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Washington County Utah
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Thomas J. Adair and Mary Vance Waggle Adair
Mary Elizabeth Adair Adams (1858-1926)
Ann (Page) Adams (1877-1943)
John S. Adams (1844-1935)

Delila VanLeuven Alldredge (1882-1983) - another Delila history
Isaac Alldredge II (1843-1936)   another Isaac Jr. history
Isaac Alldredge III (1870-1959)
 another Isaac III history
Anna Georgine Jorgensen Anderson (1847-1925)
Peter Anderson (1840-1921) Peter and his wife Anna, above, were the founders of Anderson Junction


Edson Barney (1806-1905)
Garth Barton (1921-1990)
Karma Johnson Barton (1896-1978)
Mona Cox Barton (1926-1986)
William Morley Black (1826-1915)
Harrison Burgess (1814-1883) - autobiography
WPA: Harrison Burgess by Sarah Bracken Adams
WPA: Isaac H. Burgess
Sarah Jane Rogers Burgess tribute written by her daughter
Sophi M. Burgess autobiographical sketch
WPA: William Burgess Sr. by Jennie Burgess Miles, his granddaughter
William Burgess Sr. (1794-1880) - autobiography


Malinda Cameron [Scott Thurston] - abstracts from her Mountain Meadow redress depositions
David H. Cannon (1832-1924)
Rhoda Knell Cannon (1858-1945
WPA: Jane Carter - Making Oil in Early Utah
James Uriah Coleman (1868-1959)
Harriet Hoyt Cox (1904-1984) - autobiography
Melvin Eugene Cox (1900-1960) - autobiography
Warren Cox (1872-1954) - written by Irene Cox Brooks, his daughter


Louie Olds Duffin  (1887-1941)
Mary Adeline Ewing Duzette - obituary


Vera Hinton Eagar




Gubler, Anna Katherina
Gubler, Casper
Gubler, Johannes


James Holt (1804-1894)
Eliza Jane Hunt (Olds)




: Data on schools attended by Eleanor C.W. Jarvis


Mary Crook Knell obituary
Robert Knell (1828-1916)
Lydia Goldthwaite Knight (1812-1884) - This is the full text of the book, "Homespun--Lydia Knight's History" written by Susa Young Gates and published in Salt Lake City in 1883 by the Juvenile Instructor Office.



Arvel Robert Milne (1911-2002)
Maria Muller

O Arthur Herbert Olds - autobiography
Carl Theodore Olds
Charles Andrew Olds (1894-1985)  - autobiography
Dewey Glenn Olds
Eliza Jane Hunt (Olds)
Elizabeth Uren Oulds Theobald (1829-1912)
George Thomas Olds
Gladys Sylvester Olds (1896 - 1960 ) autobiography  
*see also: As I Remember Mama a tribute to Gladys
Levi Emanuel Olds  (1885-1950)
Louie Olds Duffin  (1887-1941)
Melvin James Olds
Thomas Olds (1854-1924)
William Albert Olds - autobiography    
*see also Tribute to Uncle Will Olds

The following are some delightful short stories by Brenton Bauer
about himself (he's Junie), his family, and his grandparents,
Andy and Gladys Olds of Toquerville:

A Homemade Christmas  -  Summer Frolics  -  The Spelling Bee
Billy Boy  -  Oh! That Aching Tooth  -  Junie  -  Sugar

P James Pace (1811-1888) - from Valerie J. Tice's site www.familyperkins.com. Also see Pace Research page for more info.
Harrison Pearce (1818-1880) -   Tice's site also includes an outline of his life. See also Pearce Research for photo and more.
John David Lafayette Pearce (1837-1909) - aka as JDL Pearce. This is also on Valerie J. Tice's site. Also see his diary.
Martha Elimina Pace Pearce (1840-1925) - JDL Pearce's wife. From Valerie J. Tice's site.
Thomas Jefferson Pearce (1845-1881) - This is also found on Valerie J. Tice's site www.familyperkins.com.
R David Rogers (1828-1903)
Mary Ann Mayer Rogers - obituary
S Obituary of James Agee Smith (1787 - 1874)
Merl Smith born in Toquerville in 1917
Thomas Washington Smith (1815 - 1892)
Obituary of Thomas Washington Smith (1815 - 1892)
William Snow (1806-1879)  this is on Paul E. Price's genealogy site
T Elizabeth Uren Oulds Theobald (1829-1912)
William Theobald (1813-1895)
Bonnie LaRee Bracken Thiriot (1940-2000)
W Silas Wright West (1846-1918)
Louisa Walker (1822-1888)
Y William Alma Young (1805-1875)  This is a great history. It is over 100 pages and will take a while to load. (Revised November 2001)
John Wesley (Dick) Young (1860-1927)  This is also a long history. This is interesting and it includes a lot of information about the John's Valley area of Garfield County.

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