Biography for People from Botetourt County

[Anna Pefley] [David Stoner] [Cary A. Moyer] [John Boswell]

[Benjamin Kessler] [Callaway Pierce]

[Catherine Peffley] [Catherine Pefley Grubb] [Christina Peffley] [Catherine Kessler Himes]

[Clara Etta Mills Ghormley] [Daniel Arnold]

[Daniel B Pefley] [David Henry Peffley] [David Rettinger]

[Daniel Graybill] [Daniel H. Prunk M. D.] [Daniel Himes]

[David Short] [Elizabeth Peffley Rettinger] [Elizabeth Pefley]

[Elizabeth Pefley Smith] [Elizabeth Rettinger Bosseck] [E. L. Snodgrass]

[Frances Pefley] [Franz O'Neall Myers] [George & Samuel Stover] [Hannah Pefley]

[Henry Pefley] [Henry Peffley] [Jacob Peffley]

[Jacob Pefley] [Jacob Harshbarger] [J. H. Coffman] [John B. Pefley]

[James H. Stone] [James M. Otterman] [James Madison Coon] [Johann Adam Britz]

[John B Peffley] [Jonathon Pefley] [Julia Ann Neff] [John Click]

[John Frame] [Joseph Stover] [Josephus Graybill] [Magdalene Peffley]

[Mary Elizabeth Pefley] [Mary Magdalene Robinson] [Mary Polly Pefley] [Martha Elinor Harris] [Nathan G Kesler]

[Salome Brubaker] [Sarah Alice Peffley] [Sarah Garst] [Samuel D Stoner]

[Samuel Graybill] [Samuel J Peffley] [Nelson Franklin Wood]

[Solomon Pefley] [Tennessee Emma Sherfy] [The Peffley Families]

[William B Pierce] [William M Frantz] [William Myers] [William Wood]

[Will of Andrew Borndragar]

[Stoner Cemetery]

[Old Letters from Botetourt County]

[Blakesburg Cemetery]

[Britts Family Bible]

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