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Sunday February 19, 2006   12:48:05

Wednesday November 30, 2005   15:43:17
Donna Homer
I live in Emery County and am willing to help with Emery county genealogical research. I am a Genealogist with 36 years experience. Send me an e-mail.

Friday November 25, 2005   15:49:43
Dian Little
Update information about Augustus Seeley of Elizabethtown U.C. Ontario can be found on seeley_society.net. Click on DNA Project. He has been identified as a descendant on the Obadiah Seeley SGS # 4 line, Obadiah's parents: William and Alice Bissell Seeley of Birmingham, Warwickshire, Eng. This proves Augustus was not Dutch Reforemed.

 Saturday November 05, 2005   12:40:02
Renee Davis
What I am looking for is information for my little brother. His last name is Ging and his father is no longer around. But he wants to know where he came from. His father had a book of family history with a coat of arms on the cover and it stated they originated from Switzerland and had a castle, and that there was an actor that stared in an old western with the last name of Ging. If you have any possible links to him. Please contact me at nizzle_22@hotmail.com His family all lived in Marsaline and Carrolton, Missouri.

Tuesday November 01, 2005   11:29:55
Allen P. Bristow
Seek information on William Hatfield (AKA Bill Chrisholm) that was killed south of Green River on May 21, 1915. Was supposed to have been associate of outlaws.

Tuesday October 25, 2005   03:54:31
Rainer Schellenbeck

Friday August 26, 2005   08:27:24
James Phillip Torgerson po box 86 Fredonia Az. 86022
History on my GreatGrandfather Charles Edward Torgerson

Saturday July 30, 2005   08:48:20
P. Mills
Looking for Mr. William E. Gray, born July 13, 1895 in st. Paul, Minnesota. Lived in Reno. NV and San Franciso, Ca. A dear friend of Mr. Manley P. Hall, (deceased)- founder of The Philosophical Research Society, Los Angeles CA., and Renowned writer Ms. Ruth Mongommery. I would like to hear from anyone who has benefited from, or knows the whereabouts of Mr. William E. Gray. Thank you.

 Tuesday July 05, 2005   11:43:41
Jennifer Lynn Swasey
I am looking for pictures and information on Carl E Swasey which was in the bapaan death march in the 1940's I wanna say it was in the persion golf but not for sure if you could find anything please...please let me know I am a wondering grand dauther that want to know about my grandpa that I loved very much

 Tuesday March 01, 2005   20:16:15
Audrey Louise Langhammer 603 East Northfield Apt A1 Murfreesboro TN 37130
Looking for my grandfather's sister. His name was Gustav Licht or Light. Her name was Rose Andraiv or Andraiff.Just want to see if anyone still alive from that side of family.

Tuesday December 28, 2004   23:26:42
Peter H. Mills
Mr. Philip Stone, Born: July 13,1895 to Edward and Annie Stone, in St. Paul, Minnesota. Married Rea, who died in 1945. Re-married to a second wife Bea, in Ogden, Utah 1947. Has a daughter, then a grand daughter. The Deseret News in Utah refered to him as the miracle man. Known to be a "Healer"! Has lived in Lake Tahoe, Reno, Nevada and San Francisco where he practised "Laying on of hands" healing. He was tried and aquitted in Vallejo County, California due to his profession as a Healer (due to charges brought by the California Medical Board. Please advise your findings: Is he still alive? Thank you kindly for your reply. Peter Mills, P.O. Box 1793, Rockefeller Center Station, New York, NY 10185-1793 Tel.:(646) 498-3102 E-Mail:pchm89@hotmail.com

 Sunday October 03, 2004   10:13:43
Steve Nunley
I am looking for anything that relates to Isaac Behunin or one of his sons - Isaac Morton Behunin.

