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Alleghany Co, VA Cemeteries


The members of the Alleghany Highlands Genealogical Society of Covington began surveying and cataloging the cemeteries of Alleghany County in 1989. The detailed location and surveys of these cemeteries, graveyards and burial grounds can be found at the AHGS Library located at Jeter - Watson Complex, 515 East Pine Street, Covington, Virginia 24426  

  1. Alleghany Cemetery [Echols Smith Cemetery] [Lewis Tunnel Cemetery], Alleghany
  2. Alleghany Memorial Park, Valley Ridge
  3. Alleghany County Poor Farm, Potts Creek
  4. Armentrout-Arritt Cemetery, Potts Creek
  5. Armentrout Family Cemetery, Potts Creek
  6. Armentrout-Humphries Cemetery, Potts Creek
  7. Arrington Cemetery, Blue Spring Run
  8. Arritt-Hall Cemetery, Boiling Springs
  9. Arthur/Unknown Cemetery [Possibly Sawyer Family Cemetery], Moss Run (This cemetery is located beside the Jennings-Dameron Cemetery. Although they appear to be same cemetery, the graves are facing north instead of east as in Jennings- Dameron and has gone back to nature)
  10. Bennett Cemetery, Rich Patch
  11. Bennett, Jacob Cemetery, Bennettown
  12. Bennett, Caleb Cemetery, Bennettown
  13. Bennett-Hamlett Cemetery, Rich Patch
  14. Bowyer Cemetery, Potts Creek
  15. Bowen-Fridley Cemetery, Blue Spring Run
  16. Bowen, William and Wife Graves, Blue Spring Run
  17. Boys' Home Cemetery,[Moyer Cemetery][Grace Mission Cemetery], Between Covington and Callaghan
  18. Brown Family Cemetery, Moss Run
  19. Bryant Family Cemetery, Iron Gate Hill
  20. Burns Family Cemetery, Big Ridge
  21. Byer-Bess Cemetery, Potts Creek
  22. Campbell Cemetery, Bath County Line
  23. Carpenter Family Cemetery [Fort Carpenter Cemetery], Covington
  24. Carper Family Cemetery, Dunlap Creek
  25. Carson Cemetery [Iron Hill], Snake Run
  26. Carson-Hepler Cemetery, Snake Run
  27. Carson, James P. Family, Snake Run
  28. Carson, John Alexander Family, Snake Run
  29. Carter Family Cemetery, Snake Run
  30. Carter, George H. Family, Snake Run
  31. Carter Family Cemetery [Clum Carter], Snake Run
  32. Carter Family Cemetery [Mac Carter Cemetery], Snake Run
  33. Childs, William Grave, Potts Creek
  34. Church, John Taylor Lone Grave, Indian Draft
  35. Cook Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant
  36. Cox-Cayton-Jones Cemetery, Big Ridge
  37. Crow Family Cemetery, Crows
  38. Crown Hill Cemetery, Clifton Forge
  39. Cummings-Smith Cemetery [Smith-Bowers Cemetery], Morris Hill
  40. Damron Family Cemetery, Snake Run
  41. Dameron Family Cemetery, Dunlap Creek
  42. Deacon, Richard Lone Grave, Potts Creek
  43. DeHart, Charlie Family Cemetery, Big Ridge
  44. DeHart, Paul Family Cemetery, Big Ridge
  45. Dew Family Cemetery, Potts Creek
  46. Dressler Family Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant
  47. Earlhurst-Hylton Cemetery, Earlhurst
  48. Ervine (Irvine) Family Cemetery, This cemetery has not been located.
