Sardis United Methodist Church Cemetery, from Amherst 4.3 mi. to Sardis Rd., left on dirt road, .3 mi. to cemetery on right

Complete listing of the cemetery, transcribed from photographs taken 11-2002 by Elodie Thompson


Given Name



Death date





[Floyd] Infant
[Miller] Dee Beloved son and grandson
Alcock Berry Hill 29-May-1886 24-Jan-1974 s/w Georgia E. Johnson Alcock
Alcock Georgia E. Johnson 01-Nov-1886 19-Dec-1935 s/w Berry Hill Alcock
Allen Evelyn Coffey 28-Mar-1919 Mom s/w William Hunter Allen, Sr.
Allen Lloyd A. 14-Jul-1920 12-Mar-1991
Allen If tears could build a/stairway, and memories/a lane, I'd walk right up/to heaven and bring/you home again plaque
Allen, Sr. William Hunter 11-Jul-1915 18-Aug-1997 Pop/12-22-1936 s/w Evelyn Coffey Allen
Beard Florine T. 14-Dec-1925 9-Dec-1995 s/w Walter J. Beard, Jr.
Beard Lois Johnson 19-Aug-1892 17-Jan-1970 s/w Walter Randolph Beard
Beard Walter Randolph 24-Mar-1871 23-Jan-1941 s/w Lois Johnson Beard
Beard, Jr. Walter J. 6-Jul-1923 Precious Lord take my hand s/w Florine T. Beard
Bowling Connie Floyd 2-Feb-1902 31-May-1938
Bryant Harry N. 18-Jun-1903 15-May-1967
Bryant Hilary P. 23-May-1916 9-Aug-1962 VIRGINIA/PVT 3 REGT ASF REPL DEPOT/WORLD WAR II
Bryant Hilary Pace 23-May-1916 9-Aug-1962 s/w Mary W. Burley Bryant
Bryant Mary W. Burley 24-May-1915 15-Jan-1983 s/w Hilary Pace Bryant
Bryant plot marker
Burke Mildred B. 30-Aug-1914 11-Sep-1911
Burleigh Harry W. 11-Jul-1901 12-Feb-1929 s/w Joseph W. Burleigh, Ida Katherine Burleigh
Burleigh Ida Katherine 15-Jul-1865 25-May-1934 s/w Harry W. Burleigh, Joseph W. Burleigh
Burleigh Joseph W. 28-Nov-1856 12-Feb-1912 s/w Harry W. Burleigh, Ida Katherine Burleigh
Burley Aileen C. _1909 Mother s/w Ernest B. Burley
Burley Albert Moore 9-Aug-1903 28-Dec-1970 s/w Virginia Schaar Burley, Infant son Burley
Burley Belle C. 27-Jun-1868 7-Jan-1941 s/w Marcellus T. Burley
Burley Benjamin D. 20-Sep-1861 16-Oct-1929 Father s/w Nita E. Burley
Burley Christine Palmer 25-Dec-1898 13-Dec-1926 Wife of/Ernest Burley…Know her but to lover her
Burley Cora Evelyn 14-Sep-1942 28-Sep-1942
Burley Elliott B. 12-Aug-1908 21-Jan-1999 US ARMY
Burley Elsie Burley 01-Jun-1894 6-Feb-1983 s/w William Thomas Burley
Burley Ernest B. _1897 _1971 Father s/w Aileen C. Burley
Burley Estelle S. 24-Jan-1911 5-Mar-2001 s/w W. Watkins Burley
Burley George C. 6-May-1941 1-Oct-1975
Burley George Clayton 6-May-1941 1-Oct-1975 PFC US MARINE CORPS/VIETNAM
Burley Grace ??-??-???? ??-??-???? The children of/Howard & Ola/Burley/Kenneth & Grace no dates
Burley Harold Flood 10-Dec-1905 30-Apr-1990 s/w Sadie Childress Burley
Burley Infant son 22-Dec-1938 22-Dec-1938 s/w Albert Moore Burley, Virginia Schaar Burley