Sunday September 19, 2004   16:00:46
Elaine Matson Reschke
George Brinton Matson

 Tuesday April 20, 2004   13:26:15
Martin Emil Hansen, born Audubon county,about 1901, and died about 1979,in Atlantic, Cass county, Iowa. buried near Exira, Iowa, wish to find parents back to Odense, Flynn, Denmark. Direct related, any help appreciated

Monday March 08, 2004   01:55:45
S. Botterud
I am looking for information on O. J. Potterud who I have found on a posted clipping to have lived in Castledale in 1897. He would have been a clerk possibly in Dr. Winter's store.

Sunday December 21, 2003   23:03:46
Dorothy Henry, P.O. Box 821, Upper Lake, CA 95485
I am looking for an obituary for my great grandmother Affalona Golia THOMPSON who died in Green River, March 17, 1901. Her husband's name was Richmond B THOMPSON.

 Sunday November 16, 2003   22:41:29
linda sue taylor
i am looking for my realtive to create a true genealogy list of ancesters. my father name was charles meeks,b.tx died in ca.my great grand father was charles louis meeks tx his father was joseph meeks my grand mother maiden name was malze bowles b:fl apr,3-1896 d:sep,21-1990 lakeport ca her father name was pleasent green bowles b:1864 d:? his father name was john c bowles, mother lura dalphia mercer married 1854 in fl. my mother name was dolly bell (holder) meeks b: in ok 1923 her father name was emery ben.holder d:1957 ok if you can help me with any of these people please e-mail me. thank you linda sue (meeks)taylor

Tuesday November 11, 2003   20:34:02
Hayley Hopson
If I am any way relatied to you

Monday September 22, 2003   01:42:49
Ibrahim Hassan Mohamoud c/o DHL tell 221575 Mogadihu,Somalia
I am Looking for MRS R.L. Smith ( her Maiden name was Dora) living in Utah State Saltlike City in U.S. I wish to hear you and keep contact my Personal Email: cosmosvisor@hotmail.com Hope that I will find you some day

Saturday September 13, 2003   11:30:54
Mary Kava
Joseph Nielsen Family. Wife Anna died and was buried in Castle Dale in 1877. Had two children together. Joe left Castle Dale after his wife died and went to Central, UTAH. Have been unable to find out what happened to the two children.

Tuesday August 19, 2003   09:48:08
Anne Lockhart
I am looking for family histories/journal entries for any of the following Curtis's: Charles, Erastus, Uriah. They lived in Orangeville, other Utah areas and also Idaho

 Tuesday August 19, 2003   09:44:03
Anne Lockhart
no comments

Monday August 11, 2003   20:58:57
Mavis Bassett - 120 East 3700 North - Provo, Utah 84604
I'm looking for any descendants of Hugh McKee and Julia Sophia Raymond McKee who lived in Huntington during the 1800's. Hugh and Julia were from Pennsylvania and died in Huntington in 1897 and 1901. I was hoping to find some history on them. Thank you. Mavis Bassett mavisbassett@yahoo.com

Sunday June 15, 2003   20:54:58
Tom L Caress
Caress family informatin

 Monday May 19, 2003   00:13:09
I am sorry there are/were 8 children 7 boys 1 girl ( I believe) to Ray Bryan and F. Eva Rhodes. I need this information. thank you.

Saturday April 19, 2003   15:51:25
Rhoda Rine
I am looking for information on my Grandfather Ole Nielsen Olsen, born April-14-1894 in Kolding, Vejle Denmark. He was the son of Soren Peter Olsen (born July-7-1857 and Katrine Nielsen Olsen (born Feb-25-1856) I have been trying to find his family in Denmark for years if anyone can help please let me know. We know little about his family .. Thanks Rhoda

Saturday April 05, 2003   12:01:23
Ronald Coleman
Historical and cemetery data on the Haymore, the William John Douglass, the Williams (newpaper publishers) and the Hickman (educator) families of Castle Dale, Emery County, Utah. Many thanks, RC

Thursday March 13, 2003   13:53:05
David Guilfoyle
I was wondering if anybody knows something about the history of the old sandstone building near the power plant up Huntington Canyon? It is on the east side of the road, dug into the hill slope, at about Milepost 40.4 on SR 31, across the road from the old Reindeer Cafe.

