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BOWLING, COFFEY - My husband and I are trying to get some information about his grandfather, Robert Ballard Bowling born 5/22/1890 and died 5/28/1949. He was married to Blanch Coffey who died 2/25/1942. They had one son Frank Edward Bowling born 1/03/1915 and died 10/28/1963. We would really appreciate any help in finding something about his family. Thanks, Ann and Wayne Bowling e-mail address

May 20, 1997 - 18:27 - From: - Wayne and Ann Bowling

STINNETT - Corrected and additional information regarding Stinnett Pitt F. Stinnett married Mary (Maggie) Patterson...their children were: Sara....Mary A....John L....Willie....Molly... John L. married Mary Grant Stinnett in Amherst County 9/13/1896 Children:...Homer, Bernard, Russell, Raymond, Ollie, Dolly (Scott) Lou (Coleman)...Bessie (Driskill)...Elsie (Lawhorne)...Thelma (Cyrus)...Margaret (Patterson)....Ruby (Garrett) Would appreciate any and all leads to the parents of Pitt F. and Mary Patterson Stinnett... Thank you in advance for your help...

May 22, 1997 - 08:39 - From: - Phyllis Harvey

CLARKSON - I am researching my CLARKSON family which starts with James CLARKSON, Essex Co 1777 m. Mary ADAMS. His sons come to Fluvanna Co. and purchase land from a Peter CLARKSON, Amherst Co. There is also dealings with a David CLARKSON. Does anyone know of these CLARKSONs. We will be in VA this July and I would love to know about these Clarksons. Thanks,

May 22, 1997 - 12:19 - From: - Mary CLARKSON BUCHHOLZ

STINNETT, PATTERSON - Looking for any information or leads on Pitt F. Stinnett who married Mary (Maggie) Patterson...they were in Amherst County 1892 and prior. Thanks in advance for any help given.

May 24, 1997 - 20:18 - From: - Phyllis Harvey

TUNGATE - Seeking ancestries of Jeremiah Tungate and Elizabeth Ann Evans. Jeremiah b. circa 1730. m. Elizabeth Ann Evans in Stafford Va. 3 Mar 1750/51. Elizabeth b. abt. 1740. Alt. spellings: Tungett, Tongate, Turngate, Turgett. Moved to Amherst Co., Va at a later date.

May 25, 1997 - 10:40 - From: - Debbie Hund Hogan

HOUSEWRIGHT - Need info on Parents and birth of JOHN HOUSEWRIGHT who married MARTHA PATSY BOULER on June 05, 1793 in Augusta County. Born to John and Martha was JAMES, JOHN Jr., WILLIAM, MARY, ELIZABETH, SARAH, BENGAMIN, JIKONIAS and Toliver. They also resided in Amherst and Nelson County.

May 25, 1997 - 10:43 - From: - J. W. Housewright

ELLIOTT, BURRUS, CARTER - Searching for the father of John (Jack) Elliott (b.1812) Jacks mother Elizabeth/Betsey) may have been a Burrus. She married a Carter, in Amherst Co., in 1817. Also seeking descendents of Jack, wherever they may be! Jack's sons are John William, Robert A., Hugh Nelson, Thomas, Henry, Ossian, Homer Edward (shipwright), Walter Payne, George Washington (Beauregard).

May 28, 1997 - 09:35 - From: - Larry Elliott

HENDERSON - I have traced my lineage back to a Benjamin Henderson born 1777 married in 1809 in Watagua Settlement which could be Tennessee or North Carolina. I have one report that his Father and Mother was Robert and Mary in Washington County, Virginia. There was a Benjamin Henderson in Bedfort County and Amherst County,Virginia.

May 28, 1997 - 09:37 - From: - Robert Henderson

WRIGHT, CASH - seeking information on (William ?) ELLIS WRIGHT born in Amherst 1809/1810. married JANE CASH in rockbridge co.12/22/1836.would like to confirm that his father was MOSES WRIGHT jr. whom married MARY CASH 01/20/1807.and was the grandson of MOSES WRIGHT sr. whom married ELIZABETH WHITEHEAD 1775.would like birth record or will.

Jun 5, 1997 - 08:32 - From: - Joe Wright

DAVIS, ATKINS - Searching for any details concerning Nathanial DAVIS (parents possibly Robert DAVIS & Elizabeth ATKINS) who d 1 Jan 1779 leaving Will in Amherst Co., VA [WB 2:83, l0 May l778/1 Nov 1779]. Nathanial DAVIS m Elizabeth ATKINS. Their Ch were (1) Charles, (2) Robert, (3) Isham, (4) James, (5) Nathaniel, Jr., (6) Elizabeth, (7) Sarah, (8) Theodosha, (9) Matilda & (10) Nancy Davis. There are lots of Nathaniels & Roberts in this family and I'm having trouble untangling everyone. Will greatfully appreciate any help. Thanks

Jun 5, 1997 - 12:33 - From: - Carole Ruff, 3001 West Ox Road, Herndon, VA

CASH, PATTERSON, GRINING - I need information on JANE PATTERSON who married WILLIAM CASH in Amherst Co. Va. in 1781. He was the son of STEPHEN CASH and JEMIMA GRINING OF Amherst Co. Va. Who were her parents?

