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 Welcome to the Indian Nation-Indian Territory Division of the Oklahoma Archives.

Thirteen counties in northeast Oklahoma comprise the Cherokee Nation: Adair, Cherokee, Deleware, McIntosh, Muskogee, Sequoyah, Mayes, Craig, Nowata, Rogers, Tulsa, Washington and Ottawa.


Donna Dreyer - Cherokee Nation Archivist

Gene Phillips - State Archivists

Linda Simpson-Assistant Archivist/Indian Nations-Indian Territory

If you have any cemetery records, bible records, deeds, applications for citizenship in the Cherokee Nation, etc, that pertain to the Cherokee Nation, please send them to us as an attachment in e-mail to Donna Dreyer. Please be sure to identify that it is for the Cherokee Nation. It also needs to be a plain text file, no HTML and no images. This ensures that everybody will be able to read it, no matter what kind of web browser. Here is a help file.
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Guion-Miller Applications
File Name Description Size Date Submitted By
ccadair.txtCherokee Adair 3kb 19 Jun 2002 Catherine Widener
padair.txt Peter Adair 5kb 03 May 2002Catherine Widener
albertyjn.txt John Alberty 9kb May 2003Catherine Widener
backwaterjhn.txt John Backwater 19kb May 2003Catherine Widener
backwaterl.txt Lizzie Backwater 14kb May 2003Catherine Widener
oscar_bear.txtOscar Bear3kbAug 2002Catherine Widener
beavereliza.txt Eliza Beaver 9kb May 2003Catherine Widener
beaverls.txt Lucy Beaver 10kb May 2003Catherine Widener
beaver_sam.txt Sam Beaver 9kb May 2003Catherine Widener
becksam.txt Samuel Beck 5kb Aug 2002Catherine Widener
betterton_wc.txtCatherine Betterton nee Henson14kbAug 2002Catherine Widener
brewermac.txt Mac Brewer 13kb May 2003Catherine Widener
brownr.txtRachel Brown nee Scullawl (Scalloe)18kb03 Mar 2003Catherine Widener
nbyers.txt Nick Byers 2kb 03 May 2002Catherine Widener
whbyers.txtWilliam H. Byers3kb19 Jun 2002Catherine Widener
cannonsp.txt Sterling Price Cannon 5kb Aug 2002Catherine Widener
zmcnnon.txtZoe May Cannon nee Hampton 5kb08 Aug 2002Catherine Widener
gcarroll.txtGertrude Carroll nee Ambrose 5kb 19 Jun 2002 Catherine Widener
ccchandler.txtCornelia C. Chandler nee Sharp9kb19 Jun 2002Catherine Widener
fchandler.txtFanny K. Chandler nee Sharp10kb19 Jun 2002Catherine Widener
coneyej.txtEliza J. Coney nee Seabolt11kb Mar 2003Catherine Widener
fcummings.txtFanny Cummings6kb19 Jun 2002Catherine Widener
danielj.txtJennie Daniel11kb Mar 2003Catherine Widener
davis_sue.txtSusie Davis Nee Whirlwind14kbAug 2002Catherine Widener
davis_sue.txtNakie Dreadfulwater nee Broken Canoe 36kb Mar 2003Catherine Widener
bdoublehead.txtBlackbird Doublehead aka: Squa-le-sta 2kb19 Jun 2002Catherine Widener
lduval.txtLinda Duval nee Elmore7kb19 Jun 2002Catherine Widener
englandm.txtMary England nee Crittenden10kb Mar 2003Catherine Widener
feather_n.txtNancy Feather nee Watt8kbAug 2002Catherine Widener
jflutesr.txtJohn Flute Sr. 9kb19 Jun 2002 Catherine Widener
chasfogg.txtCharles Fogg 3kb19 Jun 2002 Catherine Widener
