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March 31, 1999 from (Nora B. Brown)
I'm searching for the above names. I have traced these names to Botetourt County, Va. between the years 1827 to approximately 1837. I'm searching for birth records of: Milton Reuben Cameron and Eliza Jane Roush around these dates. Also marriage records for the above 2 names (perhaps 15-25 years later). Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Nora B. Brown, Great Granddaughter of Milton and Eliza Cameron

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March 30, 1999 from (John T. Davis)
Searching for parents of Levi SIMPSON, b. abt 1811 in Botetourt, m. Charlotte (????) abt 1833, daughter Lucy Jane SIMPSON b. 1838 at Fincastle TWS, Botetourt, VA. Levi died 1851 Lewis, MO. Would appreciate any and all information.

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March 27, 1999 from (Judy Wright)
Looking for information about the following marriage Jonathan Whitley- Sarah Cunningham, security Luke Bowyer. Aug. 11, 1773. I am wondering if anyone knows whether Sarah Cunningham's father's will mentions her children. I am not researching Whitley, but rather Whitlef and wonder if this is the couple I'm looking for. Does anyone know which part of old Botetourt Co. these people lived on or how Luke Bowyer might be related? Thanks.

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March 27, 1999 from (Judy Wright)
William TAYLOR -looking for information about Wm. TAYLOR of Botetourt Co. Va. 1785. I think this is the area East of the James River in what is now the Allegheny Co. area. Is anyone researching the Wm. Taylors of Botetourt Co. and have some of them sorted out???? This one would have been born about 1750-60. Is he the one who m. Margaret Tummons? Any help appreciated.

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March 27, 1999 from (Lynn Hoffman)
Mary Jane DICKEY. I have 1820 as her birth year. She was born in Botetourt County. She married William HAWKINS on June 18, 1835. They moved to Tennessee. Any information will be greatly appreciatee.

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March 25, 1999 from (Joan Tarkington)
I am searching for two ancestors whom I believed lived in Botetourt County, Virginia in 1845. I am searching for John Littleford who would have been in his late 70s and possibly died in this county and his daughter Emma Cooper who was John's daughter. Emma was married to William M. Cooper on September 30, 1840 either in Albemarle County or Botetourt County, Virginia. I know that Emma was living in Botetourt County, Virginia because I found a letter that she sent - it is in the Library of Virginia under the Colonial record database. The problem is that the letter starts "Dated Pattensburg, Bottetourt(sic) County, Virginia, 16 Aug. 1845" I have tried to find Pattensburg on the map with no luck. Since this is a document that was transcribed at the Library of Virginia I assume that is correct. I would like to narrow down the location because I believe that John Littleford died and buried somewhere in Botetourt County. Also I know that he attended an Episcopal church and if I could determine the area where he lived with Emma and William Cooper then I might find the church that he attended. Whatever help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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March 25, 1999 from VOLS@NETVA.COM (Elizabeth Allison)
Seeking any information on Moses MANN 1761-1822 (s/o William Mann and Jane Hamilton) and Jane KINCAID 1761-1808(?) d/o of Robert Kincaid(?) Moses and Jane married in Botetourt Co. 1779. Did they have a son William B. Mann who married Nancy Caldwell in 1803 in Botetourt Co? Glad to exchange information. Thanks so much

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March 23, 1999 from ()
Searching for ancestry information for Elizabeth EPLEY. Her father was John EPLEY. I do not know her mother. She married 1 Nov 1804 in Botetourt Co, VA to John COON (b. 1780 PA d. 1856-60 OH). They had at least one child, Henry KUHN (b. 7 Dec 1819 Ross Co., OH d. 11 Mar 1882 Ashmore Twp, Coles Co., IL).

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March 21, 1999 from (Jean)
I am looking to identify the children of John & Elizabeth Crumpecker/ Crumpacker who lived in Botetourt County in the late 1700s & mid 1800s. I understand that John's will is recorded in Botetourt County, sometime around 1840. When Botetourt County split the part of the county that they lived in became Bedford County. Following Elizabeth's death John married Mary (Wagner) Gish in December 1821 in Botetourt County. Mary was the widow of John G. Gish. Would also like any information on her family. Her parents may have been Christopher and Abigal Waggoner. Her father served in Capt. Mills Militia in 1783. Her mother's maiden name may have been Mills so would like any information on this family as well. Her brothers may have been married to Margaret Britz, daughter of Adam Britz in 1808 & to Mary Nofsinger, in 1839; James married Matilda Simpson daughter of John in 1843; John married Mary Powers, daughter Yancy Powers 1816 all in Botetourt County. Chris's daughter Abigal married John Beaubeau in 1802 after her father's death in Botetourt. Elizabeth Ann Waggoner married Samuel Simmons in 1836; Harriet Waggoner married Samuel Crush in 1844; Jane Waggoner, daughter of James, married Jacob Peck in 1815; Nancy Waggoner, daughter of John, married George W. Crouse in 1844; Nancy Waggoner married Jacob Surber in 1818; Mary Wagner married Thomas Baldwin in 1829 all in Botetourt County. Thank you so much for all your help.

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March 18, 1999 from (Emy Stewart)
Looking for information about Nancy TANKERSLEY who married Samuel WILLETT in Botetourt County in 1834. Nancy's sister, Rachel, married Abraham HANNON in 1833, with Reuben TANKERSLEY, as a witness. In 1770 , a David WILLETT had a license to operate an ordinary in Botetourt County. Thank you!