Jun 10, 1997 - 01:09 - From: - Thelma Faye Prince

BRAGG - Looking for information on William Hill who married Susannah ? : Children were Madison Hill, who married Polly Day, Judith, who married Alexander Lyon, and Elizabeth Hill, married Hill, Felix Thurmond, and Edwards. William died 1786-1789. Susannah remarried a Gilliland, she died February 15, 1808. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Jun 10, 1997 - 10:23 - From: - Shirley Bragg

WILLIAMS - I am searching for the John WILLIAMS who resided in Amherst County, and may have joined the Revoluntionary War from this county in 1776. He married Mary BURTON on February 25, 1783 in Granville Co., North Carolina and he died in 1809 in the Spring in Mercer County Kentucky.  I would like to locate any WILLIAMS families he may connect to in Amherhurst (sic) or surrounding counties.  Any assistance would be most appreciated. Thank You. Helen

Jun 11, 1997 - 18:11 - From: - Helen Baldwin

BROWN, HELLAND - I am looking for Mr. and Mrs. James Brown, Amherst Co. Their daughter, Mary Arlene Brown Montgomery, married Gerald Helland (Pitt, PA) around 1953. Mary was born 1929 and died 1968. Mr and Mrs Brown were my husbands grandparents and he and his sisters have lost contact with them. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Laura Helland

Jun 16, 1997 - 11:06 - From: - Laura Helland

GRAY - Would like to find information about James Gray who lived in Amherst County prior to 1771. His son James Gray Jr. said on his Revolution Pension that he was born in Amherst County in 1761. In the book "The Deeds of Amherst County, VA 1761-1807 and Albermarle County VA, 1748-1763", I found that on December 9, 1771 Benjamin Asbury sold land that he had bought from James Gray. James Gray apppeared on NC tax records in 1771. In the same book, James Gray appears with Edmond Gray and William Gray on several transactions. I would appreciate any information aboout this James Gray and would share NC information. Wanda (Gray) Martin, Rt 1 Box 64, Cottonwood Falls, KS 66845

Jun 18, 1997 - 11:51 - From: - Wanda (Gray) Martin

COFFEY, CRAWFORD, BOWLING - I am looking for info about Blanche Coffey Bowling(born about 1890 and died 2/25/1942 and her parents, Willie Ann Crawford(Born 2/12/1860) and William Edward Coffey(no info). Blanche Coffey Bowling was my husband's grandmother and married to Robert Ballard Bowling (born 5/22/1890 and died 5/28/1949). Blanche had at least two sisters, Lula Coffey McDaniel and Nora Coffey Hudson. Thank You, Ann and Wayne Bowling

Jun 18, 1997 - 18:38 - From: - Wayne and Ann Bowling

BOWLING, CAMPBELL - My husband and I are searching for any info about his great grandfather and grandmother, MARCELLUS "MAJOR" BOWLING and MARTHA CAMPBELL BOWLING. They had several children and Robert Ballard Bowling, one of their sons, was my husband's grandfather. We think they started off in Amherst Co. and later moved to Nelson Co. Any help would be greatly appreciated. MARCELLUS BOWLING served in the Civil War and that is where his nick name "Major" came from.

Jun 24, 1997 - 08:28 - From: - Wayne and Ann Bowling

MORRISON - Looking for parents of Thomas MORRISON, who was listed in 1787, 1790 VA tax lists. The 1787 tax list was spelled MORRINSON, but was corrected in 1790 list. Related MORRISON names included, Thomas Jr, William, James, and John. Thomas and James later received land grants in Sullivan County TN in 1794.

Jun 24, 1997 - 09:50 - From: - Alan Morrison

LAWHORN - I am Stephen Clarence Lawhorn originally from Augusta county Va. I request information regarding any children born to Edward P. Lawhorn born 1845 to Isham and Elizabeth, and Edgar L. Lawhorn born to John and Parthenia in 1859. One of them may be my gggrandfather as my father remembers his name was Ed, and knows the names of most of his children.

Jun 27, 1997 - 17:01 - From: - Stephen Clarence Lawhorn


Jun 29, 1997 - 14:20 - From: - Tom watson

WILLOUGHBY, JONES, PRIDEON, - WILLIAM WILLOUGHBY according to his Rev. War penion was born in Amherst Co., VA. in 1759. He was granted land in Ga. before the war and fought in the 2nd Ga. Battalion. He married JERUSALEM JONES in Richmond Co., Ga. in 1790. I need WILLIAM WILLOUGHBY'S father and any other informaiton available. Thank you so much for your help... Becky

Jun 29, 1997 - 17:16 - From: - Becky Dozier

GARVIN, GILLIAM, FARNHAM, HUNGATE, WEBB, TAYLOR - I am seeking information on the following individuals, their spouses & children; Richard GARVIN appears in 1810 VA census Amherst Co., p. 257 10010-20101-11. Richard GARVIN appears in 1810 VA census Amherst Co., p. 277 10010-20011-00. Alexander GARVIN appears in 1820 VA census Amherst Co., p. 026. 1830 VA census Amherst Co., p. 505. Any help is most gratefully appreciated.

Jul 6, 1997 - 15:06 - From: - Wes Garvin

DILLARD - DILLARD, James b. ca. 1727, d. ca. 1794, lived in Amherst Co. Thanks for any information.

Jul 8, 1997 - 13:03 - From: - Charlotte Dillard Bruce

HENSON, EVANS, HANSON, PEARSE, PACE - Looking for parents and other ancestors of Joseph, Murry, and William HENSON of Amherst County. Parents believed to be John Henson (Hanson) and Elizabeth Pearse (Pace?) of Albermarle County. Joseph was my direct line ancestor. Also looking for info on familty of his wife, Jemima EVANS. Did Hanson become Henson?

Jul 9, 1997 - 23:16 - From: - Carl Moreno

TONGRET/TONGUET/TUNGRET/TUNGUET, CLARK/CLARKE - Surnames: Tongret, Tonguet, Tungret, Tunguet, Clark, and Clarke _______ Tongret was born in Amherst County, Virginia, and married Sarah Clark who was born approximately 1785. Date of marriage is unknown but there first child was born ca 1805-1810. Sarah had three known brothers; George, Henry, and James. In 1826, Sarah was a widow with eight children. She moved with her brothers to Union County, Ohio. In 1822 the Clark's had purchased 4,267 acres of land from David S. Garland and his wife, I have a transcript of the deed. Would love to correspond with anyone researching this family. Nancy White

Jul 11, 1997 - 06:22 - From: - Nancy Lee White

TONGRET, CLARK - Sarah Clark was born ca 1785 in Amherst County, Virginia. Sarah had three known brothers: George Clark, James Clark, and Henry Clark. Sarah married _______ Tongret and had eight children, four of which were, Clarka, Henry, John A.J., and Stewart. In 1826, Sarah Clark Tongret was a widow. She and her eight children moved with her brother, George Clark, to Claibourne Township, Union County, Ohio. George, Henry, and James Clark purchased 4,267 acres from David S. and Jane Garland between the Scioto and Little Miami Rivers, Delaware County, which became Union County, Ohio. Do you have any information on this family? Nancy White

Jul 11, 1997 - 18:18 - From: - Nancy White

HAMLET, SANDRIDGE - July 17, 1997,Wish further information regarding ELIZABETH SANDRIDGE HAMLET, daughter of ANDERSON SANDRIGE of Amherst County, VA. She was named as his daughter in 1828 when Anderson Sandridge arranged a deal with Willis White for the benefit of his children.