Thursday January 23, 2003   13:18:45
Randi McKinney Slade
I am looking for the birth of my ggggradfather and were he was born and died. Who he married and gave birth to my gggrandfather Benjamin McKinney in 1795 in Carven County, North Carolina. His father name is William McKinney please help randi

 Wednesday December 18, 2002   21:20:12
Sheila C.
I am looking for a researcher who will search the land records in Castle Dale. I am willing to pay the going rate. I am looking for the land records of Joseph CUNHA

Friday October 18, 2002   17:36:59
roger jones
am trying to locate a friend and fellow elder, Jeff Glyn BOTT and would appreciate help from Castle Dale PO Box 1116 area. Thanks.

Tuesday October 15, 2002   11:42:15
steve burgess
i am looking for info on william burgess jr lived in pine valley and huntington was the pres. of the huntington co op also looking for info on anton rudolph cramer lived in elmo,and cleveland also am interested in buying any items you might have from these areas thanks steve

Friday September 06, 2002   08:21:35
Joan Banner Rt. 1 box 248 Tazewell Va. 24651
An obituary for Judy Day Ward who died 8-25-02 We were half sisters. She lived in Huntington Ut.

Saturday August 24, 2002   19:07:12
Tina Summers
Mary Malissa/Malisa (Dalton) Flanigan Hannah Malissa/Malisa "Sarah Jane" Merrick/Meric John J. Dalton

Friday August 23, 2002   19:45:53
Michael G. Harcourt

 Tuesday August 20, 2002   22:33:48
June Spliethof Barnett
Need information for Charles Swasey & Cena Olsen family of Castle Dale & Green River. In particular their daughter Minnie who married Charles Schade in 1905.

Sunday May 05, 2002   07:27:57
Sara (Rasmussen) Weber
Looking for information the families for Rasmus Hojsgaard Rasmussen & Karen Marie Jensen. Both born in Denmark and both died and burried in the Ferron Cemetery (1901/1905).

Tuesday April 30, 2002   11:04:08
Donna Bellows
I am looking for any information about Fred Bellows and his family. Fred was married to Lillian Ivie(I am still trying to find out when they married) He had 2 children, Howard John b. Nov. 1909(Who was Lillian's son by a man named Green) Fred adopted Howard, and a daughter born to Fred and Lillian about 1919, her name was Betty. Fred worked at the Utah Copper Mines. He was killed in an auto accident in August of 1923. The accident took place in Provo. I would like to know when Fred married and anything else anyone might know about him or his family.

Monday April 22, 2002   23:13:34
Debbie Haining
Looking for anyone researching Italians in the Emery & Carbon County areas.

Friday January 04, 2002   16:42:00
Hal Young 5229 Sugar Pine Loop,Roseville,CA 95747
Lovina Patterson b Burnsville,NY 9 Jan d Ferron,UT 21 Sep 1908 dau of Jeremiah Patterson.Lovina m Nauvoo,IL abt 1843; her 2nd m abt 1855 Isaac Busenbark. Also search the Hansen Family from Denmark. A dau Albena Hansen m Manti,UT 11 Apr 1885 Joseph F Bemus. Need name of parents and children. John Henry Young b Whitby,Canada 1829 m Mt Pleasant,UT 10 May 1859 Susan Wishwaw n Wales,ENG 14 Jan 1845 d Jun 1902 Mt Pleasant,UT. John removed to Emery co to live hear his sister Elizabeth Young Staker. He d there but can not located cemetery. Appreciate your assistance. Hal Young 5229 Sugar Pine Loop,Roseville,CA 95757 halyoung@quiknet.com

Friday December 07, 2001   15:50:45
Pamela Matthews
Information on marriage of Arnold Bradford Matthews and Margaret Agar in September 1929 in Castle Dale.

