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  • My paternal grandfather's people were all founding fathers of Tooele, SHIELDS/CUNNINGHAM, MEIKLEJOHN/MCLACHLAN, LEE/LaFLESH, and WHITE/DODD. My paternal grandmother's people were among the early settlers of Rush Valley (Clover and St. John); McINTOSH/CALDWELL, NAY/HUGGINS. Genealogy is a never ending project, and collaborating is the best way to share the most information. I have a lot of facts, and would like photos, mine were all destroyed. Thank you, B. Shields P.S. Tooele born, and sometimes resident since (early 70s and 90s).  B. Shields 

  • CRANER.   email me 

  • I'm researching the PRESNELL/PRESSNELL and Allen surnames of Tooele County. They were living in Tooele during the late 1890s.   Linda Aaron 

  • Tooele Ancestors include POCOCK, JAMES, STEWART, ISGREN/ISGREEN have some histories and photos as well as pedigree charts. I was named after my Great-grandmother Anna Wilhelmina Isgren Pocock.  Anna Pierson 

  • My ancestors are John ADAMS and Sara Elizabeth ELIKINGTON, John Adam's 2nd wife. Also, Carl Eric LINDHOLM and Johanna NILLSON. They came to Tooele in the 1860s but not sure of John Adams.  Sara Dillard Jeppesen 

  • My ancestor John WILLIS b1828 migrated from Essex England to Grantsville at some point in the mid 1880s. He married Mary Ann Bloomfield & then Anna Lena Jacobson. I would love to contact any decendants & I have quite a bit of info on his English relatives from 1768 to present day Many thanks Brenda Ryder (nee Willis).   Brenda Ryder 

  • My mother has done extensive research for our family, including the LEE family of Tooele. I was not born in Tooele, but my ancestors were and I am now a resident of Tooele. My ancestors were responsible for the construction of the Benson Grist Mill in Stansbury Park in Tooele County. If anyone would like more information, they are welcome to contact me.  April Resendez 

  • I am looking for the surnames of either Frank and or Lea (Leah) SANKERS or SANCHEZ in the Ophir City area in 1873+.  S Adderly 

  • Mary Price ADAMS, John ADAMS, Benjamin Price HOWELLS, Margaret Price Howells THOMPSON, Nelson THOMPSON, Margaret Price Howells McARTHUR, Donald McARTHUR.  Donna Rogers 

  • I am searching the AMADEN family who came through tooele circa 1917/9.  Chris 

  • I am the granddaughter of Charles L PRICE. I have allot of information on his family history.  Sara 

  • Have information on SCEVA family of Grantsville.  Tom Sevy 

  • I have a good deal of information on the ORR family of Grantsville.  Becky J Orr   alternate e-mail address 

  • I am researching ROWBERRY, GOLLAHER and CLARK families from Tooele and Grantsville.  Linda Ames 

  • I am researching the DUNNE family of Tooele and Lake Point.  contact me 

  • Researching MAXWELL, GARRARD, GRIFFITHS, and DAVIS in Tooele and Lake Point.  David Maxwell 

  • Researching LEE, DAY, MECHAM, and BRACKEN in Tooele and Grantsville.  Laura Lee Green-Kulcak 

  • Researching Orrin Porter ROCKWELL.  Mark Davis Kleinhans

  • Researching John Chevalier DELAMARE in Tooele.  Robyn Iverson


  • I have information on the ARTHUR family that lived in St John, Clover, and Tooele. ARTHUR, ELDREDGE, PHIPPEN, etc.  Anne Smittle   alternate e-mail

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