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Bluebell Cemetery Obituaries

A compliation of some obituaries for people buried in Bluebell Cemetary in Bluebell, Duchesne, Utah.

This info was taken from various obituaries published in the Uintah Basin Standard (Roosevelt, Utah), Deseret News (Salt Lake City, Utah) and The Salt Lake Tribune. Transcribed by original roster held in the Roosevelt Family History Library, Roosevelt, Utah by Lori Reynolds Weinstein <[email protected]>

NOTE: This is not a complete list of all people buried in the Bluebell Cemetery. This file only covers most Bluebell burial/obituaries from Apr 1954 - Sep 1989. Some women were listed by their maiden names.

ALLRED, Bert Merrill
d. 3 Dec 1982
b. 30 Oct 1921 Bluebell, Utah
parents: Claud Hillary Allred/Mabel Anderson
married Erma Faith Babcock

ALLRED, Claud Hillary
d. 18 Feb 1982
b. 16 Nov 1894 Wellington, Utah
parents: John Hillary Allred/Cynthia L. Zabriskie
married Mable Anderson

ALLRED, Erma Faith Babcock
d. 17 Sep 1989 Salt Lake City, Utah
b. 16 Dec 1921 Price, Utah
parents: Earl Lorenzo Babcock/Faith Curtis
married Bert Allred

ALLRED, Lenard
d. 25 May 1982
b. 11 July 1896 Emery, Utah
parents: Martin Allred/Rosetta J. Barney

BIRD, Alta May Smith
d. 2 Aug 1977 Vernal, Utah
b. 15 Nov 1904 Panaca, Nevada
parents: Carl Smith/Elizabeth Hansen

BIRD, Charles Hosea
d. 30 Mar 1980 Bluebell, Utah
b. 22 Jul 1915 Bluebell, Utah
parents: Clarence Oran Bird/Lydia Lisonbee

BIRD, Edna Pearl Roper
d. 13 Nov 1980 Altamont, Utah
b. 5 July 1901 Gunnison, Utah
parents: George Albert Roper/Charlotte P... Lewis
married Isaac Wilford Bird

BIRD, Isaac Wilford
d. 9 Dec 1974 Bluebell, Utah
b. 7 Apr 1899 Benjamin, Utah
parents: Alonzo William Bird/Martha Abigail Cook
married Edna Pearl Roper

BIRD, James Ivan
d. 28 Feb 1987 Bluebell, Utah
b. 22 June 1894 Benjamin, Utah
parents: Alonzo William Bird/Martha Abigail Cook
married -- Lisonbee

BIRD, Jason Charles
d. 12 Oct 1978 Bluebell, Utah
b. 8 Oct 1976 Roosevelt, Utah
parents: Charles Bird/Arrolyn G. Babcock

BIRD, Kelsey Charles (Charlie)
d. 23 Nov 1969 Roosevelt, Utah
b. 19 Dec 1896 Benjamin, Utah
parents: Lonzo W. Bird/Martha Abigail Cook

BIRD, Kenneth Lyndon
d. 12 Oct 1983 Jensen, Utah
b. 24 Dec 1939 Bluebell, Utah
parents: Lyndon Bird/Alta May Schmidt
married Aloah Harrison

BIRD, Leroy
d. 5 Dec 1979 Bluebell, Utah
b. 30 Jul 1901 Benjamin, Utah
parents: Alonzo William Bird/Martha Abigail Cook
married Lillian Leora Bristol

BIRD, Lillian Leora Bristol
d. 24 Apr 1985 Roosevelt, Utah
b. 20 May 1908 Mt. Pleasant, Utah
parents: Christopher C. Bristol/Margaret Zabriskie
married Leroy Bird

BIRD, Lucy Bell Lisonbee
d. 24 Oct 1987 Roosevelt, Utah
b. 22 June 1911 Bluebell, Utah
parents: Alva Leonadis Bird/Mary Remington Merrell
married James Ivan Bird

BIRD, Lyndon
d. 26 Mar 1971 Bluebell, Utah
b. 30 Sep 1904 Benjamin, Utah
parents: Alonzo W. Bird/Martha Abigail Cook

