Explanation - Cemetery Indexes for Washington County, Utah (1852-1996)


This volume contains an individual indexed surname listing of burials for each of the thirty three cemeteries of Washington County, Utah from 1852 to1996. This includes all known active and inactive cemeteries since the first colonization of the area by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) in 1852.

A separate volume, Master Surname Burial Index (1852-1996) For Washington County (Family History Research Series: No. 1), compiles all of the cemeteries into a single burial index for the entire County. The content for each volume comes from the same data base.

Data for these listings has been obtained from city burial registers, tombstones, book and microfilm records of earlier cemetery searches, as well as cemetery searches carried out in 1996-7. In a number of instances family records have added to those identified and corrected errors on tombstones and in city records. Many people have contributed to this undertaking (see Sources and Acknowledgements).

Most cemetery data it is typically incomplete and may contain errors of factual information. This is especially true of birth dates, as they are often provided by an informant who may be miss-informed regarding an event so long in the past. Or, the official/clerk taking the information may miss-spell names, transcribe incorrectly, etc.

During the early pioneer days in Southern Utah some cemetery information was poorly recorded (if at all), so that a number of graves are unreported. This is particularly true of the eastern area of the county, including Rockville, Springdale, Shonesburg, Grafton and Virgin. Flooding of some early grave sites added to this problem. The Shivwits Indian cemetery also has many unmarked or illegible marked graves.

It is hoped that family records may help clarify these omissions. If the reader has additions or corrections to make to this data, he/she is encouraged to send notice of these to the St. George Family History Center Cemetery Project coordinator, for future up-dates.

The reader should be aware that only the birth/death date information was extracted from existent records for this compilation. Some cemetery books/records also include such data as names of parents, place of birth of the deceased, etc.

While the compiler has made every effort to ensure accuracy in the extracting, in-putting, proofing etc. of this data, he readily admits the likelihood of a percentage of errors; hopefully it is small.


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