Fairmount Baptist Church Cemetery, Galt's Mill Road, Madison Heights, Virginia

Complete listing of the cemetery, transcribed from photographs taken 03/09/2003 - transcribed by Elodie Thompson

Surname Given Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Deathplace Age Inscription Notes
Bennett Isabell B. 1-Jul-1917 6-Apr-1998
Beverly Alfonza 12-Dec-1922 s/w Flossie H. Beverly
Beverly Flossie H. 10-Sep-1924 11-Sep-1986 s/w Alfonza Beverly
Beverly Jake A. _1893 _1978 FATHER s/w Etta G. Beverly
Beverly Etta G. _1897 _1988 MOTHER s/w Jake A. Beverly
Beverly Henry 6-Jun-1895 30-Jul-1968 VIRGINIA/SGT/US ARMY/WORLD WAR I
Beverly Peter 18-Jun-1898 22-Nov-1982 FATHER
Bowling Elvin Lee 11-Jan-1915 5-Dec-1998 US ARMY/WORLD WAR II
Bowling John William 27-Nov-1947 8-Jun-1991 We love you SLR hand written in cement
Bowling Mary Beverly _1895 _1995 REST IN PEACE/MOTHER/IN GOD'S CARE
Bowling Minnie 12-Dec-1925 _1979 THE FAMILY hand written in cement
Bowling Fannie L. _1905 _1974
Bowling Alfred L. _1912 _1976
Chivers Mrs. Ella Bowling _1920 _1999 Community Funeral Home (Lynchburg, Virginia) marker
Coleman Walter Lee 26-Dec-1927 17-Feb-1994 IN LOVING MEMORY/OF MY FATHER
Coleman Linda Pennix 28-Feb-1934 17-Feb-1994 BELOVED DAUGHTER, WIFE/SISTER AND AUNT
Elliott Marguerite 9-Apr-1911 15-Dec-1986 s/w Jack R. Elliott
Elliott Jack R. 12-Nov-1909 s/w Marguerite Elliott
Elliott Roy Clifton 16-Dec-1928 12-Aug-1989 PFC US ARMY/KOREA
Elliott Richard Junior _1931 _2000 Community Funeral Home (Lynchburg, Virginia) marker
Elliott Lloyd Sept. 1876 8-Jun-1969
Elliott, Sr. William C. _1902 _1968
Ferguson James G. 17-Jul-1917 8-Feb-1992 CPL/US ARMY AIR CORPS/WORLD WAR II
Ferguson Alice West _1924 _2003 Community Funeral Home (Lynchburg, Virginia) marker
Ferguson Maloney O. 22-Nov-1915 24-Dec-1987 IN LOVING MEMORY s/w Alice Ferguson
Ferguson Alice West 30-Jan-1924 s/w Maloney O. Ferguson
Ferguson Clarence O. 9-Jan-1919 17-Apr-1989 PFC/US ARMY/WORLD WAR II
Ferguson Langley Junius 15-Sep-1914 19-Sep-1985 YOU LIVE ON IN YOUR FAMILY'S MEMORY
Ferguson Ledwell Jack 21-Nov-1909 6-Nov-1968 BROTHER/SWEET SLEEP
Ferguson Levelt 12-Sep-1904 31-Dec-1963 VIRGINIA/TEC 5/ US ARMY/WORLD WAR II
Ferguson Eddie 10-Apr-1912 22-Jun-1958 BROTHER/MAY GOD BLESS
Ferguson James Gus 9-Jan-1880 10-Jan-1969 FATHER/WE LOVE YOU
Ferguson Raymond B. _1906 _1973 HUSBAND
Fitch Lena 10-Apr-1929 25-Aug-1997
Franklin William Daniel 7-Mar-1894 7-Feb-1879 PVT/US ARMY/WORLD WAR I
Franklin Mrs. Alma _1919 _1998 Community Funeral Home (Lynchburg, Virginia) marker
Franklin Kathy Sue 20-Jul-1959 5-Nov-1959
Franklin Nellie P. _1897 _1981 Community Funeral Home (Lynchburg, Virginia) marker
Franklin III William D. 26-Dec-1952 14-Jul-1975 ASLEEP IN JESUS' ARMS
Franklin, Jr. James W. 19-Jul-1975 1-Apr-2000 AN INSPIRATION TO/ALL WHO KNEW HIM
Gilbert Lillian Franklin 24-Jul-1909 27-Oct-1987 GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN
Harris Ruth _1895 _1970 Community Funeral Home (Lynchburg, Virginia) marker
Hull Frank dates sunk in ground
Jackson Louise C. 17-Aug-1891 16-Jun-1981 MOTHER
Jackson Deacon Bernard 15-Mar-1888 25-Mar-1966
Jenkins Doc P. 28-Oct-1912 1-Jun-2000 FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS
Jenkins Cora Beverly 22-Feb-1882 22-Feb-1978 BELOVED MOTHER
Mason Sylvester (Buck) 1-Apr-1908 6-Oct-1981 DAD/ONLY SLEEPING
Moore James Wesley 1-Jun-1871 24-Apr-1959
Moore Johnathan _1977 _1977 funeral home marker
Pennix Linda 15-May-1878 31-Mar-1966 handwritten in cement square
Pennix Lizzie B. 5-Jan-1908 13-Oct-1982
Pennix George 16-Apr-1943 1-Dec-1990
Scott Mary Franklin 2-10-1885 31-Jan-1961
Scott James Edward 16-Oct-1931 9-Mar-1972 VIRGINIA/PFC/US ARMY/KOREA
Scott Ruby Hester 14-Mar-1915 21-Sep-1988
Scott Samuel 26-Jun-1904 11-Aug-1991
Sparrow John Winston 28-Oct-1951 14-May-1990 VERY DEEP WITHIN OUR HEARTS./LOVING FAMILY
Sparrow Mary F. 9-Oct-1936 22-May-1991 THOSE WHO KNEW THEM COULD NOT HELP LOVING THEM s/w George W. Sparrow, Sr.
Sparrow Marion _1910 _1976 Community Funeral Home (Lynchburg, Virginia) marker
Sparrow Joseph Maurice _1961 _1962 SLEEP LITTLE BABY IN PEACE
Sparrow Martha Rebecca Franklin 24-Dec-1903 7-Jan-1978 SHE GAVE SO MUCH AND /DEMANDED SO LITTLE
Sparrow, Sr. George W. 31-Dec-1911 s/w Mary F. Sparrow
Sparrow, Sr. Rossie Lewis 12-Jan-1918 10-Dec-1965
Stratton  Ulis 26-Apr-1898 9-Apr-1976 SLEEP ON DEAR, WE LOVED YOU/BUT GOD/LOVED YOU BEST
Stratton Lizzie Vaughter 20-Dec-1897 15-Aug-1994 REST IN PEACE
Trent Mary Elizabeth Franklin 24-Dec-1903 4-Mar-1972
Vaughter Andrea Sue 3-Jul-1965 15-Feb-1966
Vaughter Ada Morgan 4-Mar-1881 25-Jul-1964
Ware Dorothy B. _1949 _1986 We love you hand written in cement
West Walker David 16-Jan-1883 19-Sep-1963 FATHER
Williams Baby Girl _1972 _1972 Community Funeral Home (Lynchburg, Virginia) marker
Woodson Dorothy S. 21-Mar-1928 28-May-1997
Woodson Lewis H. 3-Sep-1932 9-Feb-1983 GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN
Woodson Doretha Lula 8-Mar-1936 6-Jun-1967
Woodson Casey _1966 _1999 funeral home marker
York Beatrice B _1959 _1985 We Love You hand written in cement