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GOING/GOINGS - Looking for family of Samuel GOING/GOINGS (b abt 1780), wife unkn, ch: James W (Gabriella Skinner), Robert A (Lucinda Harding) Sophia, Samuel Goings. Samuel md 2nd Elizabeth ? abt 1826, prob. Amherst Co. ch: Charles E. (Signora), Paulus R. (Lucy J Patterson), Oliver (Matilda), Edwin (Margaret Falconer), Phillip, and Nathaniel (Phebe Tyree) Goings. Some children were married in Nelson Co., Va., but lived in Amherst Co.

Apr 19, 1997 - 21:45 - From: - Nancy Byrd

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FRANKLIN - Looking for information on John and Mary Franklin, 1890 U.S. Census

Apr 19, 1997 - 22:57 - From: - Larry Huffman

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TOMLINSON, TOMLIN, CLEMENTS, ROGERS - Looking for information on Tomlinson, Tomlin, Clements, and Rogers families.

Apr 20, 1997 - 20:54 - From: - Gene W. Tomlin

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BRYANT - I am searching for information on a William Bryant (enlisted Revolutionary War 1777 in Amhearst County, Virginia - discharged 1780 in Reading, PA). He received a land grant in Morgan County, Georgia in 1830 and in Campbell County, Georgia in 1831. He was married to Mary Ann Barnett and they had eight children (names Austin, Elizabeth, Elijah, John, George, Sarah, James Bluford, and William). William Bryant died around 1850. I have more info on William and Mary Ann's children. My family comes from the line of Austin who resided in Cleveland County, Arkansas. Any info would be appreciated.

Apr 24, 1997 - 10:37 - From: - Becky Morgan Cheney

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PHILLIPS - Looking for information on the families of Moses Phillips Amherest Co late 1700's

Apr 25, 1997 - 15:07 - From: - chris rakoci

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MADISON - Looking for any information about a child born out of wedlock fathered by James Madison

Apr 25, 1997 - 15:18 - From: - Chris Rakoci

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BROOKS - BROOKS, Bailey, Sr., b. 1773 in Amherst Co. amd d. 1 Nov 1843 in Nashville, TN. He marr Charity DAVID ca 1795. Was his father Wm. Brooks and his mother Mary ???. Who were his siblings and children?

Apr 26, 1997 - 20:02 - From: - Richard Brooks

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TOMS, TOMES, THOMS - Joseph Toms, searching for information on Joseph Toms, Amherst County Tax List, 1783.

Apr 27, 1997 - 23:27 - From: - Pam Rumer

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GARVIN - Searching for information for Christian Garvin, who married Peter Cartwright at Amherst, Virginia 1787. Do not know anything about her parents, would welcome any help or assistance. Christiaan had two children by Dr. Edmund Wilcox before she married Peter Cartwright. Christian Cartwright died at the home of her son, John Wilcox in Kentucky ca. 1825. Any help appreciated..

May 1, 1997 - 09:58 - From: - Karen Bennett

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HUFFMAN, CRAIG - Looking for persons with information or able to provide assistance concerning Frederick Huffman, who I find on the 1787 Amherst County Personal Property Tax List. This is the only resource available to me locally. I believe this man to have moved to Lincoln County, Kentucky by 1789 and to have died in Garrard County, Kentucky in 1804. I have a copy of his will, which establishes him as my great (x5) grandfather.

May 2, 1997 - 01:56 - From: - Dana Craig

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MCGINNIS, WRIGHT - I am searching for information about my great grandmother, Bettie E. McGinnis Wright, born 1872 in Amherst Co.,VA. Her parents were Hiram and Emma McGinnis. I would like to have any other siblings and info. about the parents. I am willing to share my info. as well. Thanks in advance.