BIRD, Mary Lisonbee
d. 2 Aug 1984 Roosevelt, Utah
b. 2 June 1903 Vernal, Utah
parents: Alva Leonadus Lisonbee/Mary R. Merrill
married Kelsey Charles Bird

BIRD, Monty Burt
d. 8 Sep 1979 Salt Lake City, Utah
b. 14 Jul 1979 Roosevelt, Utah
parents: Burt Clyde Bird/Carolyn Babcock

BIRD, Shane (twin)
d. 3 Dec 1987
b. 3 Dec 1987
parents: Bert C. Bird/Caroline G. Babcock

BIRD, Shanna (twin)
d. 3 Dec 1987
b. 3 Dec 1987
parents: Bert C. Bird/Caroline G. Babcock

d. 2 Aug 1989 Salt Lake City, Utah
b. 13 Dec 1933 Bluebell, Utah
parents: Charles Wesley Brackenbury/Grace D. Howells

BRISTOL, Violet Elizabeth Bird
d. 1 Apr 1981 Vernal, Utah
b. 20 Nov 1906 Benjamin, Utah
parents: Alonzo William Bird/Abigail Cook
married Stanley Christopher Bristol

BURSON, Oliver "Hop"
d. No date given (age 56)
b. 5 July 1930 Ft. Duchesne, Utah
parents: Weldon N. Burson/Irene Woodsey LaRose.
married: Leona-- Note: joint service with Mark D. Burson

COOK, Thelma Angus
d. 25 Aug 1984 West Valley City, Utah
b. 7 Dec 1910 Ioka, Utah
parents: John Alexander Angus/Bertha Belle Dennis
married James Orle Cook

CURTIS, Belva Babcock
d. None listed
b. 14 May 1894 Nine Mile, Utah
parents: John Rowley Curtis/Augusta M.H. Babcock
married Erastus Curtis

DUNSMORE, Donald Jared
d. 5 Feb 1980 Roosevelt, Utah
b. 4 Dec 1978 Heber, Utah
parents: Stephen Dunsmore/Annette Bolton

GENTRY, Charlotte Stevenson
d. 17 May 19?
b. 3 Jan 1911 Boneta, Utah
parents: James Daniel Stevenson/Rebecca Winder
married Sanderson Gentry

GOODRICH, Almira Hancock
d. 6 Nov 1968 Roosevelt, Utah
b. 7 Feb 1890 Circleville, Utah
parents: Levison Hancock/Emily Almira Mangum
married Leslie Bruce Goodrich

GOODRICH, Clara Hazel Stevenson d. 12 Mar 1986
b. 10 Jan 1912 Sunnyside, Utah
parents: Andrew Stevenson/Clara Allred
married Leonard Alfred Goodrich

GOODRICH, Jennie Elizabeth Case d. 11 July 1984
b. 23 Aug 1888
parents: Frederick Aaron Case/Mary Ann Humble
married Gardner Lacy Goodrich

d. 4 Feb 1974 Roosevelt, Utah
b. 30 May 1891 Vernal, Utah
parents: George Albert Goodrich/Rhoda Slade
married Rozella Hancock

d. 10 Oct 1972 Roosevelt, Utah
b. 8 Oct 1911 Vernal, Utah
parents: Leslie Bruce Goodrich/Almira Hancock
married Verona Winkler

GOODRICH, Leonard Alfred
d. 10 Mar 1977
b. 23 Apr 1913 Bluebell, Utah
parents: Alfred Slade Goodrich/Sylvia Ann Hancock
married Clara Hazel Stevenson

GOODRICH, Leslie Bruce
d. 27 May 1974 Roosevelt, Utah
b. 7 Dec 1884 Morgan, Utah
parents: George Albert Goodrich/Eliza Ann Taggart
married Almira Hancock

d. 7 Sep 1991 Roosevelt, Utah
b. 3 May 1916 Bluebell, Utah
parents: Leslie Bruce Goodrich/Almira Hancock
married Lois Benson