Jul 17, 1997 - 09:26 - From: - Arlina C. Moss

CASH - I am attempting to compile a family history of the CASH families of America. At present I have about 6000 names on my southern 'Cash' database. Many of these families still need to be linked with the base root of William Cash and Elizabeth Skinner of Westmoreland County, VA. If you have any information on any CASH names, I would appreciate your contacting me.

Jul 20, 1997 - 07:12 - From: - Marlene Chaney

BECK - I am interested in any information on Jesse Beck, born 1757, who is listed as a Revolutionary War pensioner from Amherst County. The 1830 Census also lists James Beck of Amherst County. Does anyone know the relationship of Jesse and James, if any, and any family information on either. Thanks.

Jul 20, 1997 - 22:56 - From: - Dave Beck

BYUS/BIAS, WICK - I'm looking for information on WILLIAM LUDVIL BYUS (BIAS). He married MAY (MARY) ISABELL WICK on 6 October, 1892 in Putnam County, West Virginia. His marriage certificate states that he was born in Amherst County Virginia in 1865. I don't have any other information on him. I am especially interested in the names of his parents and any brothers and/or sisters he may have had. Thanks.

Jul 24, 1997 - 01:20 - From: - Cathy Brubaker

MEDLIN - ISO any "Medlin" family members residing in Amherst County in the 1950's

Jul 26, 1997 - 11:26 - From: - Lisa Allred

KILLARD - Any information relating to W.H. Killard, Amherst C.H.P.O., Amherst Co., VA, 1860.

Jul 27, 1997 - 09:55 - From: - Anthony Killard

MENEES/MANEES/MCNEES, MENNIS/MINNIS - MENEES FAMILY of Amherst Co., VA; Robertson & Davidson Co., TN. This family migrated from Lebanon (then Lancaster Co.,) PA to VA. Seeking info on this family and all descendants. Variously spelled as MENEES(E), MANEES, MCNEES, MENNIS, MINNIS &c. James MENEES (MCNEES) m.1.Ellen CARDWELL; m.2?. Known offspring: Benjamin, James. Both served in American Revolution from VA then moved to TN. Other children likely but not known. Benjamin m.Ann WADE of Amherst, VA. Please respond to PJ Achramowicz at:

Jul 31, 1997 - 15:20 - From: - PJ Achramowicz

DODD - John Dodd, a Revolutionary War Soldier, was living in Amhert Co. in 1803 when he made a will in which he named his wife, Martha (?), sons, Joseph, William, and Josias, and daughters, Mary, Elizabeth, Nancy (Lee), Phoebe (Witt) and Sarah (Lee), My husband is descended through John's son, Joseph. Would like to exchange information with anyone working on this family. Lillian Dodd Charleston, WV

Aug 3, 1997 - 12:22 - From: - Lillian Dodd

BOND, DAVIS - The SW VA BONDs seem to be stuck. William Washington BOND, b. abt. 1776 migrated to Russell Co. (now Scott Co.) VA from Amherst Co. between 1805 and 1807. He and his wife, Margaret DAVIS Bond became members of the Copper Creek Regular Baptist Church in 1807. William Washington BOND later became a deacon in that church. Does anyone have any information on these two families?

Aug 6, 1997 - 16:05 - From: - Vernard Bond

GOODWYN - GOODWYN, Susan- I am looking for information on Susan GOODWYN and family.Any information would be appreciated.

Aug 7, 1997 - 04:05 - From: - Linda Threadgill

TINSLEY - Edward TINSLEY family research, looking for connections to all descendants for info for Tinsley home page at:

Aug 8, 1997 - 21:27 - From: - joe downing

HILLEY - My 5th great grandfather was Thomas HILLEY, who appears in the 1787 census of Amherst County. Can anyone identify his wife or parents? I understand the name HILLEY is from Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland but have no idea when they immigrated. His direct line to me is as follows: Francis HILLEY, William HILLEY (b. 1787 in VA), William W. HILLEY (b. 1816 in GA), David Wash- ington HILLEY (b. 1853 in GA), J.R.Graves HILLEY (b. 1891 in GA), and Dorothy HILLEY (b. 1921 in GA). Any information greatly appreciated -- will share what I know about his descendants, which is extensive. Sandra Whittington ( - Douglasville, GA

Aug 9, 1997 - 06:59 - From: - Sandra Whittington

FOX, PICKERING, RATLIFF, EMBREE, BRIDGES - I am researching the FOX name in Amherst Co.  I have a Samuel FOX and his wife Rhoda PICKERING were in the CENSUS of 1783 and 1785.  The listing shows him with a family of 11 whites.  In 1782, he is listed in St. Paul's Parish, Hanover Co., VA with 10 whites, six blacks.  Is this your FOX family? If so please respond. Other related names are Ratliff, Embree and Bridges. Judith

Aug 13, 1997 - 20:28 - From: - FOX - PICKERING - RATLIFF - EMBREE - BRIDGES

ARRINGTON, BOLLING - Seeking any information on John Arrington, born Abt. 1770 in Virginia and married Susannah Bolling on August 8, 1796 in Amherst County, Virginia.

Aug 13, 1997 - 23:32 - From: - Wilma Carroll

VEST, HENSON - VEST / HENSON - Nancy HENSON married James VEST, probably Amherst Co., VA. Her father Joseph HENSON, b. circa 1767. James and Nancy VEST apparently wound up in Casey Co., KY. Would like to share info with interested parties. Tom Land

Aug 17, 1997 - 23:12 - From: - Tom Land

JOHNS - Thomas Johns

Aug 18, 1997 - 17:08 - From: - George M. Johns Sr.