Friday November 23, 2001   21:46:01
Joe Peterson, 1343 W. Nelson, St. George, UT 84790
On May 16th 1911, a boy was born in Cleveland, Emery County, to Alice Ann Clausen (Clauson) and Peter Jounakes. The boy was named James Peter Jounakes. Alice's father was Ole Carl Clausen, sometimes known as Charles Clifford Clauson. The boy was later put into an orphanage in Salt Lake and adopted by Daniel Hoyt Heaton, in Alton, Utah. The boy was raised as James Peter Heaton. The boy, James, had three sisters, one of whom was named Crete. These sisters were also put into the orphanage and adopted. I am looking for information about Alice Clauson Jounakes and about her three daughters.

Tuesday October 09, 2001   17:24:32
Mary Lou Salomon
Interested in any information on Augustus D. Ferron, a surveyor, "whose 1873 survey opened the region to entry under the homstead laws". The town of Ferron is supposedly named for him. Thank you.

Monday October 08, 2001   14:17:37
claire strubell
any strubell's past or present i know there was caroline strubell died in 1887 ogden utah i am interested if she had any family thanks

Monday September 17, 2001   14:48:12
Debra Hammer
I am looking for information on Albey Lyman Sherman and pictures of him and family if available. Also information on Robert Gordon family and pictures too.

Thursday September 06, 2001   13:20:02
Gail D. Welch
I am searching for information on Annie Seeley who married William Bradford on May 20, 1839 in Brockville, Elizabethtown, Ontario. They are my ggg-grandparents. I think Annie Seeley is the daughter of James Seeley and Mary Servos and the sister of Phillip Seeley who married Mary Bradford in Elizabethtown, Ontario in 1841. Thank you very much. Gail Welch

Monday September 03, 2001   10:10:20
Floyd Dewaine Allred
I am looking for history , stories , photos of Green Warren Allred. and John Hillary Allred,they are barried in Wellington Cemetary.

 Friday August 24, 2001   11:17:17
Janece Carter Streig
I am looking for information on Minnie Irvine (b. 17 Mar 1883, d. 15 Oct 1969). The SSDI states that her death residence locality was Green River, Emery, UT. Her parents were Daniel Martindale and Sarah Ellen McCracken. I am especially interested in an obit and burial. I appreciate any assistance or guidance. Janece Streig3@aol.com

Sunday August 19, 2001   01:30:29
Beverly Chamberlain
I am looking for information on Annie Miles or Anne Pulsipher Miles. She married my great-grandfather, Claybourn Montgomery Elder in about 1908. She was from Huntington and he was living in Ferron or Castle Dale at the time. She died in 1910 and he in 1912. He was elderly at the time of their marriage. I am writing a history and need info about her and a picture if I can locate one. Thank you.

Wednesday August 08, 2001   18:19:17
Barbara Lovejoy 854 Elm Ave. SLC, UT 84106
I am looking for a book written by James Albert Jones called A Story of the Settling of Huntington, Utah. I would like to buy a copy. It has info about my Huntington ancestors--Brashers, Leonards, etc.

Tuesday July 31, 2001   19:58:34
James R. Sucese
I have found wonderful information on Isaac Behunin thanks to you folks. Now I'm looking for his boy Andrew Ira. Would love to know his history and hope it is as rich as his father.

