City by County List

City by County List
compiled by Lori Laird


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City by County Index



City Name County Name
Abraham Millard County
Adamsville Beaver County
Agate Grand County
Alma Weber County
Alpine Utah County
Alta Salt Lake County
Altamont Duchesne County
Alton Kane County
Altonah Duchesne County
Altus Summit County
Alunite Piute County
Amalga Cache County
American Fork Utah County
Anchorage Davis County
Anderson Junction Washington County
Aneth San Juan County
Angels Grove Tooele County
Angle Piute County
Annabella Sevier County
Antimony Emery County
Aragonite Tooele County
Arcadia Duchesne County
Arsenal Davis County
Arsenal Villa Weber County
Arthur Salt Lake County
Atkinson Summit County
Atkinville Washington County
Atwood Salt Lake County
Aurora Sevier County
Austin Sevier County
Avon Cache County
Avon Iron County
Axtell Sanpete County
Bacchus Salt Lake County
Ballard Uintah County
Barnes Davis County
Barrington Park Salt Lake County
Barro Tooele County
Barton Weber County
Bauer Tooele County
Bear River City Box Elder County
Bear Valley Junction Emery County
Beaver Beaver County
Beaver Dam Box Elder County
Becks Salt Lake County
Belknap Sevier County
Belleview Washington County
Belmont Heights Salt Lake County
Benjamin Utah County
Bennett Uintah County
Bennion Salt Lake County
Benson Cache County
Beryl Iron County
Beryl Junction Iron County
Bicknell Wayne County
Big Plain Junction Washington County
Big Water Kane County
Bingham Canyon Salt Lake County
Bingham Fort Weber County
Birdseye Utah County
Black Rock Millard County
Blair Tooele County
Blake Emery County
Blanchard Weber County
Blanding San Juan County
Bloom Millard County
Bloomington Washington County
Blue Box Elder County
Blue Creek Box Elder County
Blueacre Beaver County
Bluebell Duchesne County
Bluff San Juan County
Bluffdale Salt Lake County
Bonanza Uintah County
Bone Valley Emery County
Boneta Duchesne County
Bonnie Utah County
Borden Millard County
Bothwell Box Elder County
Boulder Emery County
Bountiful Davis County
Box Elder Box Elder County
Bradford Box Elder County
Brendel Grand County
Brian Head Iron County
Bridgeland Duchesne County
Brigham City Box Elder County
Brighton Salt Lake County
Broom's Bench Weber County
Brown's Fort Weber County
Brownsville Weber County
Bruin Point Carbon County
Bryce Emery County
Bryce Canyon Emery County
Buena Vista Salt Lake County
Bullion Falls Piute County
Bullionville Uintah County
Bunker Utah County
Burch Creek Weber County
Burmester Tooele County
Burrville Sevier County
Butlerville Salt Lake County
Buysville Wasatch County
Cache Junction Cache County
Caineville Wayne County
Callao Juab County
Cameron Carbon County
Camp Williams Salt Lake County/Utah County
Cannonville Emery County
Canyon Glen Utah County
Canyon Place Salt Lake County
Carbonville Carbon County
Cardon Cache County
Caryhurst Utah County
Castilla Utah County
Castle Dale Emery County
Castle Island Weber County
Castle Rock Summit County
Castle Valley Grand County
Castlegate Carbon County
Cedar Emery County
Cedar City Iron County
Cedar Creek Box Elder County
Cedar Fort Utah County
Cedar Hills Utah County
Cedar Springs Box Elder County
Cedarview Duchesne County
Center Tooele County
Center Creek Wasatch County
Centerfield Sanpete County
Centerville Davis County
Central Sevier County
Central Washington County
Central City Weber County
Champlin Juab County
Charleston Wasatch County
Chester Sanpete County
Chesterfield Salt Lake County
Christianburg Sanpete County
Christmas City Utah County
Circleville Piute County
Cisco Grand County
City of the Plains Weber County
Clarkston Cache County
Clawson Emery County
Clay Hills Crossing San Juan County
Clear Creek Box Elder County