Burley J. L. 21-Sep-1890 28-Jul-1918 Killed in/France His toils are past/His work is done/He fought the fight/The victory won
Burley J. Wash 28-Sep-1853 13-Apr-1928 Born/Died s/w Rachel Grant Burley
Burley Jack Lee _1920 _1983 PFC US ARMY/WORLD WAR II
Burley Jack Lee 16-Feb-1920 20-Sep-1983
Burley Kenneth ??-??-???? ??-??-???? The children of/Howard & Ola/Burley/Kenneth & Grace no dates
Burley Lewis W. 11-Feb-1922 4-Jan-1933
Burley Lucian Duval 31-May-1859 26-Mar-1941 s/w Maggie Gillespie Burley
Burley Mabel Bryant 17-Aug-1905 9-Feb-1989
Burley Maggie Gillespie 26-Sep-1876 18-Aug-1959 s/w Lucian Duval Burley
Burley Marcellus 27-May-1855 22-Jan-1938 Born/Died/Father/O give unto them eternal life s/w Wilie Anna Burley
Burley Marcellus T. 28-Nov-1869 28-Dec-1945 s/w Belle C. Burley
Burley Mary J. 01-Jun-1846 30-Mar-1933
Burley Mission 09-Aug-1857 20-Jun-1922 stone broken in half
Burley Nancy Lee 15-Jan-1939 27-Feb-1939
Burley Nita E. 08-Sep-1869 22-Jan-1932 Mother s/w Benjamin D. Burley
Burley Ora Bell 19-May-1895 30-Sep-1981 s/w Ruth Beatrice Burley
Burley Otto Terrell 05-Mar-1899 8-Jun-1937
Burley Peyton W. 20-Jan-1897 12-Dec-1945 VIRGINIA/PVT/305 AUX RMT DEPOT
Burley Rachel Grant 03-Aug-1861 15-Feb-1911 Born/Died s/w J. Wash Burley
Burley Ruby T. 6-Aug-1907 s/w William C. Burley
Burley Ruth Beatrice 24-May-1907 19-Jan-1987 s/w Ora Bell Burley
Burley Sadie Childress 22-Feb-1916 24-Nov-1958 s/w Harold Flood Burley
Burley Sallie Falwell 1-Oct-1904 12-Nov-1984 s/w Marian Rosser Burley, Sr.
Burley Virginia Schaar 14-Oct-1909 22-Feb-1994 s/w Albert Moore Burley, Infant son Burley
Burley W. Watkins 30-Oct-1908 3-Aug-1987 s/w Estelle S. Burley
Burley William C. 14-Feb-1903 12-Jan-1987 We shall meet again who have loved each other. s/w Ruby T. Burley
Burley William Thomas 15-Jan-1890 11-Oct-1962 At rest s/w Elsie Burley Burley
Burley Willie Anna 19-May-1869 6-Sep-1949 Born/Died/Mother s/w Marcellus Burley
Burley Lizzie Ann
Burley, Sr. Marian Rosser 12-Dec-1903 07-May-1895 s/w Sallie Falwell Burley
Camden Alice L. Rice 05-Mar-1864 20-Aug-1903 Wife of John Jabez Camden s/w John Jabez Camden
Camden Arthur Jordan 03-Sep-1899 16-Aug-1953
Camden Delyle Osborn 12-Apr-1931 20-Jan-1989
Camden James Clarence 03-May-1892 21-Mar-1951 U. S. Army-World War I
Camden John Jabez 26-Sep-1858 19-Nov-1925 s/w Alice L. Rice Camden
Camden John Thompson 12-Aug-1887 4-Mar-1936
Camden Ruby J. 9-Jun-1902
Camden plot marker
Camden-Johnson plot marker
Campbell Louise Staton 19-Jan-1945 15-Mar-1974
Campbell Willie A. 30-Apr-1875 19-Jun-1948 s/w Wilton H. Campbell
Campbell Wilton H. 03-Mar-1877 3-Jul-1958 Gone but not forgotten s/w Willie A. Campbell
