Lemon Family Bible & Cemetery

provided for us by Bob Macoubrie Lenexa, Kansas

Thomas Jefferson Lemon Bible. It is dated 1832. Thomas Jefferson Lemon was born in Botetourt County, Virginia. He was born June 6, 1801 and died March 5, 1889l in Pueblo, Pueblo County, Colorado. He moved from Botetourt County, Virginia between 1850-1856 to Warren County, Iowa. Between 1880-1885 he moved to Pueblo County, Colorado. Thomas Jefferson Lemon would of been my gg grandfather. Frederick Lemon's death, Thomas's father, is listed on these pages in Botetourt County, Virginia. Frederick Lemon and Jacob Lemon both fought in the Revolutionary War. They had land near Lick Run, Virginia on the Cowpasture River.

Lemon Cemetery located at US 220 Hiway and Lick Run Road or Virginia Road 698. It is just off this intersection but on private land. It is very near the James River and close to Iron Gate and the Botetourt County & Alleghany County line. It was on the Jacob Lemon Homestead Land.

The cemetery cannot be seen from the road.

Jacob Lemon Homestead

_Lemon Cemetery

_George Lemon [1809-1881] & wife

_ Elizabeth Jane [Bettie] Lemon Simpson [Nov 21, 1850-May 8 1885]

_ Fife H. Lemon [Sep 16, 1869-Sep 5, 1919]

_ John Newton Lemon [Jan 18 1834-Mar 14, 1909]

_ Jacob Lemon [May 7, 1763-Nov 16, 1848] [Revolutionary War Soldier]

_ Andrew P. Lemon [ 1854-1862 ]

_ John R. Lemon [ 1856-1857 ]

Lemon Deeds and Wills

Lemon, Frederick Will Page 1

Lemon, Frederick Will Page 1a

Lemon, Frederick Will Page 2

Lemon, Frederick Will Page 3

Lemon, Frederick Will Page 4

Lemon, Frederick Will Page 5

Lemon, Frederick Will Page 6

Lemon, Frederick Will Page 7

Lemon, Frederick Will Page 8

Lemon, Frederick Will Page 9

Lemon, Frederick Will Page 10

Lemon, Frederick Will Page 11

Lemon,George Will Page 1

Lemon,George Will Page 2

Lemon, Jacob Land Record Page 1

Lemon, Jacob Land Record Page 1a

Lemon, Jacob Land Record Page 2

Lemon, Jacob Land Record Page 3

Lemon, Jacob Land Record 1A

Lemon, Jacob Land Record 2A

Lemon, Jacob Land Record 2A1

Lemon, Jacob Land Record 5A1

Lemon, Jacob Land Record 5B1

Lemon, Jacob Land Record 6A1

Lemon, Jacob Land Record 6B1

Lemon, Jacob Land Record 4A1

Lemon, George Land Record 2B1

Lemon, George Land Record 3B1

Lemon, George Land Record 3A1

Lemon, George Land Record 2C1

Lemon, George Land Record 1A12A

Lemon, George Land Record 1A

Lemon, Frederick Land Record 1A

Lemon, Frederick Land Record 1A2

Lemon, Conrod Land Record 2B

Lemon, Jacob Land Record Page 1

Lemon, Jacob Will Page 1

Lemon, Jacob Will Page 2

Lemon, Jacob Will Page 3

Lemon, Jacob Will Page 4

Lemon, Jacob Will Page 1 son of Federick Lemon

Lemon, Jacob Will Page 2 son of Federick Lemon

Pitzer, John Will Page 1

Pitzer, John Will Page 2

Pitzer, John Will Page 3

Pitzer, John Will Page 4

Pitzer, John Will Page 5

Pitzer, John Will Page 6

Lemon Marriages

Lemon, Jacob

Lemon, Elizabeth & Coonrod Flesher A

Lemon, Elizabeth & Coonrod Flesher 1A

Lemon, Jacob & Mary Wiers Crawford A

Lemon, Sara & John Phillips A

Lemon, Susan Adeline

Lemon, Thomas Jefferson & Susam Lemon Pitzer 1A

Lemon, Thomas Jefferson & Susam Lemon Pitzer A

Bob Macoubrie

Lenexa, Kansas

With respect to Bob, please use him as a source for this information.

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