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Arcadia Baby Cemetery

Arcadia Baby Cemetery in Arcadia (formerly known as Red Cap), Duchesne County, Utah. Transcribed from cemetery record copy in Roosevelt Family History Library, possibly an incomplete record. Location of cemetery is "east of Blue Bench". Transcribed from these records by Lori Reynolds Weinstein <[email protected]>, 1998.

note at end of record: "3 graves on top of hill by Gilberts"

GILL, Baby
b. ? d.?
parents: Ray Gill / Trilba McCurdy

GILL, Ethel Loretta
b. 30 Oct 1922 d. 12 Dec 1922 "pneumonia"
parents: Harold Gill / Loretta Bird

b. ? d.?
parents: Frank Holgate / Murnie Larsen

JOHNSON, Owen Aaron
b. 25 Apr 1914 d. 28 Apr 1914 "convultions"
parents: Louis Johnson / Helen Anderson

b. ? d.?
parents: Jones / Nina Gill

LARSEN, Howard Arthur
b. ? d. ?
parents: Arthur Larsen / Bertha Shelton

NIELSEN, Emery Sinius
b. 28 Mar 1915 d. 2 May 1916
parents: Emery Sinius Nielsen / Sarah Bird

NIELSEN, George Bradford
b. 1 May 1916 d. 2 May 1916
parents: Emery Sinius Nielsen / Sarah Bird

b. ? d.?
parents: William Porter / Mercy Gill

ROSS, Alvin Jr.
b. 19 Mar 1914 d. 9 Jul 1914 "whooping cough"
parents: Alvin Ross / Christine Bird

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