THORNTON, SANDIDGE, PARIS - William Hudson Paris 1857-1944 George William Thornton d.1936 Arthur Lee Thornton 1871-1969

Aug 18, 1997 - 22:15 - From: - Myra Paris Wright

CAMPBELL, CATLETT, MCGINNIS - Hi! I'm looking for information on the family of Laurence Campbell who married Henrietta Catlett before 1775 in Amherst Co.,VA. They had daughter, Judith Campbell b. 1775 and d. 1860. She married Hiram McGinnis 1795. They had children: Valerius, Hiram, Henrietta, Delilah, and Sarah McGinnis.Would like to share info. on this family.

Aug 19, 1997 - 15:05 - From: - Karen Bullard

CARPENTER - CARPENTER, Thomas II, b. 1750 d. July 1781, Amherst Co., VA. Seeking any information on this family. His father was Thomas CARPENTER and he had a son, Thomas CARPENTER III. Did he also have a son named Benjamin? Martina Carpenter, PO Box 2904, Pasco, WA 99302

Aug 25, 1997 - 15:38 - From: - Martina Carpenter

TINSLEY, BAILEY, CLEMENTS, REYNOLDS, HOLLIDAY, HUTCHISON, MAHONE, CHARITY, WHITE - Need name of wife of Joshua TINSLEY, son of Edward and Margaret; born ca 1744, VA; died 1823 Amherst Co. Chil- dren of Joshua (in no particular order): Dolly W., mar Wyatt W. BAILEY; Rosanna, mar Thomas CLEMENTS; Alexan- der, mar Permelia REYNOLDS; Banister, mar Mildred ???; George M.; Anderson, mar Cynthia HOLLIDAY; Lucinda, mar (1) John HUTCHISON, (2) John MAHONE; dau who mar William CHARITY; Judith P., mar Merritt M. WHITE. Would like to get e-mail from any of Joshua's descendants, and will be glad to share info.

Aug 30, 1997 - 23:55 - From: - Nancy Maxwell

TOOLE/TOOL - Searching for Isaac or Henry Irwin Tool.Any info would be helpful particularly early 1700's. Thank You WWaters

Sep 1, 1997 - 09:40 - From: - WWaters

staples - Carol, please change my email address on my STAPLES query from to Thanks, leroy

Sep 4, 1997 - 13:24 - From: - leroy anderson

CLEMENTS, ROGERS, MCCLOUD, LYON - CLEMENTS,ROGERS,MCCLOUD I am looking for info on John Clements, Jr.,born in Amherst Co. Sept. 12,1820 and his father, John H. Clements,a farmer, born 1767. Also, John H.'s wife, Tabitha McCloud, born 1762.I am also looking for info on Geo. M. Rogers and his wife, Nancy Lyon and their son, John W. Rogers,b. Dec. 3,1800. Would be happy to trade any info I have. Thanks

Sep 12, 1997 - 19:24 - From: - Jack Fierke

WHITTLE - Seeking info on Rev. John WHITTLE, b.1760's Amherst co., Va., d.1836 Washington co., Ga. Had children named Sarah,Ambrose, Burrell, Mary, Aleatha, Seabourne, Jane, James, * Penelope. Any info appreciated.

Sep 15, 1997 - 17:50 - From: - renwick Bradley

RUCKER - I am looking for information about James RUCKER b. 1811 in Harrison Co. or Greenbrier. His parents possible came from Amherst Co VA. He married Nancy ???? in 1840 and had a son Samuel RUCKER b. 1841. Thank you, Judy Wright

Sep 15, 1997 - 21:22 - From: - Judy Wright

MCMILLIAN, MCMILLION, MCMILLAN, MCMULLEN,MCMILLIN - I am searhing for information on the MCMULLEN/MCMILLION/MCMILLIAN/MCMILLAN family which was in AMHERST County, Virginia, in 1795, at which time URIAH MCMILLION, of Amherst County, bought land in Patrick County, Virginia from Stephen Senter, located on Paul's Creek. Other MCMILLIANS (DUDLEY, NATHANIEL, WILLLIAM, HENRY, PAUL, STEPHEN,and THOMAS) were there by c. 1800.Any information will be greatly appreciated. Let me know if I can be of help to you. --William Harrold (a MCMILLIAN descendant)

Sep 18, 1997 - 00:18 - From: - WILLIAM HARROLD

PARIS, THORNTON - PARIS,William Hudson, b.1858 d.1944, Amherst County m. 2nd wife Gertie Gilbert b.1878 d. 1945, Fluvanna County Sons: John Henry Paris b.1907 d.1980 James Thomas Paris b. 1909 d.1963 Worthington Harry Paris b. 1912 d. 1966 Daughter: Odahlia Mae Paris Pinson b. 1911 d. 1969 THORNTON, George William b. 1840 d 1935 Amherst County Son : Arthur Lee Thornton b.1871 d.1968 m. Myra Sandidge b. 1879 d.1959

Sep 18, 1997 - 15:06 - From: - Myra Paris Wright

PROFFITT - Gideon E. Proffitt DOB 12/18/1827 Married Eliza Allen DOB 1/20/1834 Lived in Amherst Co., VA. Four Children Eglon 8/18/8175, Richard, Betty 10/18/1872, Pocahabtos 3/6/1879

Sep 18, 1997 - 15:07 - From: - M. Bonagua

HOOD, VON HOUDIN, PALMORE, BECK - Seeking information on names of parents of Wilson B. HOOD born 7 Sep 1807 at Amherst Co. married Theodocia PALMORE daughter of Charles B. PALMORE and Frances BECK on 7 Feb 1831 at Amerhst Co., Va. HOOD name may have been changed from VON HOUDIN. Appreciate any help. SHarrison

Sep 21, 1997 - 15:29 - From: - Susan R. Harrison

CAMPBELL, BAKER - Need the Ancestors & descendants of FRANK CAMPBELL born April 4, 1837 in Virginia, died Mar 25, 1921 in Crawford Co., Indiana. Married 1st ________ name unknown and had: Eddie, Clara, Cora and Thomas. Married 2nd- Mrs. Sharp (MARY BAKER) and had Admiral Franklin Campbell born May 2, 1878 in Crawford Co., Indiana. and Zenor Campbell born 1883 died 1911 in Crawford Co., Indiana. Please send any information on these families.

