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Some Baptisms and Burials
from the Centenary History of Old St. Mary's Church, Pawtucket, RI

Transcribed and submitted by Bob Ryan


The Centenary Story of Old St. Mary’s, Pawtucket RI
The following was submitted by Bob Ryan, and is an extraction of names and references to religious events that were published as part of St. Mary’s history in 1929. There is no other information available in this book other than the information published here.


Page 7
How many Catholics there were in this vicinity then, it is difficult to determine. Very few entries in the Baptismal registers of Boston give evidence of residence in either Pawtucket or Providence. Down to the year 1837 there were no records kept in Providence. 
From the Boston records we quote this information. In May 1813, Bishop Cheverus baptized in Providence, Sarah Cottrell, the wife of Francis McGill; in 1814 two infants named Rumford, one named Walsh and one named Condon. The names of some of the sponsors were James Lawlor, Mary McCabe, Owen Carroll and Rose Lackin.
In the Bishop’s Confirmation Lists for 1813 find the names of Rose Lackin, Daniel McGowan, Luke Higgins, Sarah McGill and Amy Dillion. In January 1814, he confirmed William Jordan and Mary Jordan. The next entry is in June 1823, when Bishop Cheverus baptized in Providence Mary Ann Develin, the daughter of Patrick Develin. In the same year he baptized in Pawtucket Jane Ann, child of James Morrison; Mary, child of Michael Wall; Edward, child of Arthur McCarthy; Mary Ann, child of Francis Asley; John, son of Patrick Gillespie. The sponsors of these children were: James Caffrey and Margaret Develin, Lydia King, Patrick and Bridget Develin, Janes Caffrey and Margaret O’Connor, Charles and Sarah Hinds.

Page 8
On the 8th of October 1823, Father Byrne baptized Mary Ann Lindsay, both of whose parents were Protestants living in Pawtucket...
It need not be inferred that this is a complete list of those to whom the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation were administered in those days…

Page 21
From the time of his return to Providence [1837] until 1840, Father Corry seems to have had the direction of the Pawtucket parish. An interesting document of that time has recently (1925) been received from … [the] pastor of St. John’s Church, Rensselaer, N.Y. Father Corry was also the founder of that parish. It consists of leaves, torn from a diary of Father Corry, and giving a record of burials in St. Mary’s Cemetery from 1838 to 1840.

Burials in Pawtucket

April 2, Buried Mary McCann, who died in Providence
April 5, Buried ___ Noonin, who was drowned in Killingly
April 8, Buried child of John Gorman
April 10, Buried child of Thomas Hughes
April 12, Buried Robert Evestar, age 2 years
April 16, Patrick Galavan, died in Providence and buried in Pawtucket
              Buried Mrs. Ryan, who died in Providence
              Buried the father of the above Mrs. Ryan, who died in Providence

Page 22
April 21, Buried the child of Patrick Connors
Buried the child of Patrick Duggan in the grave of James Gordon
April 22, Buried Mrs. Connolly, who died in childbirth
April 24, Buried the child of Michael Hynes in the grave of Stephen Barry
May 8, Buried the child of John How of Pawtucket
May 24, Buried Alice Wilson, who died in Johnson of pain in the head
Sept. 1, Buried the child of Edward Corry
Buried the wife of John Lynch of Fall River, died suddenly with a vomiting of blood
Sept. 15, Buried Mrs. Rapil, died in Providence
Sept. 19, Buried James Black, age 17 months
              Buried Edward Smith, age about 9 years
Oct. 8, Buried Wm. Evans, age 7 months, in the grave of Mr. Rapil
Dec. 12, Buried John Carty in the grave of Edward Smith

Mar. 10, Buried the child of Joseph Haney
July 7, Buried Michael Fitzgerald, age nine months, in the grave of Edward Smith
July 17, Buried Robert Cooke, died in Johnson, age about 40 years, in the grave of Edward Smith
July 21, Buried Richard Philbin, age about 27
July 24, Buried the child of Thomas S. Doran
Buried the body of the boy Collghan

There are many more entries. These serve to give the names of some of the early residents.

Page 34
Rev. Joseph McNamee, 1847-1853
… he was a native of County Tyrone, Ireland. Coming to this country as a youth, he studied in Mt. St. Mary’s College, Emmitsburgh. Later he made a seminary course in Cincinatti, and was ordained by Bishop Chabrat for that diocese.

Page 42
Father Delaney died in October 1879… He was buried in St. Mary’s Cemtery.

Rev. William Halligan, 1879-1898
… Father Halligan was born in the parish of Ardagh, county Longford, Ireland, in 1841. After making his classical studies in his native country, he came to the United States in 1860.