GOODRICH, Sylvia Ann Hancock
d. 13 Sep 1982
b. 1 May 1895
parents: Levison Hancock/Emily Almira Mangum
married Alfred Slade Goodrich

GUICE, Dotson Jerome Sr.
d. 30 Sep 1973 Salt Lake City, Utah
b. 16 Dec 1911 Parson, Kansas
parents: John Guice/Martha Mathews
married Doris A. Allred

HANCOCK, Levison
d. 11 Apr 1954
b. 9 June 1858
parents: Levi Hancock & Ann Tew
married Emily Mangum

d. 11 Oct 1985 Roosevelt, Utah
b. 11 Sep 1985 Roosevelt, Utah
parents: Arnold/Johna Shaw of Altamont

HILBIG, Hazel Manwaring
d. 11 Apr 1990 Salt Lake City, Utah
b. 25 Mar 1914 Vernal, Utah
parents: David Elmer Manwaring/Leona Goodrich
married Frederick Walter Hilbig

HOLT, Jefferson Craig
d. 18 Sep 1971
b. 26 July 1958 Vernal, Utah
parents: Lester C. Holt/Lula Jean Mecham

HOLT, Lester C.
d. 7 Nov 1974
b. 31 Aug 1924 Tohoka, Texas
parents: Jefferson Lonzo Holt

HUFF, Brandy Lynn
d. 8 Dec 1987 Bluebell, Utah
b. 10 Apr 1979 Roosevelt, Utah
parents: Michael Franklin Huff/Lynette Wiswell

IRELAND, Deann Rae
d. 1980
parents: Charles B. Ireland & Lucy Fird

JENKINS, Glenn Samuel
d. 27 Nov 1987 Roosevelt, Utah
b. 3 May 1928 Bluebell, Utah
parents: Samuel Henry Jenkins/Sephronia Connell
married Raebell Bird

JENKINS, Margaretha G. "Gretel"
d. 19 May 1986 Layton, Utah
b. 6 Oct 1923 Dormitz, Germany
parents: Johann Geyer/Elizabeth Drese
married Henry L. Jenkins

JENKINS, Sephronia Connell
d. 28 Dec 1975 Roosevelt, Utah
b. 2 Nov 1896 Cedar City, Utah
parents: Alma Connell/Elizabeth Harris
married Samuel H. Jenkins

LARSEN, Agnes Kenison
d. 15 Apr 1984 Salt Lake City, Utah
b. 17 Jan 1909 Deseret Lake, Utah
parents: Thomas Kennison/ Mary Ellen Davies
married William O. Larsen

d. 9 Mar 1985 Illinois
b. 15 May 1965 American Fork,Utah
parents: Justin D. Larsen/Helen Ann Wilson

LARSEN, Justin DeLoss
d. 26 Apr 1974 Plano, Illinois
b. 28 July 1943 Roosevelt, Utah
parents: Charles S. Larsen/Delila Mathews
married Helen Ann Wilson

LISONBEE, Myrle Allen
d. 2 Mar 1979 Bluebell, Utah
b. 7 Dec 1918 Teasdale, Utah
parents: David A. Allen/Florence May Roundy
married John Lee Lisonbee

MATHEWS, Claude Albert
d. 1 Aug 1978 Roosevelt, Utah
b. 16 Dec 1893 Vernal, Utah
parents: Jefferson Albert Mathews/Edith Matilda Jones
married Alice Winkler

d. 1 Dec 1979 Utahn, Utah
b. 8 May 1956 Roosevelt, Utah
parents: Fred Clair Mathews/Carma Goodrich
married Julie Carter

MECHAM, Joseph H.
d. 20 Nov 1968 Gillette, Wyoming
b. 20 Jan 1917 Mt. Home, Utah
parents: Warren Percival Mecham/Lula Maud Phillips
married Agnes Mathews

MURRAY, Mary Lenore Oliphant
d. 16 Dec 1980 Roosevelt, Utah
b. 16 Dec 1933 Salt Lake City, Utah
parents: Lavar Oliphant/Vera Cift
married George Murray

