Pension Application of Alexander McClure: S30575

Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris


State of Kentucky}

Franklin County}

On this 17th day of January in the year of our Lord 1842 personally appeared in open court (being a court of Record) For the sd. county of Franklin Alexander McClure aged seventy eight since last August and being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath declare that he served in the revolutionary war as follows viz. that in the month of October 1780 he joined the company of Samuel Wall of Rockbridge county state of Virginia in the Regiment commanded by Col John Boyer of the Virginia Militia and immediately marched to Richmond and from there to Portsmouth in the sd state of Virginia or near that place & had several skirmishes with them. I continued in service the full term of three months and was honorably discharged from sd service and during the latter part of the summer 1781 when Cornwallis was about returning[?] upon Little York I again entered the army I believe the company commanded by a Capt. Campbell The Regiment I have forgotten, we marched from RockBridge county and immediately went on to Richmond & from there to Little York where we faithfully aided in the Siege of Genl Cornwallis and in his capture on the 19th of October 1781, having faithfully served on this tour of duty, making six months service in the Revolutionary War and was again honorably discharged which said discharges he has long since lost or mislaid as he afterward moved from Virginia to the State of Kentucky. That he is not a pensioner at this time, and has neglected to apply for his pension because of the difficulty of procuring proof & not feeling the immediate want of it until his old age admonished him that he required as the aid he could get however small it might be that he does not now know of any other witness alive except Mr Thomas Paxton whose witness he is now able to procure. Witness my hand this 17th day of January 1842. [signed] Alexd McClure


State of Kentucky} The additional declaration of Alexander McClure

Franklin County viz} This day made in open court being first sworn as the law requires, he further states that he was born in the county of Rockbridge in the state of Virginia on the 1st day of August in the year 1763. That he has a record of his age in his Bible. That he lived in the state of Virginia previous to his removal to Kentucky which was in the year 1793. That he resides in the county of Woodford adjoining the county of Franklin & only 10 miles from the seat of Justice (Frankfort) and that his declaration is made in Franklin county for convenience to Mr Thomas Paxton who is his witness and whose age makes it very inconvenient to him to ride out of his county as he is very old & infirm. That he has lived in Woodford county for the last 42[?] years and being interrogated by the court he says he was discharged by the captain under whom he served his tours, which sd discharges have been long since lost. That he hereby relinquishes every claim to a pension or annuity except the present, and that his name is on no pension roll or agency in any state, and that he knows of no other witness now alive by whom he can prove his service except Thomas Paxton who served with him Given under my hand this [blank] day of [blank] 1842 [signed] Alex McClure


NOTE: Documents in the file indicate that McClure died 6 July 1842.