Clear Creek Utah County
Clear Lake Millard County
Clearcreek Carbon County
Clearfield Davis County
Cleveland Emery County
Clifton Tooele County
Clinton Davis County
Clinton Utah County
Clive Tooele County
Clover Tooele County
Clover Flat Emery County
Clyde Utah County
Coal City Carbon County
Coalville Summit County
College Ward Cache County
Collinston Box Elder County
Colton Utah County
Columbia Junction Carbon County
Como Springs Morgan County
Consumers Carbon County
Cook Corner Beaver County
Copenhagen Box Elder County
Copperton Salt Lake County
Corinne Box Elder County
Cornish Cache County
Cottonwood Salt Lake County
Cottonwood Grand County
Cottonwood Heights Salt Lake County
Cove Cache County
Cove Sevier County
Cove Fort Millard County
Coyote Emery County
Cozydale Weber County
Cranmer Wasatch County
Crescent Salt Lake County
Crescent Junction Grand County
Cropley Box Elder County
Crossroads Box Elder County
Croydon Morgan County
Crystal Hot Springs Box Elder County
Cunningham Hill Beaver County
Curlew Junction Box Elder County
Curtis Utah County
Cushing Salt Lake County
Dalton Salt Lake County
Daniel Wasatch County
Danielsville Wasatch County
Deep Creek Tooele County
Defas Park Duchesne County
Delle Tooele County
Delta Millard County
Dennis Juab County
Deseret Millard County
Deseret Railroad Station Weber County
Desert Mound Iron County
Devils Slide Morgan County
Dewey Grand County
Deweyville Box Elder County
Dividend Utah County
Dolomite Tooele County
Dragerton Carbon County
Dragon Uintah County
Draper Salt Lake County
Dry Fork Uintah County
Duchesne Duchesne County
Duck Creek Village Kane County
Ducket Crossing San Juan County
Dugway Tooele County
Dunn San Juan County
Dunns Trading Post San Juan County
Dunyon Dell Salt Lake County
Dutch John Daggett
East Carbon City Carbon County
East Cottonwood Heights Salt Lake County
East Layton Davis County
East Millcreek Salt Lake County
East Weber Weber County
East Wellington Carbon County
Eastland San Juan County
Easton Weber County
Eastwood Hills Salt Lake County
Echo Junction Summit County
Eden Weber County
Edgemont Utah County
Eggnog Emery County
Eightmile Point Millard County
Elba Grand County
Elberta Utah County
Elgin Grand County
Elk Ridge Utah County
Elmo Emery County
Elsinore Sevier County
Elwood Box Elder County
Emerald Isle Salt Lake County
Emery Emery County
Emory Summit County
Endot Salt Lake County
Enoch Iron County
Enterprise Morgan County
Enterprise Washington County
Ephraim Sanpete County
Erda Tooele County
Erda Station Tooele County
Escalante Emery County
Eskdale Millard County
Etna Box Elder County
Eureka Juab County
Evans Box Elder County
Evona Weber County
Fairbanks Crossing Uintah County
Fairfield Utah County
Fairmont Weber County
Fairview Sanpete County
Farm Meadows Salt Lake County
Farmington Davis County
Farr West Weber County
Farr's Fort Weber County
Faust Tooele County
Fayette Sanpete County
Ferron Emery County
Fielding Box Elder County
Fillmore Millard County
Fish Springs Juab County
Five Points Junction Weber County
Flowell Millard County
Floy Station Grand County
Flux Tooele County
Foothill Salt Lake County
Forest Dale Salt Lake County
Forest Glen Salt Lake County
Fort Douglas Salt Lake County
Fort Duchesne Uintah County
Fort Hamblin Iron County
Fort Hamilton Iron County
Fort Johnson Iron County
Fort Mound Weber County
Fountain Green Sanpete County
Francis Summit County
Freedom Sanpete County
Fremont Wayne County
Fremont Island Weber County
Fremont Junction Sevier County
Frisco Beaver County
Fruit Heights Davis County
Fruita Wayne County
Fruitland Duchesne County
Fry Canyon San Juan County
Gandy Millard County
Garden City Rich County
Garfield Junction Salt Lake County
Garland Box Elder County