Friday July 27, 2001   21:34:30
Sue Henningson
Am looking for Akelund's from Castle Dale. Lucille was my Aunt, her father was Harmon LaVern Akelund and her mother was Dennie Larson. I believe the parents are buried in Castle Dale. Lucille is buried in Emery. e-mail: shenningson@yahoo.com

 Saturday June 30, 2001   04:20:37
Carol Carn-Johnson
Any decendants or info on Thomas Richards (Pembroke, Wales) and wife Elizabeth Eversfield. They raised grandchildren Herbert and Lucinda Richards bn. Johnstown,PA. Herbert married Amelia Chidester 1915. Thomas had brother George H. Richards and sister Mary Ann (wife of James Powell Davis). PLEASE CONTACT WITH ANY INFORMATION

Saturday April 21, 2001   19:41:52
Marilyn Collins
L. Worley, was a station agent/Telegrapher in Green River ca 1904-1907. He was my grandfather and this was before he married my grandmother in 1911 in Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa. I am looking for someone to do a little research in Emery and Grand Counties for railroad information or other proof that he was there. He quite possibly had a family in Green River. Thanks for your help. Marilyn

Wednesday April 04, 2001   18:35:29
Ken Gamelin
I found information about William Burgess, Jr. as one of Utah's "pioneers"; he had several daughters, one of which was Annetta Robbins. My great-grandmother was Annetta Burgess Robbins (which would "fit").........does anyone have information about "that" Annetta Burgess Robbins (daughter of William Burgess, Jr.).....I'm wondering if they could have been the same person! One of Annetta's 9 (I believe) daughters was Sariah, who later married Ellis Anderson, my grandfather. Does anyone out there have any information about this?

Wednesday February 14, 2001   10:49:01
Carrie Thatcher
I am looking for Jens and Caroline Nielson(Nielsen). Supposedly from Emery Utah. Also both died in 1914, one known daughter Minnie, who lived in Price. Cannot find burial info. or anything. Any help would be great.

Friday February 02, 2001   15:06:58
Richard L. Smith
Searching for James Porteous Seeley, b: Abt 1844, Annie Carr, b: 1855, their daughter, Emma Lulu Seeley, b: 16 Oct 1876. James' father is Harry H. Seeley, wife: Maria Joseph. Please, email any data you may have of these ancestors.

Friday February 02, 2001   15:05:40
Richard L. Smith
Searching for James Porteous Seeley, b: Abt 1644, Annie Carr, b: 1855, their daughter, Emma Lulu Seeley, b: 16 Oct 1876. James' father is Harry H. Seeley, wife: Maria Joseph. Please, email any data of these ancestors.

Friday February 02, 2001   15:00:04
Richaard L. Smith
b: 1844, Annie Carr, b: 1855, there daughter, Emma Lulu Seeley, b: 16 Oct 1876. James' father is Harry H. Seeley wife: Maria Joseph. Please, email any data of these ancestors.

Friday January 26, 2001   20:13:15
Nancy Guyot
I am looking for the family name of CAVALLO. the information I have is that a Pietro Paul Cavallo was born Jan 31, 1874, d. Jan 12, 1960 in Huntington im Every County, Utah. I think he is probably a distant cousin, if there are any family members left I would like to correspond with them.

Sunday January 07, 2001   14:01:41
Kaye Hooley
Hatch, Jacob: This is an update on a prior query with a new email address and URL. The old message began: "August, 17 1997, 10:47:00 PM, Kaye Hooley HATCH, JACOB: I am looking for descendants of Jacob Hatch. Jacob immigrated to Utah in 1848/1849 . . ." See my webpage for my latest information: http://www.users.qwest.net/~kaeh/ Kaye

Thursday November 23, 2000   18:39:45
Joan Seeley Mushka
Ziele, Zieley, Seeley(Changes over time) 1739-present): James(b.Schaghticoke,NY) Augustus and James become United Empire Loyalists),Peet(l823), Joseph(l845), JohnJoseph(l875) Hugh Archibald(1918), Joan Marilyn(Seeley)Mushka(1945)-Me

Thursday September 14, 2000   16:19:43
Hal Young 5229 Sugar Pine Loop,Rosvelle,CA 95747
John Henry Young b Whitby,Ontario,CND 21 Apr 1829 m Mt Pleasant,UT 10 May 1859 Susannah Wishaw b Wales,ENG 14 Jan 1845 bur Mt Pleasant 22 Jun 1902. John d 20 Aug 1909 bur Emery co,UT Orangeville or Lawrence? Cannot locate gravesite. Appreciate assistance.