  49. Emory United Methodist Church Cemetery, Natural Well
  50. Executed Men Graves, Dry Run. These graves have not been located.
  51. Falling Spring Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Falling Spring
  52. Fletcher Chapel Cemetery, Callaghan
  53. Fort Young Graveyard, Covington (It is not known the exact location of Fort Young or it's cemetery. Some say it was located near Craig Street and Sunnymeade)
  54. Gillespie-Reid Cemetery, Potts Creek
    *** Grasly Family Cemetery, Indian Draft (This is the Arthur Lee Family Cemetery see Lee, Arthur Family Cemetery)
  55. Givens, David G. Cemetery, Potts Creek
  56. Green Hill Cemetery, Valley View
  57. Hardiman Family Cemetery, Dunlap Creek
    ** Hart Family Cemetery, Johnson Creek (This cemetery is the same cemetery known as the Meadows Family Cemetery.)
  58. Harmon Family Cemetery, Snake Run (This cemetery has not been located.)
  59. Haynes Family Cemetery, Clifton Forge-Relocated. The interments were moved to Mountain View Cemetery.
  60. Hepler, Robert Lone Grave, (This grave has not been located, the site can be seen from Castile Run.)
  61. Hepler, Thomas Family Cemetery, Castile Run
  62. Helmintoller Family Cemetery, Peter's Mountain
  63. Hoke Family Cemetery, Relocated. The interments were moved to three different established cemeteries: Cedar Hill, Covington; Sizemore Cemetery, Jerry's Run; and Watcoat Cemetery, Greenbrier Co., WV.
  64. Hoke Cemetery, Ogle Creek
  65. Hook Family Cemetery, Rich Patch
  66. Hopkins Family Cemetery, Clifton Forge
  67. Huddleston, A.J. Lone Grave, Peter's Mountain
  68. Humphries Cemetery, Rich Patch
  69. Indian Burial Ground, Mt. Pleasant (This burial ground has not been located.)
  70. Indian Burial Ground, Potts Creek
  71. Italian Cemetery, White Rock Gap
  72. Jamison Family Cemetery [Wolf-Sively Cemetery], Potts Creek
  73. Jennings-Dameron Family Cemetery, Moss Run
  74. Johnson Creek A.R.P. Church Cemetery, Johnson Creek
  75. Johnson-Helmintoller Cemetery, Castile
  76. Karnes Cemetery, Lowmoor
  77. Karnes Slave Cemetery, Lowmoor
  78. Kean Family Cemetery, Hemitite
  79. Kettinger Family Cemetery, Indian Draft
  80. Kidd Family Cemetery, Rt. 159 (This cemetery has not been located.)
  81. Kimberlin-Hamlett Cemetery, Roaring Run 
  82. King Family Graveyard, Potts Creek 83. King Graveyard, White Rock Gap
  83. King, John Slave Graveyard, Roaring Run
  84. Kyle Family Cemetery, Potts Creek
  85. Kyle Slave Cemetery, Potts Creek
  86. Lee, Arthur Family Cemetery, Indain Draft
  87. Lewis-Fridley Cemetery, Big Ridge
  88. Lockhart Family Cemetery, Callaghan-Relocated.
  89. Lone Star Cemetery, Potts Creek
  90. Longdale Miner's Cemetery, Longdale
  91. McDaniel Family Cemetery, Dunlap Creek
  92. McElwee - Allen Family Cemetery, Valley Ridge
  93. Mallow Family Cemetery, Jackson Heights
  94. Martin Family Cemetery [Arthur Lee Church Cemetery] [First Baptist Church Cemetery], Junction of Johnson Creek and Indian Draft