Garland Weber County
Garrison Millard County
Geneva Utah County
Genola Utah County
Georgetown Kane County
Gilluly Utah County
Gisborn Tooele County
Glen Canyon City Kane County
Glendale Kane County
Glendale Park Salt Lake County
Glenwood Sevier County
Gogorza Summit County
Gold Hill Tooele County
Gomex Utah County
Goodridge San Juan County
Goodyear's Fort Weber County
Gooseberry Sevier County
Gorder Weber County
Goshen Utah County
Goshute Juab County
Gouldings San Juan County
Grafton Washington County
Gramse Sevier County
Granger Salt Lake County
Granite Salt Lake County
Granite Park Salt Lake County
Grantsville Tooele County
Grass Valley Emery County
Gravel Crossing San Juan County
Green Lake Daggett
Green River Emery County
Greens Corner Cache County
Greenville Beaver County
Greenville Cache County
Greenwich Piute County
Greenwood Millard County
Grouse Creek Box Elder County
Grover Wayne County
Gunlock Washington County
Gunnison Sanpete County
Gusher Uintah County
Gypsum Mill Juab County
Hailstone Wasatch County
Halchita San Juan County
Halfway House Tooele County
Halivah Iron County
Halls Crossing San Juan County
Hamiltons Fort Iron County
Hamlin Valley Iron County
Hanksville Wayne County
Hanna Duchesne County
Harding Millard County
Hardup Box Elder County
Hardy Utah County
Harrisburg Junction Washington County
Harrisville Weber County
Hatch Emery County
Hatton Millard County
Hawkins Grove Weber County
Haws Box Elder County
Hayden Uintah County
Heber City Wasatch County
Heiner Carbon County
Heist Iron County
Helper Carbon County
Henefer Summit County
Henrieville Emery County
Herriman Salt Lake County
Hiawatha Carbon County
Highland Utah County
Hildale Washington County
Hill Air Force Base Davis County
Hill Top Sanpete County
Hillsdale Emery County
Hinckley Millard County
Hite Emery County
Hogup Box Elder County
Holden Millard County
Holladay Salt Lake County
Holt Cache County
Homansville Utah County
Honeyville Box Elder County
Hooper Weber County
Hoovers Piute County
Hot Springs Box Elder County
Howell Box Elder County
Hoytsville Summit County
Hunter Salt Lake County
Huntington Emery County
Huntsville Weber County
Hurricane Washington County
Hyde Park Cache County
Hyrum Cache County
Ibapah Tooele County
Ibex Millard County
Independence Uintah County
Indianola Sanpete County
Ioka Duchesne County
Iosepa Tooele County
Iron Basin Millard County
Iron Mountain Iron County
Iron Springs Iron County
Ironton Utah County
Ivins Washington County
Jensen Sevier County
Jensen Uintah County
Jericho Junction Juab County
Jerusalem Sanpete County
John Thompson Settlement Weber County
Jordan Salt Lake County
Joseph Sevier County
Joy Juab County
Juab Juab County
Junction Piute County
Kamas Summit County
Kanab Kane County
Kanarraville Iron County
Kanesville Weber County
Kanosh Millard County
Kays Creek Davis County
Kaysville Davis County
Kearns Salt Lake County
Keetley Wasatch County
Keetley Junction Summit County
Keetley Station Wasatch County
Keigley Utah County
Kelton Box Elder County
Kema Sevier County
Kenilworth Carbon County
Kimball Junction Summit County
Kingston Piute County
Knight Juab County
Knightville Juab County
Knolls Tooele County
Knudsens Corner Salt Lake County
Koosharem Sevier County
Kyune Utah County
La Sal San Juan County
La Sal Junction San Juan County
La Verkin Washington County
Lago Tooele County
Laho Beaver County
Lake Point Junction Tooele County
Lake Shore Utah County
Lakeside Box Elder County
Lakeside Resort Sevier County
Laketown Rich County
Lakeview Utah County
Lakota Rich County
Lampo Junction Box Elder County
Lampton Salt Lake County
Lant Utah County
Lapoint Uintah County
Lark Salt Lake County
Latimer Iron County
Latuda Carbon County
Lawrence Emery County
Layton Davis County
