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Brochures are a wonderful way to let people know about your site and what it offers! This site hopes to help you with ideas and samples for designing and setting up a Brochure for your county or state pages.

Once your brochure is designed, you may be surprised to see just how many applications there are for it! Local libraries, Chambers of Commerce and Genealogical Societies have welcomed USGenWeb Project Brochures for their "freebie" tables. Brochures put out at national conferences were snapped up in minutes!

Keep in mind that brochures are a terrific way to get others interested in volunteering to improve the content of your site.

Beyond a few required elements, you get to let your creative juices go to work creating the who's, what's, when's where's and how's to make up a brochure that is "just right" for your county!

1) county name/url on the front

2)  the state project name/ url and USGenWeb Logo/url somewhere on the "outside" of the brochure, (either on the front page or on the center back panel)

3) your name, title and email address somewhere on the brochure

View Samples of Brochures

Please subscribe to if you have questions about setting up your brochure or using specific software programs to create a brochure. 

If you have created a brochure or handout for your county, state or special project, please consider sharing it with others! If you will send it to me Linda Blum-Barton, I will be glad to add it to this site.

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