  95. Massie Family Cemetery, Falling Spring Valley
  96. Marshall Property Cemetery, Moss Run
  97. Meadows Family Cemetery [Hart Family Cemetery], Johnson Creek
  98. Meadows Family Cemetery [ ], Johnson Creek
  99. Midkiff Family Cemetery, Big Ridge
  100. Miller, E.S. Property Cemetery [Indian Burial Grounds], Lowmoor
  101. Milton Hall Cemetery, Callaghan
  102. Miner's Cemetery [Keith Property Cemetery], Dunlap Creek
  103. Mitchell, James Lone Grave, Mt. Pleasant
  104. Mountain View Cemetery, Clifton Forge
  105. Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant
  106. Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Lowmoor
  107. Mt. Moria Baptist Church Cemetery, Valley View
  108. Nichols Family Cemetery, Idlewilde/Mallow
  109. Oakland Cemetery, Selma
  110. Palestine Church Cemetery, Hemitite
  111. Payne Family Cemetery, Covington
  112. Pence-Bush Cemetery [Welcher Cemetery], Rich Patch
  113. Persinger, Child Lone Grave, Dry Run
  114. Persinger, Benjamin Memorial Cemetery [Shoaf Chapel Cemetery], Potts Creek
  115. Persinger Cemetery [Menefee Cemetery], Edgemont
  116. Pinnell Cemetery [Bess-Wright], Jordan Mines
  117. Puckett-Griffith Cemetery, Griffith
  118. Redhill Cemetery, Clifton Forge
  119. Redman Family Cemetery, (This cemetery has not been located.)
  120. Redman Lone Grave, (This grave has not been located.)
  121. Rock Church Cemetery [Central Advent Christian Church Cemetery], Triangle
  122. Robinson Family Cemetery, Clearwater Park
  123. Robinson, Charles Family Graves [Ned & Betty Poyser Property Graves], Falling Spring Valley
  124. Rose Hill Cemetery, Rich Patch
  125. Rucker Family Cemetery. (This cemetery has not been located.)
  126. Rumbold Cemetery [Callaghan-Dickson Cemetery], Callaghan
  127. Rumbold Cemetery, Relocated. Interments were moved to Fletcher Chapel Cemetery
  128. Rusk Lone Grave, Moss Run
  129. Sawyer Family Cemetery, Dunlap Creek [Possibly Arthur/Unknown] (The Sawyer Family Cemetery has not been located.)
  130. Sharon Church Cemetery, Sharon
  131. Simmons-Jamison Cemetery, Blue Spring Run
  132. Sinking Springs Methodist Church Cemetery [Jesse Davis Slave Graveyard] [Mrs. Mary Landrum and her twin daughters graves], Sinking Springs
  133. Sively Family Cemetery, Snake Run
  134. Sizemore Family Cemetery, Jerry's Run
  135. Smith Family Cemetery (New), Blue Spring Run Smith Property.
  136. Smith, Abner Graves, Ogle Creek to Exit 10 at Callaghan.
  137. Unknown Cemetery, Ogle Creek
  138. Smith, Adam McKinley Lone Grave, Alleghany/Greenbrier Co.Line
  139. Smith-Armentrout Cemetery, Mount Pleasant
  140. Smith, John Crocket and Wife Graves, Blue Spring Run
  141. Southall Family Cemetery, Eagle's Nest
  142. Stone Family Cemetery, Bennett Town
  143. Stone Family Cemetery, Castile Run
  144. Stone Family Cemetery, Snake Run
  145. Stone, John Hamilton Family Cemetery, Snake Run
  146. Stull Family Cemetery [New], Roaring Run
  147. Stull Family Cemetery [Old], Roaring Run
  148. Sunrise Cemetery, Lowmoor
  149. Sweet Chalybeate Cemetery, Sweet Chalybeate
  150. Tuke Family Cemetery, Falling Spring Valley
  151. Unknown Cemetery, Longdale
  152. Unknown Cemetery, Roaring Run
  153. Vance Graveyard, Ogle Creek
  154. Vass, Washington Lone Grave, Blue Spring Run
  155. Walker-Sizer Cemetery, Potts Creek
  156. Walton Memorial Church Cemetery, Wilson Creek
  157. Walton Lone Grave, Rich Patch
  158. Wilson Family Cemetery, Moss Run
  159. Wolfe, Peline Lone Grave, Rich Patch
  160. Wyatt Cemetery, Callaghan-Relocated
  161. --------Cemetery, Iron Gate Hill
  162. --------Cemetery, Bob Hosey Property
  163. --------Cemetery [Colored Cemetery], Jordan Mines

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