Laytona Davis County
Leamington Millard County
Leeds Washington County
Leeton Uintah County
Lehi Utah County
Leland Utah County
Leota Uintah County
Levan Juab County
Lewis Utah County
Lewiston Cache County
Liberty Weber County
Lincoln Tooele County
Lincoln Utah County
Lindon Utah County
Little Bonanza Uintah County
Little Mountain Weber County
Little Water San Juan County
Little Willow Salt Lake County
Littleton Morgan County
Loa Wayne County
Lockerby San Juan County
Lofgreen Tooele County
Logan Cache County
Lone Tree Crossing Emery County
Long Valley Junction Kane County
Low Tooele County
Lucin Box Elder County
Lund Iron County
Lyman Wayne County
Lynn Box Elder County
Lynn Weber County
Lynndyl Millard County
Mack Millard County
Madsen Box Elder County
Maeser Uintah County
Magna Salt Lake County
Malan's Basin Weber County
Malone Millard County
Mammoth Juab County
Manderfield Beaver County
Manila Daggett
Manti Sanpete County
Mantua Box Elder County
Maple Grove Millard County
Mapleton Utah County
Marion Summit County
Marriott Weber County
Marshall Tooele County
Martin Carbon County
Marysvale Piute County
Matlin Box Elder County
Mayfield Sanpete County
Maysville Davis County
McCormick Millard County
McIntyre Juab County
Meadow Millard County
Meadowville Rich County
Melville Millard County
Mendon Cache County
Mercur Tooele County
Mexican Hat San Juan County
Middleton Washington County
Middleton Weber County
Midlake Box Elder County
Midvale Salt Lake County
Midway Wasatch County
Milburn Sanpete County
Milford Beaver County
Mill Tooele County
Mill Creek Weber County
Millcreek Salt Lake County
Millford Utah County
Mills Juab County
Mills Junction Tooele County
Millville Cache County
Milton Morgan County
Milton Tooele County
Minersville Beaver County
Moab Grand County
Moark Junction Utah County
Modena Iron County
Mohrland Emery County
Molen Emery County
Mona Juab County
Monarch Duchesne County
Monroe Sevier County
Montezuma Creek San Juan County
Monticello San Juan County
Moonlight San Juan County
Moore Emery County
Morgan Morgan County
Moroni Sanpete County
Morristown Davis County
Morton Cache County
Mosida Utah County
Motoqua Washington County
Mound City Wasatch County
Mound Fort Weber County
Mount Carmel Kane County
Mount Carmel Junction Kane County
Mount Emmons Duchesne County
Mount Olympus Salt Lake County
Mount Pleasant Sanpete County
Mount Sterling Cache County
Mountain Green Morgan County
Mountain Home Duchesne County
Mountain Spa Wasatch County
Murdock Beaver County
Murray Salt Lake County
Muskrat Springs Weber County
Mutual Dell Utah County
Myton Duchesne County
Naples Uintah County
Nash Salt Lake County
Navajo Mountain San Juan County
Neels Millard County
Neola Duchesne County
Nephi Juab County
Nerva Box Elder County
New Harmony Washington County
New La Sal San Juan County
Newcastle Iron County
Newhouse Beaver County
Newton Cache County
Nibley Cache County
Nibley Sevier County
North Creek Beaver County
North Fork Town Weber County
North Logan Cache County
North Ogden Weber County
North Ogden Fort Weber County
North Salt Lake Davis County
North View Iron County
Notom Wayne County
Nunns Utah County
Oak City Millard County
Oak Creek Sanpete County
Oakley Summit County
Oasis Millard County
Ogden Weber County
Old Irontown Iron County
Old La Sal Iron County
Old Limber Pine San Juan County
Olivers Salt Lake County
Oljato San Juan County
Olmstead Utah County
Ophir Tooele County
Orangeville Emery County
Orderville Kane County
Orem Utah County
Orton Emery County
Osiris Emery County
Ouray Uintah County
P Hill Iron County
Pallas Salt Lake County
Palmyra Utah County
Panguitch Emery County
Paradise Cache County
Paragonah Iron County
Park City Summit County
Park Terrace Salt Lake County
