Mt.Pleasant United Methodist Church Cemetery, Amherst, Virginia

Partial listing of the cemetery, transcribed from photographs taken 11/03/2002 by Elodie Thompson

Surname Given Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Deathplace Age Inscription Notes
Bowling William Trajan 21-Jan-1913   12-Dec-1969     AS US NAVY/WORLD WAR II  
Bowman James S. 16-Jan-1844   19-Jan-1916     Born/;Died/In loving remembrance/We loved him, but/Jesus loved him best.  
Bowman Mary E. _1849   _1943     A tender mother/and a faithful/friend.  
Brockman Alice M. 21-Feb-1926   23-Feb-1926     Daughter of/Sims & Katie Brockman  
Burford Cordelia Vay 23-Feb-1925    2-Nov-1954        
Burford Essie Tucker 4-Apr-1891   20-Apr-1935         
Burford Kermit Page 16-Jul-1914    16-Jan-1921          
Cambpell Maurice E. 26-Mar-1920    8-Aug-1964         s/w Maxine C. Campbell
Campbell Maurice E. 26-Mar-1920   8-Aug-1964     VIRGINIA/PFC US MARINE CORPS RES/WORLD WAR II PH  
Campbell Maxine C. 3-Aug-1920   8-Aug-1964       s/w Maurice E. Campbell
Carpenter Dorris H. 3-Feb-1897   14-Oct-1918     Son of E. & Emma Carpenter/Born/Died/Hampton Roads Va/The United States/Navy/To the memor of a/brave man who died/there his country needed/him  
Carpenter Elva Burns 4-May-1912   6-Jan-1922     She was too/good too gentle/and fair to dwell/in this coldworld/or ours/The Lord is my shepherd  
Carpenter Eunice C. 18-Jan-1879   21-Dec-1959       s/w L. Finley Carpenter
Carpenter Evelyn Louise Tucker 3-Jul-1918   10-Nov-1940     Wife of/Raymond C. Carpenter/We love you my dear, but Jesus loved you best.  
Carpenter L. Finley 14-Feb1872   14-Jul-1915       s/w Eunice C. Carpenter
Christian Gladys E. 13-Oct-1899   28-Jun-1924        
Coffey Audrey Stinnett 30-Jul-1906   13-Feb-1980       s/w John Earl Coffey
Coffey John Earl 2-Nov-1903   3-Mar-1988     Precious Lord take my hand. s/w Audrey Stinnett Coffey
Crawford Clarence Edward 14-Sep-1901   7-Mar-1980       s/w Sarah Preston Crawford, Lillian Johnson Crawford
Crawford Lillian Johnson 24-Oct-1906   6-Dec-1989       s/w Sarah Preston Crawford, Clarence Edward Crawford
Crawford Sarah Preston 17-Jun-1928         He giveth faith with the sunrise and peace and rest when the sun goes down s/w Clarence Edward Crawford, Lillian Johnson Crawford
Fulcher Mary Elizabeth _1856   _1950     Wife of/Henry Oscar  
Hansen Walter Erving 8-Jun-1910            s/w Willie Henson Hansen
Hansen Willie Henson 24-Nov-1919   16-May-1978     Precious Lord take my hand. s/w Walter Erving Hensen
Martin Stephen Jeffrey 1-Jun-1970   2-Jun-1970     I pray the Lord my soul to keep  
Mays Elizabeth McDaniel 12-Jan-1872   19-Mar-1949     Wife of/George A. Mays  
Mays Esther Line 9-Mar-1900   15-Jun-1973        
Mays Fannie Lou 20-Feb-1911   17-Jan-1965        
Mays George A. 14-May-1862   7-Oct-1943          
Mays Isaac           CO H/19 VA INF/C S A  
Mays Joseph _1874   _1932        
Mays Joseph Early 28-Oct-19??   30-Apr-1980        
Mays Kenneth Lanier 19-Dec-1917   26-Jun-1984     TEC5 US ARMY WORLD WAR II  
Mays Kenneth Lanier 19-Dec-1917   26-Jun-1984     Married Dec. 20, 1945 s/w Loree Bradley Mays
Mays Loree Bradley 19-Aug-1924         I am the resurrection and the life; he that believeth on me,/though he were dead, yet shall he live. John 11:25 s/w Kenneth Lanier Mays
Mays Mary Ella Laura 18-Jun-1954   9-Sep-2001     In loving memory/The love of my life  
Mays Nelson Lewis 27-Feb-1876   9-May-1966        
Mays Sallie Lee 18-Sep-1880   13-Jul-1950     Wife of/Nelson Lewis Mays  
McDaniel Dennis 8-Jan-1898   6-Sep-1975       s/w Mary B. McDaniel
McDaniel Mary B. 25-Apr-1895   24-Jun-1961     In God we trust s/w Dennis McDaniel
McDaniel William B. 15-Aug-1859   12-Aug-1931        
Nuckles Bernard Wilson 29-Dec-1925   16-Aug-1967     VIRGINIA/CO C HQ & HQ DET/1852 SCU/WORLD WAR II  
Ogden Henry L. 26-Mar-1890   8-Apr-1966        
Ogden Henry Landon 26-Mar-1890   8-Apr-1966     VIRGINIA/PVT 71 PW ESCORT CO ASC/WORLD WAR I  
Ogden Susie           Wife of/H. L. Ogden  
Thacker Catherine E. 8-Jul-1816   18-Jun-1902     Born/Died/Wife of/Robert Thacker  
Thompson Ardenia Tucker 21-Jul-1934           s/w Calvin Delano Thompson
Thompson Calvin Delano 20-Jul-1934   10-Oct-1994     Rest is thine and sweet/remembrance ours s/w Ardenia Tucker Thompson/Vol. Fire Dept. symbol
Tomlin Fred M. 14-Feb-1944   18-Feb-1944     Gone to be an/angel.  
Tomlin Jasper E. 14-Dec-1913   14-Nov-1985     PVT US ARMY/WORLD WAR II s/w Lillie Estelle Tomlin
Tomlin Jasper Earl 14-Dec-1913   14-Nov-1985     A loving father/tender and kind/what a beautiful memory/you left behind.  
Tomlin Lillie Estelle 9-Nov-1925         She gave so much and demanded so little. s/w Jasper Earl Tomlin
Tucker Jack Lee ??-Nov-1888   1-Sep-1906     Son of/R. & C.Tucker/Born/Departed this life  
Tucker Mary B? 10-Aug-1871   25-Nov-1917        
Tucker William Earl 10-Apr-1898   30-Jan-1986     A loving father and mother/and a faithful friend/to all s/w Zora Thomas Tucker
Tucker William H. 28-Feb-1936   10-Apr-1936     Son of/Earl & Zora Tucker  
Tucker Zora Thomas 16-Sep-1913   3-Mar-1984       s/w William Earl Tucker
Turner William H. 11-Apr-1930   27-Jun-1993     Beloved Father (Grandpa Billy)  
Watts James O. 2-May-1924   16-Sep-1993     In God's loving care s/w Vernice C. Watts
Watts James O. 2-May-1924   10-Sep-1993     US ARMY  
Watts Vernice C. 6-Jun-1933           s/w James O. Watts
Watts II James O. 27-Nov-1967         "Jamey"  
Wilmer Herbert C. _1893    _1952        s/w Mary Ethel Wilmer
Wilmer Mary Ethel _1895   _1952       s/w Herbert C. Wilmer