Friday August 18, 2000   00:13:47
Keith Walker
Looking for Karen LUND, Ferron Ut. For information on William Hardcastle, Nancy Hardcastle was my greatgrandmother..

Thursday August 10, 2000   14:39:25
Philip James Emery
Any body_or thing related my side of the family in England, or are we related to you.

Saturday June 17, 2000   16:10:20
Kent Davis
Looking for Emery County newspaper for 1918 & 1919 for obits for John Davis (d. 21 Sep 1918) and Sophia Davis (d.30 Apr 1919) of Huntington.

Monday May 08, 2000   07:02:50
Wendy A. Clark (Baird)
Im looking for Baird family- Grandfather-Robert William Baird 3/18/1907--5/26/1970 Married Clarice Osborne Watson. G-grandfather- Robert William Baird 3/5/1886--5/5/1974 Married Francis (Fanny) Farish 6/20/1890--2/1974 G-G-grandfather- Robert William Baird-????? Married Margret Egleton-??? Grandfather came from Price Utah were he work in the mines moved after marriage to SLC.work at the railroad. G-grandfather born in wyoming- Children; Robert William,William,George(Ging),Elizibeth Newton,Janet,David Pershing,Margraret,James Allen Any and all help greatly apriciated! Wendy

 Sunday April 30, 2000   08:34:14
Suann Kolenc
I am looking for information on the Gillies that lived in Green River all their lives , They owned 2 ranches there.Any information would be great Sue

Thursday April 27, 2000   08:27:59
David Ryan Fryer
I am looking for any and all information on the Swasey and Fryer families. Any thing you have on these families or connected lines, including stories, would be apreciated

Tuesday April 04, 2000   04:11:12
neil sherman
no comments

Thursday December 09, 1999   06:52:44
rosie potts (culp)
looking for any information on the LOVINS family. ALMA LOVINS, AUDREY LOVINS, BOBBY LOVINS,if you have any information on these people, please let me know, i am trying to locate them.

Sunday November 14, 1999   22:38:34
Martha POST
Catherine (Kate) WALLIS b abt 1890 1910 census says born in Utah as mom and dad she married Harvey Alfred WIDEL 18 April 1909 in Salt Lake, Harveys dc says divorced ANY help would be greatly apprecitaed

Sunday November 14, 1999   22:38:28
Martha POST
Catherine (Kate) WALLIS b abt 1890 1910 census says born in Utah as mom and dad she married Harvey Alfred WIDEL 18 April 1909 in Salt Lake, Harveys dc says divorced ANY help would be greatly apprecitaed

Sunday November 14, 1999   22:38:22
Martha POST
Catherine (Kate) WALLIS b abt 1890 1910 census says born in Utah as mom and dad she married Harvey Alfred WIDEL 18 April 1909 in Salt Lake, Harveys dc says divorced ANY help would be greatly apprecitaed

Monday October 11, 1999   17:48:34
Bradley Johnson
Looking for the descendants of Peter Johnson & Catherine Anne or Catherine Annie Andersen. They did have 12 children. Peter Johnson born: April 30, 1839 in: Orum, Viborg, Denmark married: May 29, 1861 in: Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah died: July 14, 1923 in: Cleveland, Emery, Utah Father: Jens Johansen Johannessen or Johansen Mother: Ane Margrethe Marqvart Pedersen Catherine Anne or Annie Catherine Andersen born: February 15, 1843 in: Svostrup, Viborg, Denmark died: February 27, 1896 in: Huntington, Emery, Utah Is there any information on the descendants of this family. Any info would be appreciated.

Friday September 24, 1999   18:09:47
Sheila Casper
I am researching Joseph Cunha. He came from the Azore Islands. He is listed in the 1900, 1910, and 1920 Emery UT census. He married 1)Alice Rozella Higgins. She died and he married 2) Rose Hill, a widow. Any information on him or his descendants will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Monday September 06, 1999   22:57:47
Nedra Swasey
Looking for info & stories good or bad on Ned Swasey from Ferron Utah.Born Sep.1919 Served WWII.

