Botetourt Birth Register

These are images from film. Each page has two images.

The quality isn't great, but they are readable. The image is about 8 X 10, so it loads slowly on dial-up.

I hope these will be useful to someone. Each line reads across both pages so you may need to print out page 1 & 1a to get the full picture. This is not a difficult file to use.

Transcriptions are being done on these pages by Dianne Metz. We are greatful for all of Dianne's effort. Some of these images are hard to read so this effort will be most helpful. Thank you Dianne. I credit Volunteers for making these pages so informative. Dianne is only Transcribing page 1-2-3 etc. for now 1a - 2a - 3a etc., will be done at a later date and added. PLEASE check below I have added page 1 & 1a and a transcription for 1 not 1a. and so on. Check back often for more information, and be patient with me as web adm, and Dianne as transcriber or pitch in and help.

[Page 1] [Page 1b] Transcription page 1]

[Page 2] [Page 2b] Transcription page 2]

[Page 3] [Page 3b] [Transcription page 3]

[Page 4] [Page 4b] [Transcription page 4]

[Page 5] [Page 5b] [Transcription page 5]

[Page 6] [Page 6b] [Transcription page 6]

[Page 7] [Page 7b] [Transcription page 7]

[Page 8] [Page 8b] [Transcription page 8]

[Page 9] [Page 9b] [Transcription page 9]

[Page 10] [Page 10b] [Transcription page 10]

[Page 11] [Page 11b] [Transcription page 11]

[Page 12] [Page 12b] [Transcription page 12]

[Page 13] [Page 13b] [Transcription page 13]

[Page 14] [Page 14b] [Transcription page 14]

[Page 15] [Page 15b] [Transcription page 15]

[Page 16] [Page 16b] [Transcription page 16]

[Page 17] [Page 17b] [Transcription page 17]

[Page 18] [Page 18b] [Transcription page 18]

[Page 19] [Page 19b] [Transcription page 19]

[Page 20] [Page 20b] [Transcription page 20]

[Page 21] [Page 21b] [Transcription page 21]

[Page 22] [Page 22b] [Transcription page 22]

[Page 23] [Page 23b] [Transcription page 23]

[Page 24] [Page 24b] [Transcription page 24]

[Page 25] [Page 25b] [Transcription page 25]

[Page 26] [Page 26b] [Transcription page 26]

[Page 27] [Page 27b] [Transcription page 27]

[Page 28] [Page 28b] [Transcription page 28]

[Page 29] [Page 29b] [Transcription page 29]

[Page 30] [Page 30b] [Transcription page 30]

[Page 31] [Page 31b]

[Page 32] [Page 32b]

[Page 33] [Page 33b]

[Page 34] [Page 34b]

[Page 35] [Page 35b]

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