Park Valley Box Elder County
Parley Juab County
Parowan Iron County
Partown Juab County
Payson Utah County
Peerless Carbon County
Penrose Box Elder County
Peoa Summit County
Perry Box Elder County
Peruvian Park Salt Lake County
Petersboro Cache County
Peterson Morgan County
Peterson Weber County
Pettyville Sanpete County
Phill Iron County
Pickleville Rich County
Pigeon Box Elder County
Pigeon Hollow Junction Sanpete County
Pine Valley Washington County
Pinecrest Salt Lake County
Pineview Summit County
Pinto Washington County
Pintura Washington County
Pioneer Salt Lake County
Pittsburg Piute County
Plain City Weber County
Pleasant Grove Utah County
Pleasant View Weber County
Plymouth Box Elder County
Pocketville Washington County
Polls Morgan County
Ponderosa Hill Salt Lake County
Poplar Weber County
Portage Box Elder County
Porterville Morgan County
Prattsville Sevier County
Price Carbon County
Promontory Box Elder County
Promontory Point Box Elder County
Providence Cache County
Provo Utah County
Quigley Crossing Cache County
Rainbow Uintah County
Rainbow City San Juan County
Randlett Uintah County
Randolph Rich County
Read Millard County
Red Lake Village San Juan County
Red Point Juab County
Red Wash Uintah County
Redmond Sevier County
Redwood Salt Lake County
Reese Weber County
Relico Weber County
Richfield Sevier County
Richmond Cache County
Richville Morgan County
Rio Utah County
Riter Salt Lake County
River Heights Cache County
Riverdale Weber County
Riverside Box Elder County
Riverside Cache County
Riverton Salt Lake County
Robbe Salt Lake County
Robinsons Ranch Millard County
Rochester Emery County
Rockville Washington County
Rolapp Carbon County
Roosevelt Duchesne County
Roper Salt Lake County
Rose Park Salt Lake County
Rosedale Davis County
Rosette Box Elder County
Round Valley Rich County
Rowley Tooele County
Rowley Junction Tooele County
Roxborough Salt Lake County
Roy Weber County
Royal Carbon County
Rozel Box Elder County
Rubys Inn Emery County
Rush Valley Tooele County
Sage Creek Junction Rich County
Sagers Station Grand County
Sahara Village Davis County
Saint George Washington County
Saint John Tooele County
Salduro Tooele County
Salem Utah County
Salina Sevier County
Salt Creek Weber County
Salt Lake City Salt Lake County
Salt Springs Tooele County
Saltair Salt Lake County
Samak Summit County
The Sandridge Weber County
Sandy Salt Lake County
Santa Clara Washington County
Santaquin Utah County
Santio Crossing Uintah County
Scipio Millard County
Scofield Carbon County
Sego Grand County
Set Point East Salt Lake County
Sevier Sevier County
Sharp Juab County
Shauntie Beaver County
Shem Washington County
Shenendoah City Beaver County
Shivwits Washington County
Shunesburg Washington County
Sigurd Sevier County
Silsbee Tooele County
Silver City Juab County
Silver Creek Junction Summit County
Silver Fork Salt Lake County
Silver Lake Salt Lake County
Silver Reef Washington County
Silver Springs Summit County
Sixmile Point Millard County
Skeen Weber County
Sky View Utah County
Slaterville Weber County
Smithfield Cache County
Smyths Beaver County
Snow Utah County
Snow Basin Weber County
Snowbird Salt Lake County
Snowville Box Elder County
Snyder Salt Lake County
Snyderville Summit County
Soldier Crossing San Juan County
Soldier Summit Wasatch County
Solitude Salt Lake County
Solitude Grand County
Soma Juab County
South Cottonwood Salt Lake County
South Jordan Salt Lake County
South Ogden Weber County
South Salt Lake Salt Lake County
South Weber Davis County
South Weber Weber County
Southdale Salt Lake County
Spanish Fork Utah County
Spearmint Sanpete County
Spring Circle Salt Lake County
Spring City Sanpete County
Spring Glen Carbon County
Spring Lake Utah County
