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Upalco Cemetery

Upalco Cemetary Records in Upalco, Duchesne County, Utah, est. 1905
The town of Upalco was formerly known as Lake Fork. These records date from 1919-1952

Transcribed from the LDS family history library film #2117 by  Lori Reynolds Weinstein
*denotes record is illegible or partially illegible

BARKER, Rodah age 40 b. 11-9-1897, Millcreek, Salt Lake County
d. 2-19-1937 dau of E.B./Eliza Labrum note: buried in father's lot

BARKER, Cleo Jr. age 6 months b. 5-9-1919, Upalco
d. 8-1919 son of Calvin/Rodah barker

CANELL, Meryl Mecham age 34 b. 7-26-1899, Oakley, Ut
d. 1935 father E.W. Mecham, mother Lenore Williams Mecham

CARRELL, Dorothy b. 9-18-1879
d. blank father George Rectol husb John Carrell

CARRELL, James W. age 26 b. 10-6-1918 Lake Fork (Upalco)
d. 10-28-1944 WWII Germany father James Carrell, g.father John Carrell

CARRELL, John Franklin b. 1856, Fairview
d. 1932 father of William, wife Olive

CARRELL, Olive L. age 65 b. 1864, Dixie
d. 1929 mother of William, wife of John

CARRELL, Ulric age 27 b. 1902, Grover, Wayne Co.
d. 1929 son of John & Olive Carrell

EVANS, Clara age 4 months b. 10-8-1939 Arcadia
d. 2-16-1940 father Lewis Haverson note: Ardon Evans(?)

EVANS, George Edwin b. 2-22-1950 Roosevelt
d. 7-8-1952 son of Ardon Evans

EVANS, Margaret B. b. 12-6-1884 Farmington, Ut
d. 8-20-1935 father Hyrum Baird, wife of George Evans

FOOT, Letty age 47 b. 1887 Mt. Pleasant
d. 12-8-1947 note: Elroy Halverson, brother living in Neola

HALL, Charles b. 1863
d. 1932 father of Myrtle Hall Lloyd

HATCH, Infant son b. 11-13-1948 Roosevelt
d. 11-13-1948 son of Ada Lund & F. Hatch

HOLT, Juanita Syndegaard b. 1910 Mt. Pleasant
d. Jan 1941 father C.C. Syndegaard, husb Leo Holt

HORTON, John J. age 88 yrs 8 mo 21 days b. Nebraska
d. 5-6-1948 note: family unknown

IORG, Claude Howard b. 12-18-1921 Upalco
d. 10-19-1952 son of Claude & Irene Potts Iorg note: Vet of WWII

JOHNSON, Carl b. blank, Michigan
d. 7-1937

KEY, Almeda infant
d. no date dau of Beverly and Beulah Barker Key

KNIGHT, Newel Parley age 40 b. 1907 Lake Fork (Upalco)
d. 1947 father Newell Knight, mother Lizzie

KNIGHT, Dora Lloyd age 35 b. 1906 Panguitch
d. 1941 dau of William Lloyd

LLOYD, Thomas b. 4-9-1949 Roosevelt
d. 4-9-1949 son of Ammon and Yuvonn Lloyd

LLOYD, infant girl b. 1920 Arcadia
d. abt 1920, dau of William Lloyd Jr.

LLOYD, Frank infant
d. no date father * Bill, mother - dau of Leon Murdock

MARETT, Rebecca Cornela b. 8-30-1868 Kamas
d. 2-16-1937 father John Lambert

MARETT, Wanda age 16 b. 2-20-1913 Lake Fork (Upalco)
d. 8-25-1929 dau of Ephraim S. & Rebecca Lambert Marett

MATHEWS, Jefferson b. 6-10-1868 Pine Valley, Washington Co.
d. 1921

MATHEWS, Jefferson C. age 44 b. 10-18-1891 Sand Point, Id
d. 5-22-1947 son of Jefferson A. & Edith Jones Mathews

MATHEWS, Edith M. b. 7-8-1868 St. George
d. 1947 mother

MATHEWS, Ephraim b. 6-27-1858 Pleasant Grove or Vernal
d. 4-1-1925 father- Phillip Marrett