Sep 22, 1997 - 00:18 - From: - Cary Schooling Campbell

DEHART - looking for children of GABRIEL DEHART b.about 1742 in amherst co.d.oct.10.1774 battle of point pleasant wv.his wife was SARAH or SALLY?Ihave my ggg grandfather JESSE DEHART as the son of Gabriel,Ihave seen other trees that do not list Jesse as a son.anyone working on the DeHarts please help,thank you.

Sep 23, 1997 - 21:19 - From: - Minnie Anderson

THURMOND - I am searching for any information relating to the decendents of Philip THURMOND and Mary Henderson. Some of their children left VA in the late 1700's and setteled in WILKS Co Ga before setteling in Dist 96 (Edgefield SC) starting in 1775. I have a good bit of info on them so sar but I'm always looking tor more puzzel pieces. Check out my home page for more info. Thurmond New and Related Families. Be sure to check the "updater page"

Sep 25, 1997 - 10:06 - From: - Joe Cole

BENNETT,  MONTGOMERY - I have just come across a will dated 1768, from NC William Montgomery gave a plantation to his son-in-law Robert Bennett. Does anyone know of these families, and anything about Rock Fish Settlement? Located in Amherst co. VA. My name is Peggy Hamlett, email address is Thank you!

Sep 29, 1997 - 08:27 - From: - Peggy Hamlett

SHOEMAKER, TAYLOR, PETER, TURNER - William and son, William SHOEMAKER, William and son, John TAYLOR, lived in Albemarle and later Amherst Co.William S. m. Alice Mountfort PETER 1783 in Amherst Co. William SHOEMAKER and John TAYLOR were in Revol. Need info on TAYLOR and PETER family. All went to Washington Co. KY after Revol. intermarried several times. Not sure if TURNERS were also from Amherst Co. Looking for info on Caleb TURNER.

Sep 30, 1997 - 01:09 - From: - Gloria Gibbel

RUCKER, MORTON, TANNER - James RUCKER born abt. 1746 in Amherst Co. VA married Susannah Ann MORTON born 1750 in Amherst Co. VA (she died Sept.12, 1813). The only child I know by them is Sally RUCKER born 1776 in VA, died abt 1845 in Kentucky. She married John TANNER (birthdate uncertain) born in Chesterfield, VA. They evidently migrated on to Kentucky and Missouri. They had a son named Rucker TANNER born abt 1794 in New Madrid, Missouri. Any information, help, and/or advice greatly appreciated. Thank you. Leslie (in Oregon)

Sep 30, 1997 - 20:34 - From: - Leslie Ferguson

SORRELL - I am searching for information on the parents of William SORRELLl c1735 from the Culpeper area which had a son James SORRELL c1750-a1830 from the Amherst County area in the late 1700's. Any help greatly appreciated.

Sep 30, 1997 - 22:13 - From: - Greg Martin

JOHNSON, MITCHELL, DAVIS, COFFEY - Searching for info on Avarilla COFFEY, married to William Webster DAVIS in 1865 in Coffey Town. Also looking for George Rodney JOHNSON who married Nancy MITCHELL in 1862. That's all the information available.

Oct 1, 1997 - 18:14 - From: - Jennifer Gilbert

BOND - I have "hit a wall" at my ancestor, William Wellington BOND, born in Amhersy, (sic) VA in 1776. I would greatly appreciate any help you could give me. THANKS, Pete Bond

Oct 1, 1997 - 21:43 - From: - Peter Bond

RICKETTS, STEWARD - Looking for information about John Henry RICKETTS b. 16 Feb. 1839 Amherst Courthouse, Amherst Co. VA. Married Mary Frances MORRIS in Smyth co. VA. in 1860. Marriage application lists his residence as Millwood, Wahington Co. East TN. He was the son of John W. RICKETTS and Sarah STEWARD. I have been searching for this family for many years and would appreciate any help I can get!

Oct 2, 1997 - 09:36 - From: - Marlene E. Avery

MCCLAIN - I am looking for information on my 5th great granpa Richard MCCLAIN b. 1777 in Amherst county. Any information on him will be greatly appreciated. He was the father of Henry MCCLAIN the father of Wm. MCCLAIN the father of Thomas E. MCCLAIN the father of Almeda Angeline MCCLAIN the mother of Lillie SANDERS.

Oct 4, 1997 - 00:41 - From: - Barbara J Morris

MARTIN - Any info on John Willis MARTIN. He was born in Amherst Co. probably 1815-1825. He married Sallie COLE.

Oct 5, 1997 - 10:28 - From: - James Romans

PEYTON, PAYNE - I am looking for any information on the ancestry of Henry PEYTON, b. 1760 in Amherst Co., VA or his wife Elizabeth Mary PAYNE, b. Abt. 1765 in Amherst Co., VA. Both died in Cabell County, VA. (WV) Any information will be appreciated. Thanks, Marilyn

Oct 7, 1997 - 15:17 - From: - Marilyn J. Clere

PINN, COOPER - I am seeking information on my ancestors whose surname was PINN, Rawley ca 1783, wife named Sarah____, parents of James, born ca. 1775, Ann b. ca. 1778, Edy (who m. William Beverly in 1800). James PINN was the father of my Great-Great Grandfather Robert PINN IV, He (James ) married Jane/Jincy COOPER. Robert was b. abt. 1813, m. Elizabeth (Jackson) of Fredericksburg in 1839. I am seeking historical and genealogical information on the people and Amherst. My ancestors were free mulattos who originated in Lancaster County Virginia. I am interested in finding copies of marriage records, church certificates, Land ownership and manumission papers.