NACHE, Julie
d. 21 Aug 1980
b. 2 July 1980
parents: Howard & Trina Nache

PENG, John
d. 20 Nov 1977
b. 12 Apr 1891

POWELL, Bonnie Gean
d. 17 Jan 1970
b. 20 Nov 1969 Salt Lake City, Utah
parents: Calvin Philip Powell/Janet Brough

d. 23 Jul 1970
b. 7 Mar 1964 Salt Lake City, Utah
parents: Philip W. Remington/Shirley Ann Burton

REMINGTON, Walter Page
d. 3 Oct 1976
b. 6 Jan 1907 Vernal, Utah
parents: Rodney Badger Remington/Margaret Poace
married Cleona Larsen

ROBERTS, David Able
d. 2 Jan 1978 Roosevelt, Utah
b. 23 Feb 1915 Cedarview, Utah
parents: Thomas Roberts/Meetta Brown
married W. Ruby Hancock

ROPER, Alan Laverl
d. 29 Oct 1979
b. 19 Aug 1939 Upalco, Utah
parents: Verl C. Roper/Marie Lusty
married June Powell

ROPER, June Powell
d. 29 Oct 1979
b. 3 June 1939 Roosevelt, Utah
parents: James William Powell/L. Vivian Ewell
married Alan Laverl Roper

SMITH, Martha Jane Bird
d. 26 Sep 1983 Salt Lake City, Utah
b. 22 Oct 1889 Gooseberry, Utah
parents: Alonzo William Smith/Martha A. Cook Bird
married Charles Franklin Smith

d. 17 Oct 1981
b. 10 Jul 1971 Granger, Utah
parents: Glen Wayne Sommerville/Ethel Monk

STEVENSON, Mary Louise
d. 30 Sep 1982 Salt Lake City, Utah
b. 15 Aug 1909 Vernal, Utah
parents: Andrew Joseph Stevenson/Clara Arinda Allred

d. 19 Oct 1945

STEVENSON, Zola Mary Wilson
d. 18 Jan 1982 Salt Lake City, Utah
parents: John Arthur Wilson/Mary Comfort Walker
married Wallace Stevenson

THORSON, Martha Johnson
d. 7 Sep 1989 Salt Lake City, Utah
b. 13 Nov 1900 Oslo, Norway
parents: Otto E. Johnson/Jorgene Hermansen

WARREN, Joseph Glen
d. 22 Jun 1979
b. 1 Dec 1893 Price, Utah
parents: William Zenos Warren/Mariah Powell
married Theora Jane Cook

d. 5 Mar 1980 Salt Lake City, Utah
b. 8 Feb 1896 Price, Utah
parents: William Zenos Warren/Mariah Powell

d. 26 Apr 1984 Roosevelt, Utah
b. 26 Apr 1901 Price, Utah
parents: William Zenos Warren/Mariah Powell
married Anna Belle Osborne

WARREN, Theora Jane Cook
d. 10 Dec 1970
b. 22 Feb 1914 Bluebell, Utah
parents: James Hyrum Cook/Calista Covert
married Joseph Glen Warren

d. 26 Jan 1978
b. 4 Dec 1956 Roosevelt, Utah
parents: William "Bill" Whitehead/Lucile Jayner

WHITEHEAD, William (Bill)
d. 13 June 1984
b. 20 Mar 1912 Springville, Utah
parents: William B. Whitehead/Mary A. Barkdoll
married Eva Lucille Joyner

WINKLER, Ernest A.
d. 1 June 1985 Vernal, Utah
b. 8 Oct 1913 Cedarview, Utah
parents: Herman J. Workman/Martha Verona Gardner
married Virginia Lisonbee

WINKLER, Ulrich Bernard d. 28 Dec 1984
b. 25 Feb 1902 Ferron, Utah
parents: Herman J. Winkler/Martha Verona Gardner
married Lucille Marell

WORKMAN, Hillery Cornelius
d. 14 Aug 1984 Hatch, Utah
b. 19 Jan 1902 Leeds, Utah
parents: Nathaniel Workman/Ester Buchanan
married (1) Thelma Justet (2) Ruby Bachelor

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