Appraisal of property Catherine Caldwell  1875


We the undersigned appraisers appointed by the County Court of Botetourt  County to appraise the personal estate of Catherine Caldwell dec’d after being duly sworn do the appraise the following property as shown us by the administrator.

One Bay horse & colt      $40.00       Given under our hands this 9th day of August 1875

One hill side plough               5.00                    William B. Bowyer

One iron kettle                        .50                     Thomas                           appraisers

One shot gun                        2.50                     J. ___________ 



Clerks Office of Botetourt County Court August 1875

This appraisement of the personal estate of Catherine Caldwell was this day returned to this office aforesaid and admitted to record.


                                                            Teste:  B. M. Allen, clk.

                                                            For ________ Allen DC



Botetourt County, Virginia

Will Book N

Page 22 & 23


Transcribed by Lynn Andrews