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May 28, 1998 from (Sandy)
James Rufus Bean was born in Botetourt Co. Jul. 12,1858 m. Nannie Bell Butler Mar 9, 1880, d. Dec. 14, 1922 in Roanoke. Would appreciate any info. on the parents of James,siblings, occupation, religion. Thanks, Sandy

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May 27, 1998 from (Sandy)
Looking for parents of Larkin Butler m. Susan Camper 10/16/1849 in Botetourt Co. also birth date, siblings, place of birth & death and any other info. Thanks,

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May 27, 1998 from (Sandy)
Am interested in any info. on John J. Downs m. Mary Ann Patterson 9/24/1851 in Botetourt Co. Parents names, place of birth, occupation, religion, children, birth and death dates and where interred. Any info. much appreciated. Thanks,

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May 16, 1998 from (Marlene Curry Monroe)
I am searching for geneological information on Nancy Curry mother of Aaron Curry. He was born circa 1800 (possibly 1801) in Botetourt County, Virginia. The 1850 Census (Indiana) showed them both in Monroe Township, Pike County, Indiana.

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May 14, 1998 from ()
George Bower and Mary (Polly) Sullenbarger were married in 1822. There was least 6 children: Mary (abt. 1829, Philip (abt. 1832), David (abt. 1834), Sarah (abt. 1839), Barbara (abt. 1839) and William L. (1844). William Lewis married Sarah Ann Simmons in 1867 in Botetourt County, VA. The (s) was added to make the name Bowers during this generation. Sarah Ann Simmons's parents are John Simmons and Margaret Luntz who married in 1837 in Botetourt County, Va. John and Margaret Simmons had at least 4 children: Margaret (abt. 1839), George (abt. 1843) Sarah Ann and Nathanel (abt. 1845). Solomon Simpson (son of Solomon Simpson and Elizabeth Lautern) married Mary Black in 1819 in Botetourt County. They had at least 3 children: James B. (abt. 1821), Elizabeth (abt. 1829), and Thomas (abt. 1831). James B. Simpson married Ann Matilda Haslip (Haslep) Kelly in 1870. This was the 2nd marriage for both. They had 1 daughter together, my grandmother, Georgannna. Ann's parents was William and Martha Haslip (Haslep, etc.) Does anyone recognize any of these names? All of these families were in Botetourt County where they raised their children.

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May 12, 1998 from (Mary Lee)
Looking for information on Andrew Lee m. Margret (Peggy) Daniels in Botetourt Co Va . 1798. Andrew may have emigrated from Ireland.

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May 12, 1998 from (Jane)
Searching for LYON family members in Botetourt and surrounding counties just before the Revolution. Botetourt County tithables for 1770-71 list a ROBERT LYON. I cannot seem to find other family members connected to him, and suspect he may be a connection to a Robert Lyon family in Caswell County, NC, later in the century. If anyone knows about this man or any other Lyon folks in the area at the time, I would love to hear about them. Many thanks,

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May 3, 1998 from (Pat)
Working on SHAWVER surname. George Shawver m Mary Gillespie in Botetout County, VA in March 1789. George died November 1849 possibly in IN or IL. George/Mary had children Boston b ca 1791, Sarah b ca 1793, Robert b ca 1795, Elizabeth b ca 1797, William b ca 1799, Jane/Jenny b ca 1800, Alexander b ca 1802, Charolette b ca 1805, Martha/Patsy b ca 1812, Julie b ca 1814, Mona b ca 1815, and George b ca 1816. All information appreciated! Thanks,

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May 2, 1998 from (Sandy Bushaw)
Need info on Nancy Dishong, born 1836 Botetourt Co. Va. She May have had a brother named Louis Dishongue born June 22, 1834 or 37. Who are her parents. Other spellings were Dischong/ DeShong/ Deschamps. She married Hiram Hartman and need info on him if you can find anything. Thank you

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May 2, 1998 from (Lynda Troutt Murphy)
I am searching for the following OVERSTREET family members. I just obtained the marriage license of Hubert B. OVERSTREET and Georgia OBENSHAIN. It states that Hubert was from Bedford County, Virginia and the parents of Hubert B. OVERSTREET are Esewrid D. OVERSTREET and Eliza G. OVERSTREET. The spelling of Esewrid is not very clear and could be entirely something else. Hubert D. OVERSTREET lived and married in Botetourt County, Virginia. Any information is greatly appreciated. The family tree is as follows:
Esewrid D. OVERSTREET. He married ELIZA G.. Children: Hubert B. b. August 01, 1868; d. September 02, 1910.; and Luther W. OVERSTREET.
Hubert B. OVERSTREET married Theopatria Georgia OBENSHAIN, daughter of Cary OBENSHAIN and Mary KESLER. (Hubert B. is buried at the Haymaker-Town Cemetery in Botetourt County, Virginia.) Children: Mary; Zola m. SKIDMORE; Alice b. May 10, 1897; d. May 14, 1984; m. BOOTH; Boyd; Elva Ora b. August 14, 1894, Botetourt County, Virginia; d. September 27, 1983, Roanoke, Virginia; Claud Dennis b. September 03, 1909, Botetourt County, Virginia; d. October 11, 1975, Roanoke, Virginia. Ruby b. 1905, Botetourt County, Virginia; d. 1963, Botetourt County, Virginia; and Olive E. OVERSTREET, b. January 30, 1892; d. July 27, 1910. (Olive E. is burried in the HaymakerTown Cemetery in Botetourt County, Virginia. She was 18 years and 6 months old when she died.

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