Cash Louise Campbell Patterson 13-Jan-1913 17-Oct-1975
Floyd Andrew T. 26-Feb-1899 24-Jan-1981
Floyd Beulah Massie 25-Jun-1900 17-Aug-1980 s/w Willie Aubrey Floyd
Floyd Dorris William 22-Apr-1922 4-May-1978 TEC 4 US ARMY/WORLD WAR II
Floyd Edward Cornelius 03-Jun-1870 28-Oct-1931 s/w Lillie Bell Lawhorne Floyd
Floyd Effie Shrader 7-May-1909 2-Oct-1976
Floyd Fleming Fairfax 16-May-1894 21-Mar-1942 PVT US ARMY/WORLD WAR I
Floyd Lillie Bell Lawhorne 13-Aug-1871 8-Jun-1959 s/w Edward Cornelius Floyd
Floyd Linwood C. 9-Oct-1921 13-Dec-1968 VIRGINIA/SP3 MILITARY POLICE CORPS WWII
Floyd Margaret C. 16-Nov-1917 9-Feb-1999 Our father which art in heaven
Floyd Maude E. 02-Sep-1893 4-Feb-1985
Floyd Milton Ernest 24-Jun-1925 28-Jul-1949 VIRGINIA/PFC 377 TRUCK CO TC/WORLD WAR II
Floyd Nannie Mays 22-Feb-1885 15-Jan-1966
Floyd Odie L. 6-Apr-1912 29-Aug-1951 Gone but not forgotten
Floyd Ozelia Ann 17-Sep-1938 4-Feb-1939
Floyd Willie Aubrey 21-Jul-1889 4-May-1977 s/w Beulah Massie Floyd
Floyd Woodie Jones 31-Aug-1883 17-Dec-1965
Floyd plot marker
Floyd Beyond the sunset lies eternal joy plot marker
Gaines Susie Burley _1897 _1989 funeral home marker
Gaines Thomas Norman 07-Oct-1893 2-Oct-1965
Gillespie Dallas T. _1912 _1992 funeral home marker
Gillespie Nina E. J. 14-Feb-1890 18-Apr-1981 s/w William B. Gillespie
Gillespie Robert L. _1925 _1983 SGT US ARMY/WORLD WAR II
Gillespie William B. 28-Dec-1886 19-Feb-1947 Married Jan. 26, 1910 s/w Nina E. J. Gillespie
Gillespie plot marker
House Patricia Lamm 25-Apr-1943 13-Feb-1996 Not my will but thine be done
Hudson, Jr. Douglas Denham 24-Mar-1951 5-Apr-1978
Jackson Hallie B. 04-Jun-1890 26-Feb-1986
Jennings Alvis Walker 16-Sep-1876 18-Sep-1963 s/w Willie Etta Jennings
Jennings Willie Etta 18-Jan-1880 4-Jun-1928 s/w Alvis Walker Jennings
Johnson Lillie Floyd 29-Mar-1866 20-Oct-1948
Johnson Thomas George 04-Apr-1864 18-Nov-1943
Lamb Mary W. 26-Apr-1909 2-Sep-1965 s/w William E. Lamb
Lamb William E. 30-Jun-1899 22-Aug-1987 s/w Mary W. Lamb
Lamm Cynthia Mae 19-Aug-1957 24-Aug-1999 Not my will but thine be done
Lamm Erma C. 15-May-1914 2-Jul-1992 s/w Wallace B. Lamm
Lamm Wallace B. 20-Sep-1910 16-Aug-2001 s/w Erma C. Lamm
Maddox Brenda B. 10-Mar-1951 25-Mar-1997
Maddox Donald Elbert 2-Nov-1908 23-Aug-1999 s/w George Anna Maddox
Maddox George Anna 12-May-1913 21-May-1994 s/w Donald Elbert Maddox
Maddox Our father who art in heaven plot marker
Mays James Howard 8-Apr-1904 5-Apr-1993 s/w Rosa Floyd Mays
Mays James Woodie 14-Jul-1934 18-Nov-1993 Rest in peace s/w Mildred D. Mason Mays
Mays Mildred D. Mason 11-Mar-1943 s/w James Woodie Mays
Mays Rosa Floyd 18-Sep-1906 19-Jan-1990 Precious Lord take my hand s/w James Howard Mays
