ludowick. There is a record of a John Circle and Margaret NICELY marriage in Botetourt County on 10 Feb 1817. Margaret NICELY's parents may have been Henry and Elizabeth NICELY (Peter CIRCLE had two sons with the same birth years and death years John CIRCLE and Lewis CIRCLE (or could be John Lewis CIRCLE) b. 1784 d. 1875. These dates can not be correct because there was a brother and sister born between them. (Peter CIRCLE ansd Betsy CIRCLE) One of these brothers has to have a different birth and death date. John CIRCLE has a possible birthdate of 1794 and died between 1850 and 1853 in Missouri. Any help finding John CIRCLE's parents, brothers, sisters birth and marriage records, etc. will be greatly appreciated. Thank

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August 18, 1997 from ()
Henry SUTHERLAND came to Dickenson Co. in approx 1846 and purchased 10,000 acres of land. I am looking for any information about Henry's descendents. His wife was Margaret (COUNTS) SUTHERLAND. Surnames: Barnett, Counts, LaForce, Rasnick, Rasnake, Skeen, and Sutherland. Henry SUTHERLAND'S grandfather, James SUTHERLAND, came from Scotland sometime before 1800. James Sutherland purchased land in Botetourt County, were the town of Carbo is now located. Therefore, it is likely that Henry SUTHERLAND originated in Botetourt County. Since James SUTHERLAND had several children, I believe there are likely related Sutherlands in Botetourt, Dickenson and certainly adjacent counties.

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August 18, 1997 from (Hazel Glass Sluga)
Seeking information on the family of John GLASS, born Abt 1700 Banbridge Co.,Down, Ireland. He died in Augusta Co., Va Abt May 21, 1755. He married Sarah BECKETT (BICKETT) in Ireland and he names 6 children in his Will: Sarah, Samuel, John, William, Elisabeth and Mary. His 3 sons, Samuel, John and William are found selling 236 acres of land in Augusta Co., VA to a Mr. John Sansabaugh. The Indenture says Samuel, John and Martha his wife and William are from the County of Botetourt, VA at that particular time. Any information regarding the above will be most gratefully appreciated....and, thank you.

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August 16, 1997 from ()
Looking for info on the BUTT family of Botetourt Co. William Harrison BUTT & Lucelia HARRIS.. Parents of William Harrison were Abraham BUTT and Margeret CROWELL of Berkeley Co., or was there a Berkeley County at that time... Abraham b. 1790, William b 1812. Thanks

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August 14, 1997 from (Sandra McRoberts Savey)
Andrew CRAWFORD m Euphus BATEY on Nov. 23, 1788 in Botetourt Co., Va. - They had a dgt. Eunice CRAWFORD who married John McROBERTS on Aug. 5, 1793. John and Eunice CRAWFORD left Botetourt Co., Va. and settled in Fleming Co., Ky. I am a descendant of this family line. Would appreciate any information that exists on the CRAWFORD, McROBERTS and BATEY families of Botetourt Co. Va. Will share information on these families. Would like to know who the father of John McROBERTS was?

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August 13, 1997 from (Hazel Glass Sluga)
John GLASS lived in Augusta Co., VA with his wife, Sarah in the 1700's. His Will was proven 1755 and he lists his wife, Sarah and 6 children. Three boys and three girls, mostly grown up, but not all married. Their names are: Sarah, Samuel, John, William, Elisabeth and Mary GLASS. We are trying to establish a connection our my line of GLASS's between John GLASS's son, "Samuel GLASS(#2) of Botetourt Co., VA." and Samuel F. GLASS(#3) who was born in Winchester, Frederick Co., VA. & whom we can prove to be our great, grandfather. We have just recently received a document from Augusta Co., VA where John lived that tells us that in 1775, Samuel, John, Martha his wife and William "of Botetourt Co., VA," all sons of John and named in John's Will, sold 236 acres of land in Augusta Co., Va., to a John Sansabaugh. If we can establish that this Samuel(#2) migrated to Tennessee, we will also know that John, Sr. is the ancestor and we can go from there. One of our problems lies in the fact that two brothers, Robert GLASS and John GLASS (sons of the emigrant, Samuel GLASS) both had sons named Samuel, so any scrap of help you can give us will be more than gratefully appreciated!

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August 12, 1997 from (Ola Humphries)
I am researching the family of Joseph HUMPHRIES, b. 1660 in Middlesex County VA. I believe him to be the father of Joseph HUMPHRIES b. 1702 in Northumberland, who was in turn the father of Uriah HUMPHRIES, b about 1740 in Northumberland County and who lived for many years in the area that became Botetourt Co VA. I have much information on this line and am willing to share what I have with others. Thanks.

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August 5, 1997 from (Karen Griffin)
Looking for Virginia birth record/locale/parents of Matthew HARBISON. He was born 3 November, 1791 in Virginia, moved to Barren County, Kentucky by 1814, married Elizabeth B. BYBEE in 1818, and died in Barren County on 23 May 1872. I know that there were HARBISONs in Botetourt County in the mid-1700s, but have been unable to trace Matthew specifically. Thank you for any assistance.

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