Oct 15, 1997 - 14:25 - From: - Anita L. Wills

TAYLOR - Seeking information on Richeson TAYLOR (b. ca. 1786). Living in Amherst co. by 1820. Married Isabella --?-- ( Isabella is believed to have been an Indian. Isabella and children are listed as either free colored of as a mulatto in various census records. Richeson died between 1860 and 1870. Isabella died between 1850 and 1860. Also need info on Monacan Indians. Richeson and Isabella were the parents of Richard Taylor (b. ca. 1816-17). He married Mary Ann --?-- (b. ca. 1818). All were listed as mulatto in 1850 census. Richard and family later moved to Jackson County, Ohio and then to Missouri.

Oct 18, 1997 - 08:26 - From: - Dan L. Johnson

LILLY - Wm Lilly baught land adjoining Davis and Cabel in 1772, his wife was listed as Abediah in the deed, any one know who her parents might have been ?

Oct 18, 1997 - 16:46 - From: - Bob Lilly

BROOKS - BROOKS, Bailey, Sr., b. 1773 in Amherst Co. and d. 1 Nov 1843 in Nashville, TN. He marr Charity DAVID ca 1795. Was his father Wm. Brooks and his mother Mary_______?. Who were his siblings and children? (reposted w/ new email address)

Oct 18, 1997 - 23:48 - From: - BROOKS

COOPER, PINN, REDCROSS - Seeking information on my ancestors who lived in Amherst circa 1775, 1800. The first name of the Pinn's were Rawley, James, Robert and Jane/Jincy (Cooper). Raw;eu was a Mulatto and lived in Lancaster County and Buckingham before settling in Amhest in 1783. His wifes name was Sarah, they sold land in Amherst County on Mill and Porridge Creeks for 100 pounds on 18 Mar 1800 [DBI: 161], Rawley and Sarah were the parents of James b. abt. 1775,{Buckingham County), m. Nancy Redcross, 27 Aug 1799, m. wife 2, 1812, Jane/Jincy (Cooper), children, Robert, Christina, and George. Anyone with information, or anyone who may be related please contact. Thanx. Anita

Oct 19, 1997 - 04:12 - From: - Anita Wills

COOPER, PIN(N)/PEN(N), REDCROSS - Seeking information on my ancestors who lived in Amherst circa 1775, 1800. The first name of the Pinn's were Rawley, James, Robert and Jane/Jincy (Cooper). Raw;eu was a Mulatto and lived in Lancaster County and Buckingham before settling in Amhest in 1783. His wifes name was Sarah, they sold land in Amherst County on Mill and Porridge Creeks for 100 pounds on 18 Mar 1800 [DBI: 161], Rawley and Sarah were the parents of James b. abt. 1775,{Buckingham County), m. Nancy Redcross, 27 Aug 1799, m. wife 2, 1812, Jane/Jincy (Cooper), children, Robert, Christina, and George. Anyone with information, or anyone who may be related please contact. Thanx. Anita

Oct 19, 1997 - 04:15 - From: - Anita Wills

STALLARD - Would like to correspond with anyone tracing this family. The Stallard Connection, Revised Edition is now in preparation and we need to contact all descendants of this family.

Oct 20, 1997 - 07:47 - From: - Rhonda Robertson

GILLASPIE, HUDSON - I am looking for infomration on Sally GILLASPIE. Her father is Sharod M. GILLASPIE. Sally was born about 1789-1790 in Amherst County. She married Bennett HUDSON, also of Amherst County. His parents are R.J. and Lucy HUDSON. Any information on either family would be extremely welcome.

Oct 20, 1997 - 13:57 - From: - Jennifer Gilbert

LIPFORD - I am researching the Lipford family name. In the book AMHERST COUNTY, VIRGINIA IN THE REVOLUTION by Lenora Sweeny, I found a John Lipford listed on the payrolls of Captain Samuel Jordan Cabells Company of sixth VA Batallion of Continental Forces. I have no record of Lipfords in Amherst County and wonder if anyone there has any record about this family living in Amherst County during this period of time. Thanks for your help! Beverly Lipford Yeager

Oct 20, 1997 - 22:08 - From: - Beverly Lipford Yeager

PERROW - I am looking for information about the Perrow Family.

Oct 22, 1997 - 22:08 - From: - Stephen P. Adamson

RAY, CASH - I am looking for information on Samuel H. Ray son of Luke and Permelia Cash Ray. Is he the Samuel Higginbotham Ray born 26 Dec. 1796 married Harriet Bray Tyree 21 Apr 1841 in Bath Co. Va. and died 19 Feb 1871 in Pocahontas Co. W.V. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Oct 22, 1997 - 22:37 - From: - Norma Gray Ellis

BROOKS - BROOKS, Bailey, Sr., b. 1773 in Amherst Co.; d. 1 Nov 1843 in Nashville, TN. He marr Charity DAVID ca 1795. Was his father Wm. Brooks and his mother Mary_______ ???. Who were his siblings and who were his children?

Oct 24, 1997 - 10:45 - From: - Richard Brooks

CHEATHAM, FITZGERALD - James Fitzgerald died Amherst County in Aug 1859. 12 children, one of whom was Mary Frances Jemima "Fanny" Fitzgerald. She married Charles Andrew Cheatham in Amherst County on 19 Dec 1867. Any help on this family would be greatly appreciated.

Oct 25, 1997 - 14:23 - From: - Glorianne Fahs

CLARK, TANGUET - Searching for parents of brothers: John, Henry, George and James Clark and a sister Sarah who m. ? Tanguet/Tonquet. All these 5 settled in Union Co. OH, in Virginia Military District. They were born in late 1700's and were in Claiborne, Union Co. OH by 1826. Desperately in search of parents. Is Jonathan Clark, Rev. War Soldier who settled there related to these five? Thanks. Al

Oct 26, 1997 - 18:32 - From: - Al Stoner

RAY, CASH, TYREE - Is SAMUEL H. RAY born in Amherst Co,the son of PARMELIA CASH and LUKE RAY the same Samuel HIGGINBOTHAM RAY born 26 Dec.1796 died 19 Feb. 1871 in Pocahontas Co. WVA. married HARRIET BRAY TYREE 21 Apr.1841 in Bath Co. Va. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Oct 30, 1997 - 07:14 - From: - Norma Gray Ellis

BEARD, THOMAS - I am seeking information about Richard Allen Beard, who was born in Amherst County in August of 1841. In the 1860 census he is listed as living with John P. Cash and his wife Mary E. (Beard). In the 1870 census he is listed as living with his wife Sallie Thomas Beard. I know he was a Civil War vetran, having served in the Va. 19th Infantry, although his record lists his middle name as Archer, and that his wife received his pension after his death. I am trying to find out who his parents were. I would appreciate any leads. Thanks!