May 4, 1997 - 12:26 - From: - Karen Bullard

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MARTIN, WADE, FARTHING - MARTIN, Samuel H. b. probably in Lynchburg, VA about 1812, married Martha G.WADE in Bedford County, VA 22 Nov 1841; this family appears on the 1850 Lynchburg City Federal Census; their children are as follows: Wilson T. b. 1843; Mary D. b. 1846; Rowland H. b. 1849; Charles C. b. 1851; Nancy J. b. 1855; Henry A. b. 1857 in Lee Co. VA; and Martha J. b. 1859 in Clay Co. KY; This family migrated to Clay Co. KY in 1858 and bought land there. I am seeking the parents of Samuel H. Martin; I have a strong evidence but not proof that he descended through Robert Martin & Sarah of Campbell Co. There is the name "FARTHING" that appears in both families. Please Email me at sycamore@careful.com if you have any information at all on the Martin's of Campbell Co. Area. Thanks Karen Martin Sycamore

May 4, 1997 - 21:52 - From: - Karen Martin Sycamore

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JENKINS - Looking for further info on Nancy Jenkins, dau of Thos Jenkins. Nancy married Roland Bias/Byas in 1804 in Amherst Co. and they relocated to Cabell Co. Va abt 1809. Thos Jenkings apparently also went to Cabell. Thos is related to Confederate General Albert Gallatin Jenkins. Would like to share info on Bias/Byas & Jenkins with anyone working on these lines.

May 5, 1997 - 18:54 - From: - Alan S. Bias

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BIAS/BYAS - Looking for further info on James Byas, Obediah Bias, Larkin Bias, and Roland Bias & wife Nancy Jenkins, dau of Thos Jenkins. Nancy married Roland Bias/Byas in 1804 in Amherst Co. and they relocated to Cabell Co. Va abt 1809. Thos Jenkings apparently also went to Cabell. Thos is related to Confederate General Albert Gallatin Jenkins. Would like to share info on Bias/Byas & Jenkins with anyone working on these lines. Roland Bias was the son of James/Obediah/James Bias. The first of the name in Amherst Co. is circa 1761 land records.

May 5, 1997 - 18:57 - From: - Alan S. Bias

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SEA, ROACH - Researching SEA & ROACH families. Ashcraft ROACH m Mary Magdalene SEA ca 1758 Amherst Co, VA raised large family there through 1820s. Hal McCawley in CA

May 8, 1997 - 13:34 - From: - Hal McCawley

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SCRUGGS - Searching for the parents of John A. SCRUGGS, b cl807/8, Buckingham Co., VA (later part of Appomattox), lvg l880, Nelson Co., VA; m 9 Mar l836, Nelson Co., VA to Amanda Dudley CHRISTIAN (Jos. L. R. Clark was surety). Amanda was b cl8l6, Nelson Co., VA & d cl865/70. She was dau of James Christian and his wife, Cordellia WATTS.

May 12, 1997 - 23:21 - From: - Carole Ruff

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WHITTLE, WARREN, JOSLIN - Looking for information on John WHITTLE & Sarah ?. son Mathew WHITTLE & Elizabeth WARREN sons Joseph WHITTLE & ??, John WHITTLE & Sarah JOSLIN, Nancy WHITTLE & John GARNER.

May 13, 1997 - 21:22 - From: - Barbara Whittle Edwards

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RUCKER - I would like any famioly stories of the Rucker familys in Va. I am decended from Peter, John, Anthony, Abner, Julias, Richard Morton, Theodore Samuel, Julias is mentioned in Sudie Rucker Woods book as moving and not heard of since. Our family is just now getting into reunions, we have had 3 reunions and are getting ready to have our 4th in New Mexico where the Rucker family used to live, heard cattle, work in mines and generally Survive!! My grandfather has a small journal and yet we know so very few family stories from our Southern heritage. Each year we try to increase our knowledge of where we came from? why did our forefathers not have contact after some left the south after the war? how many of our stories, (history) ect. have been lost? and questiond such as these. I would love to be able to add to the Rucker family and stories that have been handed down through the years, and of course I will tell you what few stories we have as well. E-mail to eltdoc@aol.com with any thing that you would be willing to share. Even recipes, Thanks from long lost cuz's, ect.

May 19, 1997 - 00:33 - From: - Linda L. Teasch

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