May, 10 1999       12:50:33 PM
Lori Olsen
OLSEN, Frederick. OLSEN, Livy. OLSEN, Chester. HITCHCOCK, Olive. HITCHCOCK, Franklin. HITCHCOCK, John C. JENSEN, Petrea.

May, 04 1999       11:41:59 AM
Cathy Sammons Rt#3 Box209 Soperton, Ga. 30457
Father William E. Souders b1892 d1951 his parents Clara Louisa Souders b1856 d1925 George W. Souders b1858 d1918 any informatiom would help I know nothing about them and would love to find out

April, 16 1999       09:26:46 AM
I'm looking for the first of my familly. Thanks for your answer.
April, 12 1999       09:08:59 AM
Marcella Jung
David Flynn

April, 04 1999       09:43:15 PM
Rhonda Hall
Looking for my dad's grandparents, Olaf C. and Annie Andersen/Anderson. At age 12 my Dad took us to Richfield and Mt. Pleasant and showed us his name on a town marker. Their two oldest children, boy and girl were born there.

March, 27 1999       01:21:56 PM
no comments

February, 18 1999       05:43:45 PM
Steve Levine
in August of 1971 I saved the lives of three small boys in Green River Utah State Park.They were swept away ,their mother screamed. I was just passing through and swimming near by. If I hadn't been wearing swim fins these boys would have drowned! The State police or sheriff came but I wandered off .I always wondered about these boys. How fate brought us together like this! Any one with any information can contact me. Thank you sincerely. steve levine

February, 17 1999       06:53:15 PM
Stacie Dods
Anything on Wiliam MOYES or anything on DODDS

February, 09 1999       07:34:29 PM
Sheri Beshir, 2726 W. Marshall Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85017
Names: Alvirdia Mahala Hooker and Renzie Lawson Rise Resided in Lima, Ohio; Allen County.

February, 09 1999       07:32:17 PM
Sheri Beshir, 2726 W. Marshall Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85017
Names: Alvirdia Mahala Hooker and Renzie Lawson Rise.

February, 02 1999       12:12:34 PM
Diana Kilgore P.O. Box l87 Hardy, Kentucky, 41531
Any May or relative of the May family. Hopson or relative of the Hopson family.

February, 02 1999       12:09:54 PM
Diana Kilgore po box l87 hardy, kentucky, 41531
Any May or relative of the May family.

January, 02 1999       08:16:34 AM
Jerry Bowles
Looking for info on my mother's family. Her name was Peggy Quinn - and married John Bowles a member of the CCCs. She had several brothers; Art; Dea; George and Tim who all lived in Emery. Any info relating to her; my grandparents; etc. would we appreciated very much.

 December, 12 1998       06:17:42 AM
Paula Goble
Looking for descendants of Justus Azel Seeley and Mehitable Bennett Seeley. Their son Justus Wellington Seeley
was at one time a resident of Mt. Pleasant.

December, 05 1998       08:12:50 PM
David Leonard 557 So. 500 West Payson,Ut.84651
Ethel Cowley, David Charles Leonard life history etc.

November, 23 1998       03:24:19 PM
Tricia Hardy
Would like to find some record showing the father of Hannah E MORGAN and Margaret MORGAN. Mother is Paulina MORGAN, prev. DAVIS, and later EVANS, maiden name LATTMANN. I believe father to be David D MORGAN. Any descendants please contact me

November, 16 1998       11:12:41 AM
Lee Trout

August, 07 1998       06:32:07 PM
M. Swartz
Seeking to confirm birth of Charles H. TYLER, 24 December 1893 in Huntington. Need parents' names to confirm lineage. Please e-mail with info.

