Amsterdam Cemetery Marker

Frantz, Mary

Hammond, Watson & Sarah

Henry, Carrie

Thomas, George

Thomas, Victor G.

Hammond, Alice

Burton, George

Thomas, Cephas

Thomas, Alice

Thomas, Mary Smith

Harless, Delila

Linkenhoker, W.B.P.

Linkenhoker, Eugene Plyton

Broken Unreadable Marker


Keeling, Ceorge & Mary

Hancock, Nellie A.

Hancock, Allie


Broken Marker

Broken Marker

Loyed, Henry & Susie

Loyed, Earl C.

Roberts, Grace Loyd

Loyed, Walter H.

Loyed, Walter Sales

Loyed, Cora Martin

Loyed, Cora M.

Loyed, Walter & Cora

Loyed, Claude H.

Broken Marker

Loyd, Phoebia R.

Loyd, John J., Jr.

Loyd, Willie A.

Loyd, Ronald M.

Harris, Earl C.

Loyd, Cecil S.

Crouch, Ella

Loyd, Frank S.

Whorly, Mary

Whorly, James

Truelove, Bessie Anne

Simmons, Hellen G.

Graybill, Susan P. Bell

Graybill, ?

Graybill, Michael & Mary

Simmons, William B. (CSA)

Simmons, Katherine

Graybill, A. T. Rev.

Simmons, J. Wm.

Graybill, James A. Lt.

Simmons, Sue Graybill

Broken Marker

Sperry, Thedocia Johnson Sperry, Thedocia Johnson (Marker repaired)

Minnich, Martha A.

Minnich, C. A.

Minnich, Catherine

Kelly, Unreadable

Kelly, Sarah

Kelly, John H.

Kelly, Emma O.

Unreadable child

North, Sadie L.

North, C. P. & Lucy

Keeling, Maggie

Thomas, Unreadable

Unreadable, Olivia

Gillispie, Sarah Virginia

Williams, A. J.

Linkenhoker, Ollie


Linkenhoker, M. P.

Murphy, William Howard

Murphy, Hunter McG.

Murphy, Everette J.

Nalls, Zac Tyree, Jr.

Broken Marker, James M.

Murphy, Charles A.

Murphy, Charles A.


Nalls, d/o L. & Ellen

Nalls, Frank

Murphy, Sarah J.

Murphy, John

Broken Marker

Farrow, Frances J.

Mays, Mary R.

Hogshead, Martha R.

Hogshead, James

Unreadable Broken Marker

Broken Marker

Honts, Mamie

Honts, J. H.


Chase, Carlos Gould

Gage, Hannah Ann

Angles, Amos Lee


Unreadable/Broken Marker

Angles, Clara Etta

Angels, Robert & Rosa StClair

Angles, Robert S.

Angles, Rosa StClair

Angles, Robert & Rosa

View of Ashley Plantation

Frantz, Thornton P.

Frantz, Thornton (Close Up)

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View 2

Broken Marker

View 3


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This Cemetery is in need of repair on tombstones and mowing and general maintence. There is poison ivey and briars so some of the markers that may have been readable could not be accessed. This may not be all of the markers.

Unmarked Gravesite

Keeling, R. A. b. 18 Sep 1867 d. 25 Aug 1917 Death Certificate 57-19236