Miller Bessie Lee 10-Dec-1896 22-Mar-1930
Miller Bow T. J. _1917 _1944
Miller Brent B. 22-Aug-1890 21-Dec-1963
Miller Clarence Benjamin 10-Sep-1925 30-Dec-1986 CPL US ARMY/KOREA
Miller E. Morris 26-Apr-1892 9-Feb-1946 Son of T. H. & Annie L. Shrader/Born/Died/At rest. s/w Joseph W. Miller, Lizzie F. Miller
Miller Jean Shirley 4-Dec-1927 6-Nov-1928 Darling, we miss thee
Miller Joseph W. 01-Jul-1864 8-Apr-1925 s/w Lizzie F. Miller, E. Morris Miller
Miller Lizzie F. 15-May-1862 29-Sep-1934 HIS WIFE s/w Joseph W. Miller, E. Morris Miller
Miller Lottie Burley 05-Feb-1899 6-Jan-1975
Miller Margaret Burley 26-Feb-1906 2-May-1969
Miller Maude Johnson 21-May-1891 17-Jun-1988
Miller Sgt. B. C. _1913 _1992
Miller Van Simpson 23-Jan-1900 2-Dec-1975
Miller plot marker
Miller plot marker
Pat[terson] Robert Gale _1934 _1982 Whitten Funeral Home marker
Reams Walter Jackson 07-Sep-1862 27-Oct-1949
Sale Dennis Arnold 20-Jun-1950 7-Jan-2001 In loving memory/"Danny"
Sale Lynn Shrader 24-Mar-1955 22-Jul-1985 In loving memory of
Sale Willie Boy 21-Sep-1926 23-Dec-1995 US NAVY/WORLD WAR II
Sale Precious Lord take my hand plot marker
Schaar August 14-Feb-1852 12-Sep-1925
Schaar Charles R. 18-Apr-1895 30-Jan-1971 VIRGINIA/COOK 323 INFANTRY/WORLD WAR I
Schaar Charles R. 18-Apr-1895 30-Jan-1971 Father s/w Mary L. Schaar
Schaar Clarence A. _1897 _1983 PVT US ARMY/WORLD WAR I
Schaar Emma Camden 11-Nov-1864 25-Sep-1922 Wife of/August Schaar
Schaar Flora W. 19-Aug-1890 1-Jul-1946
Schaar Frank 10-Feb-1888 28-Jul-1958 VIRGINIA/SGT CO H 5 BN REPL TNG CEN/WORLD WAR I
Schaar Mary L. 17-Jan-1922 10-May-2002 Mother s/w Charles R. Schaar
Schaar Nettie 12-Mar-1892 22-Feb-1973
Schaar Robert A. 18-May-1900 17-Jan-1980
Schaar Virginia Heathcote 22-Nov-1900 21-Apr-1973 Wife of/Robert A. Schaar
Schaar plot marker
Shrader Allie V.Burley 03-Sep-1859 13-Sep-1926 Wife of/J. R. Shrader
Shrader Annie Burley 28-Jan-1867 17-Apr-1947 s/w Thomas Henry Shrader
Shrader Archie D. 15-Feb-1889 25-Apr-1966
Shrader Byrd Miller 15-Jun-1902 5-Mar-1997
Shrader Elliott Powell 24-Dec-1882 22-Mar-1954
Shrader Eugene Thompson 14-Apr-1896 14-Apr-1965
Shrader Eula Mae 23-Mar-1938
Shrader Eula Mae 18-Oct-1912 11-Jun-1961
Shrader Frances Earline 25-Mar-1942 28-Feb-1943 Infant daughter of /Early & Margaret Shrader/03-25-1942 02-28-1943
Shrader Infant 6-Dec-1936 6-Dec-1936 Infant Daughter of/Willie & Effie Shrader 12-06-1936
Shrader James R. 27-Sep-1855 7-Mar-1957
Shrader Joe Monroe 05-Sep-1881 12-Mar-1961 At rest
Shrader John Thomas 06-Jan-1891 11-Oct-1984 PVT US ARMY/WORLD WAR I
Shrader Lloyd George 29-Jul-1921 24-Oct-1945 VIRGINIA/PVT 1 CL./7ARMD. INF. BN./He gave his life in/the service of his/country.
