Sample US GenWeb Brochure Formats

Sample USGenWeb Brochure Formats

Design your own (or copy ideas from the rest of us!)
Brochures can be made in Word, WP, MS Publisher or any word processor that offers the ability to use columns or tables.

Please subscribe to if you have questions about setting up your brochure or using specific software programs to create a brochure. 

Click on any of the logos or names below to view brochures currently being circulated by members.

Some of the sample brochures are presented for download in PDF format, which requires the free Acrobat Reader software. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you may  download it now.

USGW Promotional Materials

Mining for Treasure at USGenWeb

A PowerPoint presentation available for anyone who would like to use it to promote the project..

Acronym Brochure


Sample State Brochures


Sample Special Projects Brochures

If you have created a brochure or handout for your county, state or special project, please consider sharing it with others! If you will send it to me Linda Blum-Barton, I will be glad to add it to this site.

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