Nov 1, 1997 - 08:16 - From: - Sharron Jennings Gunter

TRUSLER/TRUSLOW/TRESLAR, WILSON, DUNNING - Searching for any of these surnames, mainly John TRUSLER b. Amehrst co 1758, m. Eliza. DUNNING and moved to Franklin and Union Co Ohio, and James TRUSLER b. 11.7/1755 m. Susannah WILSON moved to IN; both b. in Amherst, both Trusler Rev. Soldiers. Word on any TRUSLER any time period welcome. Cheryl Trusler

Nov 1, 1997 - 14:34 - From: - Cheryl Trusler Mcknight

SUTTENFIELD - My name is Matt Suttenfield and I am researching the SUTTENFIELD surname. The earliest known Suttenfield in America resided for a time in the southern part of Amherst County, Virginia as early as 1761 on 160 acres. I am interested in any information that might be available, and I am willing to share what information I have in my own database.

Nov 6, 1997 - 09:40 - From: - Matt Suttenfield

THOMAS - Looking for any information on John W. Thomas, believed to be born in Nelson Co. but lived and died in Amherst Co. Born about 1795 and died after 1860. Married Margaret Woody, Nov. 20 1847 in Nelson Co. with Cornellus T. Thomas as his bondsman. Was the father of Paul Carrington Thomas plus Perrela, William, Susan, Robert H. Mary E., & Sally A.


Nov 14, 1997 - 17:37 - From: - Robert Slater

KING - I am researching and trying to connect the KING families that lived in Amherst Co. and Henry Co. Both ended up living in Estill County, KY area from about 1795 forward. Major KING was the head of one household with VESSER, PUCKETT and ABNEY connections. Joseph KING with connections from Henry/ Pittsylvania Co, VA, the other.

Nov 17, 1997 - 17:07 - From: - Aleita King Huguenin

BEAN - Looking for any information on the Bean Family. Richard Bean Married Nancy Ann Phillips 1779, Amherst Co. Va. Looking for any info on the Beans.

Nov 17, 1997 - 19:19 - From: - Nick Bane

PHILLIPS - Looking for information on the Phillips Family. John and Moses Phillips moved from Amherst Co. to Mason Co. Ky in the late 1700's. Willing to exchange info, GEDCOM's etc.

Nov 17, 1997 - 19:22 - From: - Nick Bane

RAY - I need to know if the Samuel H. Ray in Luke Ray's will in Amherst county is my Samuel Higginbotham Ray that married Harriet Bray TYREE in Bath Co. Va. are the same person. My Samuel was born 26 Dec 1796 and died 19 Feb 1871 in Pocahontas Co. W.V. he was a lot older than his wife so he may have moved to other states etc. before coming to Bath Co. I am the type researcher that has to know it all and I want to be sure before I do all this work on the Ray- Higginbotham-Cash- Graves- Riley and heaven only knows what other lines. I am almost sure because of the Higginbotham in the name and Samuel H Ray's grandmother was a Higginbotham. Thank you Norma Gray Ellis

Nov 19, 1997 - 22:27 - From: - Norma Gray Ellis

WINGFIELD, DIX, DOBSON - I am searching for info about William WINGFIELD, of Amherst County Virginia, who married a female DIX, whose father was Jarvis DIX. Would trade info, but would love someone to help. We don't know who William's father was, what his mother's name was, other than the surname DIX and the fact that she later married Wm. DOBSON.

Nov 21, 1997 - 18:25 - From: - May Wingfield Thompson Yoss

CARTER - Seeking information regarding Hill Carter (who was the son of Edward Hill Carter) who married Mary Rose (whose father was Patrick Rose) in the late 1790's (?). They lived in Amherst County at a place or plantation called Mine Hill. Would appreciate any information regarding location within county or burial site.

Nov 21, 1997 - 21:24 - From: - Martha Kirby

MORRISON, ORGEN - Andrew Morrison married Mary Orgen in 1752 need to verify

Nov 25, 1997 - 16:09 - From: - smorison

ARRINGTON, BOLLING - I am searching for information on John Arrington who married Susanna Bolling 8/8/1796 in Amherst Co., Va. If anyone has any information on these individuals, I would appreciate your sharing with me. Thank you.

Nov 29, 1997 - 02:16 - From: - Linda Arrington

COX, MCCALL, SMITH, SANDIDGE, WARE, HILL - I am interested in the ancestors of all the following Amherst residents: Thomas COX and Jane HILL whose son, Samuel Preston COX married Martha MCCALL. Their daughter, Lula Jane COX (b. 9/17/1869) married William Lee SANDIDGE (b. 12/24/1863). Also interested in ancestors of Malinda (sometimes Belinda) SMITH (b. 1796), daughter of John SMITH and Sarah WARE, who married Dudley SANDIDGE (b. 2/28/1786).

Nov 30, 1997 - 19:17 - From: - William Rowe

BUSH - Any info on Austin Bush b 1759 Amherst Co. d. 1855 Russell Co Va

Nov 30, 1997 - 19:47 - From: - Judy Ring

STEPTOE, TARDY, MUNROE - Seeking information about any/all STEPTOEs in Amherst Co., there was a cluster of them around Elon. Also, seeking info on MUNROE and TARDY families. In each case, seeking info on members of these families, white and black, who were also in Campbell, Bedford, and Pittsylvania Counties, 1840-1900.