MITCHELL, infant b. 10-12-1952 Roosevelt
d. 10-12-1952 son of Benney S. & Eldora Potts Mitchell

MITCHELL, Alma b. 5-3-1884 Kamas
d. 11-24-1928 (brother of James)

MITCHELL, Duawaine b. 8-1-1933 Upalco
d. 4-27-1934 father Clyde Mitchell mother Agnes Marett Mithcell

MITCHELL, Gladys O. b. 3-18-1898 Woodland or Price
d. 1932 wife of Wilford Mitchell

MITCHELL, Helen Bee b. 4-21-1943 Upalco
d. 4-21-1943 dau of Grover & Helen Mitchell

MITCHELL, Henry L. b. 3-20-1879 Kamas
d. 7-13-1935 father Heber H. Mitchell

MITCHELL, James b. 9-18-1875 Kamas
d. * 1929 (brother of Alma)

MITCHELL, Lila b. 10-1918 Mt. Emmons
d. 11-1920 dau of Wilford & Gladys Mitchell

MITCHELL, Marett age 15 b. 9-23-1914 Lake Fork (Uplaco)
d. 9-5-1929 or 1930 father Clyde Mitchell mother Agnes Marett Mitchell

MITCHELL, Nathaniel Judd b. 11-21-1857 Salt Lake City
d. 5-25-1943 father Benjamin Mitchell

MITCHELL, Ruthford age 20 b. 5-9 Kamas
d. 11-20-1920 son of Nathaniel J. & Yomma Pack Mitchell

MITCHELL, Willus R. b. 1-22-1922 Upalco
d. 2-4-1922 father Hugo Mitchell mother Martha M. Mitchell

MITCHELL, Yomma Zenith b. 3-1-1860 Kamas
d. 5-20-1-1945 note: Pack

MURDOCK, Naomi sister of larue
d? granddau of pioneer Tom Murdock, dau of Lee S. & Myrtle Meranda

MURDOCK, Larue sister of Naomi
d. granddau of pioneer Tom Murdock, dau of Lee S. & Myrtle Meranda

MURPHY, Alice Marett age 33 b. 8-11-1902 Vernal
d. 10-6-1935

MURPHY, Emmanuel B. b. 10-14-1854 Weekley County, TN
d. 4-19-1943

MURPHY, Eliza L. b. 4-16-1858 Bath, England
d. 4-19-1949 wife of Emmanuel, father Lamborn

NELSON, Lynn b. 1-21-1919 Upalco
d. 9-21-1930 son of Oscar & Naomi

NELSON, Marvin W.. b. 10-31-1920 Upalco
d. 3-5-1921 son of Oscar & Naomi

ORR, James D. b. 8-22-1862 Ireland
d. 12-21-1928

PECTOL, Sylvia S. b. 7-1928
d. at birth father Jessie mother Minnie Carroll buried in same grave as Lavina

PECTOL, Lavina
d. at birth buried in same grave as Sylvia

POTTS, Azim b. 5-7-1894 Woodland
d. 1-22-1933 son of George & katherine Duncan Potts

REES, Patricia b. 4-6-1940 Roosevelt
d. 6-10-1940 dau of Moroni Dee Rees & Virginia Pectol Rees

REES, Patrick b. 4-6-1940 Roosevelt
d. 6-17-1940 son of Moroni Dee Rees & Virginia Pectol Rees

ROGERS, Vinters Max * age 23 b. 11-23-1927 Mt. Emmons
d. 5-13-1950 son of Milan & Ramola R. Rogers

SMITH, Alton S. b. 12-9-1926 Upalco
d. infant father Alton Smith mother Winifred Mitchell

THOMAS, Thomas b.
d. Mar 1920 note: killed in runaway at Upalco, had a son, unknown

WILLIAMS, E. Jordon b. 11-12-1922 Upalco
d. 3-8-1925 son of Elwyn & Geneva Murphy Williams

WILLIAMS, Agnes Rae b. 1-13-1921 Upalco
d. 2-19-1925 son(?) of Samuel & Agnes Murphy Williams

WILLIAMS, Aroll* b.
d. son of Ruth Nelson Williams, grandson of Oscar

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