Shrader Margaret P. 11-Jul-1919 9-Sep-2001
Shrader Mary L. 02-Feb-1888 19-Nov-1940
Shrader Minnie M. 04-Feb-1889 23-Aug-1980
Shrader Nellie Jennings 28-Oct-1905 11-Jun-1980 s/w Vernon Brydon Shrader
Shrader Peyton C. 7-Jan-1905 20-Jan-1948 Mother's Darling Baby
Shrader Susie M. Burley 20-Aug-1864 22-Jul-1918 Wife of/W. N. Shrader
Shrader Thomas H. 22-Nov-1938 27-Oct-1988 "Slim"/Gone but not forgotten
Shrader Thomas Henry 27-Nov-1858 27-Jul-1932 "We'll say good night here, but good morning up there." s/w Annie Burley Shrader
Shrader Thomas Montague 15-Oct-1904 16-Feb-1918 Son of T. H. & Annie L. Shrader/Born/Died/At rest.
Shrader Vernon Brydon 4-Jul-1901 8-Oct-1975 "In our hearts they perished not" s/w Nellie Jennings Shrader
Shrader Walter C. 03-Dec-1886 1-Oct-1973
Shrader William E. 27-Sep-1893 10-Aug-1964
Shrader William N. 15-Aug-1858 4-Sep-1937 Father
Shrader plot marker
Shrader plot marker
Shrader plot marker
Shrader, Sr. Harry Byrd 30-Mar-1930 11-Mar-1993 OFC US ARMY/KOREA VIETNAM
Shrader, Sr. Harry Byrd 10-Mar-1930 11-Mar-1993 Beloved husband &  father
Smoot Elizabeth S. 8-Dec-1908 11-May-1992
Smoot Emelia Schaar 18-Apr-1886 22-May-1959
Smoot George W. 05-Sep-1880 6-Oct-1973
Smoot Hope Edward 24-Feb-1907 5-Oct-1973
Smoot Lois Lavender 25-Jun-1923 s/w Roy Howard Smoot
Smoot Lowell Clayton 11-Dec-1944 23-Aug-1965 VIRGINIA/SP4 SIGNAL CORPS
Smoot Roy H. _1913 _1981 SGT US ARMY/WORLD WAR II
Smoot Roy Howard 4-Sep-1913 6-May-1981 In memory s/w Lois Lavender Smoot
Smoot Ruth Shanks 14-Jul-1907 9-Feb-1978
Smoot Walter Edward 16-Apr-1904 23-Mar-1989
Smoot plot marker
Smoot plot marker
Steppe Fred Clarence 30-Nov-1925 24-Nov-1986 Whosoever believeth in him should/not perish, but have eternal life.
Stinnette Henry Samuel 28-Apr-1905 22-Jan-1976 s/w Nellie Burleigh Stinnette
Stinnette Nellie Burleigh 1-Oct-1904 14-Dec-1974 Heavenly rest s/w Henry Samuel Stinnette
3 crosses no marker