Iseman Cemetery


Located on Windy Ridge Rd.

On land once owned by Isaiah Iseman & wife Mary

Submitted by Adon Jennings & Julie Thomas



Iseman, Child

Staples , Annie Mae d. age 16 Brain tumor b. Sep 09, 1920, d. July 15, 1936.

Daughter of Lompie & Hattie Staples

Staples, Thomas Jefferson B. Jan 16, 1847 d. Mar 28, 1929 Served in the Civil War.,son of

William & Samanatha Johnson Staples

Staples , Nannie Bowles b.1855, wife of Thomas Jefferson Staples,

Mother and father of Sissie Hall, Mittie Schaar, Rosa, Dave, James Staples

Staples, Thomas Henry b. 1878 ,son of Thomas Jefferson & Nannie Staples

Died of a car accident

Staples, Grover Cleveland, b. 1884, Son of Thomas Jefferson & Nannie Staples

Died of flu

Staples , John Fletcher b. July 4, 1853 d. Mar 08, 1936

Son of William & Samanatha Johnson Staples

Staples, Mary Elizabeth Cash b. Jan 11, 1860 d.Jan 07,1937

Staples, Sidney B.b.1860 d Jan 05, 1937

Son of William & Samanatha Staples

Staples, Caledonia Cash b. 1859 d. June 22, 1937

Wife of Sidney Staples

Staples, Lid B. b.April 24, 1890 d. July 03,1963

Never married, ran little store & Barber shop

Staples, James B. b.July 24, 1861 d. Jan 06, 1919,

Son of William & Samanatha Johnson Staples

Staples, Priscilla A, B. 1867 d. 1937, wife of James B Staples

Mother & Father of Myrtle Coffey, Katie Iseman, Clarence, Cabell Staples

& Beulah Fitzgerald

Staples , Infant Child of James B. & Priscilla

Staples, Infant Child of James B. & Priscilla

Lawhorne, Sarah Ellen Staples b.Mar 16, 1864 d.April 22, 1960,

Daughter of William & Samanatha J. Staples

Lawhorne, David Patrick b. June 10,1864 d. April 07. 1950

Husband of Sarah Ellen Staples and son of Paulina & Tandy Lawhorne

Lawhorne, Paulina Staples B. Feb 27, 1828 d. Nov 20,1919

Sister to William Staples, m Tandy Lawhorne

Lawhorne, Patrick Henry.Dec 31, 1895 d. July 17, 1936

Son of Tandy Lawhorne & Paulina Staples Lawhorne

Lawhorne, Hallie William b.Dec 20, 1884 d. Nov 27, 1972

Son of Patrick & Sarah Ellen Staples Lawhorne

Lawhorne, Anna Mae b. June 09, 1884 d. June 1956

Wife of Hallie Lawhorne

Lawhorne, Moses b. May 28, 1869 d. July 10, 1909,

Son of Paulina Staples Lawhone and Tandy Lawhorne

Lawhorne, Mattie Ellen Kidd (first wife of Moses)d. 1894

Children were Mattie Lawhone Brown. Clinton Lawhorne & Eddie

Lawhorne, Sophia Estelle Martin b. Oct 5, 1881 d. Feb 19,1935

Second wife of Moses Lawhorne (daughter Ethel Lawhorne Wade)

Lawhorne, Clinton M March 24, 1890 d. July 24, 1909

Lawhorne, T. Eddie B. June 14, 1891, D. Nov 1909

Mays, Infant child of Elizabeth Lawhorne & Dewy Mays

Elizabeth daughter of Hallie & Annie Lawhorne


Murden, Annie Lee Lawhorne b.April 12,1918 d. Dec 15, 1945

Daughter of Hallie & Annie Lawhorne

Wade, Robert Cleveland d. 1926 (husband of Ethel Wade)Served World War I

Father of “Sookie” Schaar, Ollen Wade, Moses Wade, Ruby Fitzgerald

White, Ora Lawhorne b. Nov. 30, 1918.d. Dec 19, 1997

Daughter of Hallie & Annie Lawhorne

White, Yeaman Ashby b.Sept 20, 1916 d. May 25, 1971

Husband of Ora Lawhorne White

White, James A, b. Mar 1944, d. Mar 07, 1999, served in Vietnam

Son of Ora & Yeaman White

Scruggs, Virginia Louise (wife of Lewis Glen White)

Arrington,Sara Wade 1866-1955) mother of John Arrington

Called “Aunt Sis”

Fitzgerald, Infant child of Beulah & Walter Fitzgerald

Bryant, David Leroy (child of Dameron and Modell Bryant)

Hudson, Infant child of Dorothy Lawhorne & Jessie Hudson

Staples,, Emma,1861 died young. Daughter of Wm & Samanatha Staples

Bowling, Keith Wayne 1979-1979