Mill creek Death Certificates
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Death Certificates

and other proven burials in this cemetery.

" If you notice, the first entry in this Luther Pearcy ledger book also gives information about the burial of Luther's father-in-law, Wm (Papermill Bill Obenshain). I believe that Wm's grave may be unmarked also. I have not seen it personally and have not seen it listed in Mill Creek cemetery records. Wm and Catharine Ellen Burns were siblings and lived with the Pearcys in their later years." quote from Judy Tear. The first entry of this document states William Obenshain born 11 June 1804 departed this life 29 May 1886 is buried in the church yard. I do not have a readable marker for him. The highlighted area says Catharine Ellen Burns was buried beside her little son (Charles W. L. Burns). His grave is unmarked, but her grave is marked. According to records of Geraldine Obenshain, Charles lived only a few months (11/24/1864 - 1/18/1865). Information provided by Judy Tear


Mollie Obenchain 12 March 1835 12 Nov 1913


Here is Louis Clifton Hays death Certificate. His parents Earl Gilbert and Bessie Owen Hayes (my great grandparents) changed the spelling on their name a few years after they were married from Hays to Hayes. There are other Owen in the Mill Creek they are all related alonh with the Johnston's that are there. I am not sure where Louis is buried. I would believe it would be near his grandparents Thomas and Henryetta Owen. But not sure. Also Bessie had a twin brother named Jesse that died early. His birth was May 7 1900. I never got a lot of info from the family on him either. They may be in the same plot since they were both infants. If you came across anything in your record please let me know. Don Tinsley provided this death Certificate

Louis C. Hays

Secrist, Ruth

Deel, Infant