Springdale Washington County
Springdell Utah County
Springville Utah County
Spry Emery County
Squaw Crossing Uintah County
Standardville Carbon County
Standrod Box Elder County
Stansbury Park Tooele County
Starr Juab County
Sterling Sanpete County
Stockmore Duchesne County
Stockton Tooele County
Stoddard Morgan County
Storrs Carbon County
Stringtown Weber County
Strong Millard County
Sugar House Salt Lake County
Sugarville Millard County
Sulphurdale Beaver County
Summit Iron County
Summit Park Summit County
Summit Point San Juan County
Sunnyside Carbon County
Sunset Davis County
Sutherland Millard County
Sutro Utah County
Syracuse Davis County
Tabiona Duchesne County
Tad Park Tooele County
Taggarts Morgan County
Talmage Duchesne County
Taylor Weber County
Taylorsville Salt Lake County
Taylorsville Weber County
Teasdale Wayne County
Terminal Salt Lake County
Terra Tooele County
Thatcher Box Elder County
Thermo Beaver County
Thistle Utah County
Thompson Springs Grand County
Thompsonville Piute County
Three Creeks Beaver County
Three Forks Emery County
Three Forks Wasatch County
Three Forks Utah County
Three Pines Grand County
Ticaboo Emery County
Timpie Tooele County
Tintic Juab County
Tod Park Tooele County
Tokerville Washington County
Tooele Tooele County
Topliff Tooele County
Toquerville Washington County
Torrey Wayne County
Townsend Utah County
Tremonton Box Elder County
Trenton Cache County
Tresend Box Elder County
Tridell Uintah County
Tropic Emery County
Trout Creek Juab County
Tucker Utah County
Ucolo San Juan County
Uintah Weber County
Uisco Juab County
Union Salt Lake County
Upalco Duchesne County
Upper Falls Utah County
Upper Kanab Kane County
Upper Kimberly Piute County
Upper Sunnyside Carbon County
Upton Beaver County
Upton Summit County
Utahn Duchesne County
Utida Cache County
Uvada Iron County
Val Verda Davis County
Valencia Davis County
Van Millard County
Venice Sevier County
Verdure San Juan County
Vermillion Sevier County
Vernal Uintah County
Vernon Tooele County
Veyo Washington County
Victor Emery County
Vineyard Utah County
Virgin Washington County
Vista Station Grand County
Vivian Park Utah County
Wahsatch Summit County
Wales Sanpete County
Wallsburg Wasatch County
Wanship Summit County
Warren Weber County
Washakie Box Elder County
Washington Washington County
Washington Terrace Weber County
Watchwood Salt Lake County
Watson Uintah County
Wattis Junction Carbon County
Weber Station Morgan County
Webster Junction Cache County
Welby Salt Lake County
Wellington Carbon County
Wellsville Cache County
Wendover Tooele County
West Bountiful Davis County
West Harrisville Weber County
West Haven Weber County
West Jordan Salt Lake County
West Ogden Weber County
West Point Davis County
West Portal Utah County
West Valley City Salt Lake County
West Warren Weber County
West Weber Weber County
Westcove Salt Lake County
Weston Weber County
Westwater Grand County
Wheatgrass Iron County
Wheelon Box Elder County
Whipup Sevier County
White Canyon San Juan County
White City Salt Lake County
White Horse Village Cache County
White Mesa Village San Juan County
White Rock Curve Village San Juan County
Whiterocks Uintah County
Whites Crossing Morgan County
Wicks Utah County
Widtsoe Junction Emery County
Wildcat Carbon County
Wildwood Utah County
Wildwood Weber County
Willard Box Elder County
Wilson Weber County
Wing Utah County
Winter Quarters Carbon County
Wood Hill Carbon County
Woodland Summit County
Woodland Hills Utah County
Woodridge Terrace Salt Lake County
Woodrow Millard County
Woodruff Rich County
Woods Cross Davis County
Woodside Emery County
Yale Crossing Iron County
Yellow Banks Beaver County
Yost Box Elder County
Zane Iron County


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