Message Board and Mailing List Informatioi

New Resources for Alleghany Highlands

                       As the adminstrator for the Alleghany Highlands website I would like to let you know about some new resources that are available that can be used to your advantage.

Message Board for Your Queries

Rootsweb has set up message boards for each county in the U.S. including Alleghany County, Virginia.  You can post your queries here starting on January 1, 2002.   This is an automated system which will work more easily than the manual system used in the past.

Click on the link here  Message Board

Mailing List

Also available at Rootsweb is a mailing list for Alleghany County, Virginia.   They have spelled Alleghany wrong (Allegheny) but the list is still set up for our county.   Click on the link here  Mailing List to see how to subscribe to the mailing list.

Please take advantage of both of these resources.

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