July, 29 1998       08:16:11 AM
DROMARD Francoise - 76 Boulevard La Fonataine - F - 67200 Strasbourg
I'm looking for my familly Boock, I'm interested to know if it existed some information by your society.

July, 18 1998       11:38:15 PM
steven michael emery
george washington emery my grandfather,and parents

June, 25 1998       08:39:22 PM
Henry Spiengler Meeks III
any and all meeks trees. trying to link to my family line from Queens, New York. Grand father was Henry, Sr. He had one brother named Charles. My dad, Henry, Jr. is only child.

June, 21 1998       11:05:40 PM
Sheila Casper
I would like to obtain information about the following families: Joseph Louis BOULDEN,Erastus CURTIS, Jose DE CUNHA PACHECHO aka Joseph CUNHA

 May, 04 1998       06:37:40 PM
Lawrence R. Nelson
Michael ZAGER

April, 06 1998       09:33:11 PM
Interested in information about Lovina Patterson Woolsey Busenbark who is buried in the Ferron Cemetery. I am related to her sister Eliza Patterson Miller and I know there are other sisters and brothers but don't have any information. Lovina & Eliza were the daughters of Jeremiah Patterson and Eliza Helmer or Holmer who were baptised into the LDS church in New York in the early 1830's.

March, 29 1998       03:42:29 AM
Looking for any information about Ira Sutton, b. March 29, 1807 in Shelburn, Vt. d. September 11, 1894 in Green River, Utah.

March, 26 1998       11:00:41 AM
family in europa

February, 20 1998       03:57:52 PM
Looking for Cloward surname in Emery and other counties in Utah.

February, 15 1998       03:59:44 PM

December, 27 1997       11:36:07 AM
looking for information on Ruth Hudson born Castle Dale, 30 Apr 1888. She married a Jack Trout. Would like information on the marriage date. Her father is Thomas Hudson and mother is Mary Ann Ware. HELP!!

August, 17 1997       10:47:00 PM
HATCH, JACOB: I am looking for descendants of Jacob Hatch. Jacob immigrated to Utah in 1848/1849, with his sons: Isaac Burres (1823-1853), Layton Jacob (1826-1853), William Henry (1828-1917), and Lewis (1832-1886). Jacob eventually settled in Payson, Utah and is buried in the Payson City Cemetery. He is buried in a beautiful spot overlooking the mountains east of Payson. Unfortunately, he does not have a headstone. The only headstone in the entire Hatch section is for one of his granddaughters. The face on the stone is so badly eroded that all that can be read now are two words "loving" and "memory". I understand that a few years ago a third word "daughter" could be read. In a few more years, nothing will be left of the headstone. According to the sexton's records William Hatch purchased Block 23, Lot 26. The sexton indicated there was space for 10 graves, but some looked empty. The following graves have been identified: Lavina Jane Hatch, daughter of William H. Hatch, Sabra Ann Hatch, daughter of George Hatch, Sarah Eliza Hatch, daughter of William H. Hatch, 2 Hatches related to John Hatch, and Jacob Hatch who died 8 Jan 1876. The relative given for Jacob was John Hatch. I also have Jacob's line extended to John at Hecche born about 1393, probably in Kent County, England. Jacob needs a headstone. If you are a descendant and want to see him remembered, please E-mail me at kae@enol.com. Kaye Hooley, Orem, Utah. August, 1997.

May, 15 1997       07:38:54 PM
Made correction to email add. Still looking for anyone with name of Luke that might have came from Antrim County Ireland.

May, 15 1997       07:36:48 PM
Anyone last name of Luke

January, 25 1997       08:00:46 PM
Mark Livingston, 13918 Westdale Dr., Bakersfield,ca,93312
Any information on the Livingston family members residing in Emery County particulary Castle Dale area.

September, 01 1996       01:24:44 PM
I am looking for stories about what people were like that can be published on this site. If you have stories about the people of Emery County, and would like to see them published on the web, let me know.



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