Nov 30, 1997 - 23:12 - From: - Robert Stepto

TILLER, ALCOCK, WOODY, MYERS - I'm looking for the parents of Richard A. TILLER b. 1804, Amherst Co., VA. His parents may have been George Tiller and Susanna LAYNE/LANE. Richard married (1) Nancy ALCOCK in VA., (2) Elizabeth HOOD. Children with Nancy born in VA were: (1) James J. N., b. 1828, m. America Fancis WOODY, (2) Robert F. b. 1838, m. Mary F. MYERS in TN. I'll be happy to share any information.

Dec 4, 1997 - 13:30 - From: - Mary Rosenwinkel

TILLER, CAMPBELL, DAVENPORT - I'm looking for the parents and descendants of Elizabeth Ann TILLER b. 1805, VA, m. Alonzo C. CAMPBELL and William W. TILLER b. 1807 VA, m. Sarah W. DAVENPORT b. VA. Elizabeth Ann and William W. Tiller's parents may have been George Tiller and Susanna LAYNE Tiller. Elizabeth and Alonzo Campbell had one known child: Wm. F. b. 1833, Amherst Co., VA. William W. and Sarah Tiller had Cassandra b. 1829, VA and Andrew J. b. 1835, VA. I'll be happy to share information.

Dec 4, 1997 - 13:41 - From: - Mary Rosenwinkel

DODD, CLEMENTS - I am researching a DODD family who was in Amherst Co. in 1850. James DODD married Isabell CLEMENTS, and their son moved to what is now Putnam Co., WV. I need nformation about the parents of and other kinfolk of this family. Will share any information I have about the WV branch of this family. Lillian Dodd

Dec 6, 1997 - 15:21 - From: - Lillian Dodd

GILBERT - I am looking for information on Charles A. GILBERT, born 1/12/1830 in Amhearst Co. Va. He married Elizabeth A.V. TEMPLIN. They lived some time in Locust Hill, Amhearst Co., Va. Children were Robert Nelson, Charles Bell, Alice Watson, Billie Lee, Harry Percy, Willie M., Francis Wyatt and Mattie D.. All of the children died young.

Dec 7, 1997 - 14:54 - From: - Charles E. Ackerman

CLEMENTS - CLEMENTS,William Right. Died 1803 Amherst Va. Need info on ancestors to further extend this line

Dec 14, 1997 - 21:47 - From: - Gary Clements

BARRETT - Seeking BARRETT ancestors in Amherst Co, c. 1800 or before. In particular, Luke or Richard Barrett

Dec 14, 1997 - 23:33 - From: - Betty Chandler

TOMLINSON, MARTIN - I am seeking information on Ambrose Tomlinson (b. ca. 1754 d.July 1823) of Amherst Co. His daughter Joyce married Charles Martin in 1810. Is Joyce the daughter of Ambrose's wife Mary, or is she Mary the second wife? Any info on Ambrose's parents or possible first wife would be appreciated. Thanks, Mary.

Dec 15, 1997 - 13:44 - From: - Mary

MARTIN - Seek info/parents of Charles Martin (1788-1870+) of Amherst Co. He married Joyce Tomlinson in 1810. The family later moved to Giles Co. in the 1830s. Son Powatan died in the Civil War. Any information on Charles and his family would be appreciated. Thanks, Mary.

Dec 15, 1997 - 13:46 - From: - Mary

WEBB - WEBB, John and Ursula (Ustley, Ussley)in Amherst in 1765. Who was John's father? Have you seen a marriage bond for them? They had children: John, Francis, Cuthbert and Hannah CHILDRESS. WEBB, Cuthbert--was he the father of John above. I saw in a book that there was a will of Cuthbert WEBB, recorded in 1777. I would love a copy of it. Thanks for any information.

Dec 19, 1997 - 18:17 - From: - Pat White

CASH - Looking for information on Lawrence Kinkle Cash of Amherst county Va. Married to Cammie Sue.

Dec 19, 1997 - 23:12 - From: - Lawrence Kinkle Cash

LUNSFORD - I am searching for the parents of William Lunsford who married Susannah Stoner on March 12, 1846 in Rockbridge County, Virginia. I have been told by several that William Lunsford's parents may have come from Amherst County, Virginia.

Dec 24, 1997 - 16:32 - From: - Carl Coleman Rosen

BAILEY - I am searching for the parents of William Bailey b. 12-24-1756 in Albemarle VA. Also found in Campbell County VA . At the time of the Revolution, William Bailey was living in Amherst County, Virginia. Shortly after the marriage of his son Wyatt to Dolly Tinsley the young couple moved with William to Smith County, Tennessee, ca. 1817. I have lots of information about his descendants in Tennessee and Arkansas and would love to share. Thanks. Kathy Duncan

Dec 26, 1997 - 21:09 - From: - Kathy Duncan

WORTHAM, COX, DAWSON - I am searching for information on the family of Samuel Ragland WORTHAM and wife Mary Jane COX. They had the following sons: James E. WORTHAM,b. @1857, Samuel P., b.@1859, Charles D., b. @1862 and Robert B., b.@ 1863. What ever became of these sons? Did they have families? Samuel Ragland WORTHAM married a 2nd time to Mary S. DAWSON, "of Amherst Co." They had the following sons; Leighton D., b.March 1868, Thomas T.,b.@1871, Warner T. b.@1879 and Carson b. April 1881. What happened to these sons? Did they have families? I am researching the Wortham surname in Virginia. Have much information. Willing to share. Tom Wortham Madisonville, KY

Dec 27, 1997 - 15:51 - From: - Tom Wortham

TURNER - James Turner, Sr., d. 1806 Amherst Co., VA, m. Rebecca Hamner, d. 1808 Nelson Co., VA Looking for information on son William Turner who possibly moved to Wilson Co., TN and married Frances ? Turner. James Turner, Sr. came from Albemarle Co. or Totier Creek, VA. Specifically seeking information on William Turner or his brother Henry Turner.

Dec 30, 1997 - 01:24 - From: - Vivian Turner Hurley

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