Acknowledgements - Cemetery Indexes for Washington County, Utah (1852-1996)


The compiler is especially grateful to the Director, Norley Hall, and personnel of the St. George Family History Center for the encouragement and support which they have provided this project.

Additionally, a number of knowledgeable people have stepped forward and been most helpful in providing information, suggestions and access to sources which have facilitated greatly the completion of the many facets of data-gathering required for the thirty-three cemeteries in the County. I especially thank Kathy Simkins, of Enterprise, for her invaluable help pertaining to that entire region and including the Hamblin, Hebron, Holt, Enterprise and Winsor cemeteries. Helen Schoonover and Flossie Walker facilitated the compilation in Hurricane. Lennie Brinkerhoff of Virgin was most helpful for the eastern part of the County. The Shivwits Cemetery tombstone information has been amplifed by data from Alvin Marble and LaVan Martineau.

Lyman and Karen Platt of St. George volunteered their knowledge of the area, as well as transportation and friendship in canvassing a number of the cemeteries including Central, Hamblin, Pinto, Silver Reef, Duncan’s Retreat, Shonesburg and Rockville. .

When the going got tough with the voluminous St. George data, Frances and Walt Engel stepped forward to provide valuable service in-putting that cemetery data. Gertrude J. Bowler of Gunlock provided Veyo and Gunlock data. Carl Seisrup made available his Leeds data. My son David helped his dad with the Springdale cemetery. And to the city clerks and officials of the various towns in the County goes a special thanks for the willingness with which they made their records and space available.

And, again, to Kathy Simkins, Director of the Enterprise Family History Center, who proof-read most of the cemeteries of this publication; researched and corrected numerous errors, added names that had been overlooked, corrected spellings, etc. All of this was done from extensive documents to which she had access; facilitated by many familiy ties in many of the communities. Without her meticulous help this data would be much less accurate.

And, finally, thanks to those early record-keepers and researchers whose past efforts provided a foundation on which to build: Mary Leany of St. George, Cuba Hall Lyle of Washington, Elizabeth Beckstrand and Bessie Snow for Pine Valley, Neil E. Cottam and Wesley P. Larsen of Toquerville, Sheldon Grant of New Harmony, and Edna Stout Gibson of Hurricane. To all an appreciative “Thank you!”. We did it.

Nor should I overlook the willing support of my wife, Mary Jo, who accompanied me on many trips and, with patience, tolerated the prolonged absences of her husband in the “computer room”.

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