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March 18, 1999 from (Rebecca Freeman)
Am interested in any information on the families of Jonathan McNeil and Jane McCord who were married in Botetourt September 5, 1779

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March 17, 1999 from (Jonathan Wert)
I would like to exchange information with anyone researching the surnames WIRT, WERT, WERTZ, WIRTH, NYE in Botetourt County, Virginia. Anyone have information on a John Wirt living about 1829 in Botetourt County ... he being a son of Adam Wirt b. 1755 in PA? Contact:
Jonathan Wert,
P.O. Box 240,
Port Royal, PA 17082-0240;

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March 15, 1999 from ()
I am looking for Information on Phillip Jessee born in 1742. I believe in North Carolina. He was listed on the Botetourt County, VA Census in 1810. I also know that his daughter, Mary Sue Jessee McKinney was born 1793 in Botetourt and died in 1887. I would appreciate any information I could obtain for sources of possible information. I received a search from lineages in which listed him in the 1810 census. In that information, the name was spelled Jesse.

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March 15, 1999 from (Ed & Phyllis (Carrell) Fraidenburg)
Looking for a marriage record for Susanah ETTER, b. abt 1805, place unk. She married John COMBS, b. Apr, 26, 1798, Culpepper Co., Va. The marriage took place Dec 16, 1822 in Botetourt Co., Va. Children of John COMBS & Susanah ETTER: Kiza (f) abt 1828, VA; Elijah (m) abt 1829, VA; Robert (m) abt 1830, TN; Christiana (f) abt 1830, TN; Elizabeth (f) abt 1834, TN; Gilbert (m) abt 1835, TN; Washington (m) abt 1838, TN; Susan (f) abt 1840, TN; ???? (m) abt 1843, TN; Virginia (f) abt 1844, TN. Any information about the parents/siblings of Susanah ETTER will be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

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March 13, 1999 from (Kay)
I am looking for any information on Mouls/ Mowls of Botetourt Co., VA. Looking for Thomas Mowls, b. 1812 who married Isabella Roby, of MD. Thomas' father was from Virginia. Thomas was possibly related to the McCreary/ Shuster family of the same area.

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March 12, 1999 from ()
I am looking for information re Adam Flaherty m Harriet Lavinder Dec 29, 1807 Botetourt Co. Va. He is listed on Census 1830 and 1840. I am trying to find his parents and if he is possibly the immigrating ancestor. I have other information on this Flaherty family if anyone interested.

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March 12, 1999 from (Linda)
I have just learned of VERY strong ties to Botetourt County. My ancestors were John THOMPSON, Winifred BRICKEY married there in 1781 and James TAYLOR (married Ann Tillery & Rebecca McDonald). I am a little new to the Computer but can manage emails pretty well. Thanks so much.

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March 11, 1999 from (Cathy Thompson)
I am searching for information regarding Joseph Carden, a resident of Botetourt County VA from approximately 1800 to his death in about 1818. Prior to his residency in Botetourt County, he is known to have served in Captain John Gilmore's Company in Rockbridge County. He was listed in the land records of Botetourt County in 1800, 1803, and still listed in 1816 as having 46 acres on Craig's Creek. He married Mary, no further information available about her maiden name, and they had ten children: Isaac, John, Rachel, Mary, Allen D., Robert, Joseph W. (my direct link), Nancy Reed, Elizabeth Wray, and Jane Walker. His will was probated in Monroe County, but I see no listing for that county now. Also mentioned in his will is Daniel Wray, son-in-law, which leads me to believe that some of the female names with second names attached are their married names. I would appreciate any information regarding Joseph Carden that may be available. I have lots of information about the descendants of Joseph Carden as they moved from Virginia to Tennessee and on into Alabama if anyone else is researching this lineage, and will gladly share information.

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March 9, 1999 from (Robert D. Cron)
I am researching the Corder family of Va. Dave Corder, born Va. abt. 1807, moved to Wayne Co. KY. and married Uscilla (Metcalf) Gregory. I have no dates other than the 1807 date for Dave. The family of Corders moved around a lot it seem in Va., so it is hard to pin point what Co. Dave was born in. I have located a Elizabeth Jane Corder in the Va Family Geneologies, but not much on her either. Thank you,
Robert D. Cron (Bob)
191 Woosley Rd.
Roundhill, KY 42275

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March 8, 1999 from (Jerry)
Many years ago my grandfather, Dr. Wm. Harold Boswell wrote in a letter: "My father's folks came originally from Doran's Cove (or Cave?@ Jerry) in Bottertot Co. No Carolina (mistake must be Va @ Jerry)...they originally owned the whole section a county or two by a grant from England." My grandfather's father was Isaac Street Boswell and his father was Samuel Boswell. Can anyone help with the location of Doran's Cove or Cave? Also need help with Samuel's parentage. He was in Overton Co. Tn in 1820 and died 1846 in Jeff. Co. IL. Am interested in any Boswell in Botetourt Co. but especially Samuel, Wm., John, and Andrew. Thanks for your help.

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March 8, 1999 from (Connie Taylor Christman)
Researching John Taylor Jr. born c 1772, Botetourt Co. He married Barbara Strickler in 1794 in Shenandoah Co. Va. John Taylor Jr. is buried in Champaign Co. Ohio. Were John's parents John Taylor Sr. and Magdaline James? Who were his siblings? Were they related to any of the other Taylors in the area. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

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March 2, 1999 from ()
I am looking for something on a James Harrison who died in Botetourt Co. Va. in 1832 at 92 years old. Did he have a son name John who was born in 1789 in Botetourt Co and was married to Mary Wilson?

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