grasshopperj.txtJack Grasshopper 9kb Mar 2003Catherine Widener
lheneger.txt Leona Heneger 5kb 02 May 2002 Catherine Widener
hhenson.txtHenry Henson 9kb03 May 2002 Catherine Widener
thenson.txtThomas Henson 2kb 03 May 2002 Catherine Widener
gherrell.txtGeorge Herrell 4kb 19 Jun 2002 Catherine Widener
jherrell.txtJames Herrell 4kb 19 Jun 2002 Catherine Widener
mthibb.txtMary Ann Tyner Hibb30kb19 Jun 2002Catherine Widener
hicks_ar2.txtArranzie 'Ranzia' Hicks13kb19 Jun 2002Catherine Widener
hilderbrandgeo.txtGeorge Hilderbrand13kb Mar 2003Catherine Widener
jhinkle.txtJohn W. Hinkle 3kb 19 Jun 2002 Catherine Widener
chogner.txtCharlotte Hogner nee Fish Hawk5kb19 Jun 2002Catherine Widener
mihrig.txt Mahala Ihrig 4kb 03 May 2002 Catherine Widener
tjinlow.txt Thomas J. Inlow 9kb 26 Apr 2002 Paula Schuler
ainlow.txt Amanda M. (Inlow) Lewis 7kb 04 May 2002 Paula Schuler
ketcherann.txtAnnie Ketcher nee Sawney11kb Mar 2003Catherine Widener
ejlloyd.txtEliza J. Lloyd nee Twist5kb19 Jun 2002Catherine Widener
galloyd.txtGeorge A. Lloyd 32kb 19 Jun 2002 Catherine Widener
idalloyd.txtIda Lloyd nee Edmonds 5kb 19 Jun 2002 Catherine Widener
wllloyd.txtWilliam L. Lloyd2kb19 Jun 2002Catherine Widener
ploveless.txtPeter Loveless 4kb 19 Jun 2002 Catherine Widener
pmankiller.txt Polly Mankiller 4kb 05 May 2002 Paula Schuler
martinwajr.txtWilliam A. Martin Jr.9kb Mar 2003Catherine Widener
rmatthews.txtRosa Matthews nee Hinkle 3kb 19 Jun 2002 Catherine Widener
mohrl.txtLucinda Mohr nee Grigsby9kb Mar 2003Catherine Widener
emorris.txtEllen Morris nee Powell 3kb 19 Jun 2002 Catherine Widener
pmorris.txtPolly Morris nee Bear 9kb19 Jun 2002Catherine Widener
mouse_annAnnie Mouse nee Fencer12kbAug 2002Catherine Widener
ofields.txtSarah O’Field nee Waterback14kb Mar 2003Catherine Widener
pollypace.txtPolly Pace nee Scruggs 5kb19 Jun 2002Catherine Widener
wparris.txtWilliam Parris 4kb 03 May 2002 Catherine Widener
iveypowell.txtIvey N. Powell nee Taylor 4kb 19 Jun 2002 Catherine Widener
wratley.txt Wallace Ratley 3kb 19 Jun 2002 Catherine Widener
lrivet.txt Lorena Rivet nee Henson 2kb 03 May 2002Catherine Widener
brogers.txt Bettie Rogers nee Whitmire 2kb 06 Aug 2002 Catherine Widener
robbinswm.txt Willaim Robbins 8kb Aug 2002Catherine Widener
rosin_s.txtSwimmer Rosin6kbAug 2002Catherine Widener
jrowe.txtJames Rowe 6kb08 Aug 2002Catherine Widener
runabout_n.txtNancy Runabout nee mouse 12kbAug 2002Catherine Widener
msand.txtMaria Sand nee Bearpaw 5kb08 Aug 2002Catherine Widener
jsanders.txt James Sanders 2kb 03 May 2002Catherine Widener
pegsanders.txtPeggie Sanders nee Waterdown4kb19 Jun 2002Catherine Widener
geoscruggs.txtGeorge G. Scruggs5kb19 Jun 2002Catherine Widener
jcscruggs.txt James C. Scruggs 13kb 19 Jun 2002 Catherine Widener
jpscruggs.txtJohn P. Scruggs 5kb19 Jun 2002Catherine Widener
lhscruggs.txt Lewis H. Scruggs 11kb 03 May 2002Catherine Widener
rcscruggs.txtRedcloud Scruggs5kb19 Jun 2002Catherine Widener
stephens_al.txtSarah A. James, Stephen Stephens, Fannie Campbell10kb Mar 2003Catherine Widener
stephens_al.txtElizabeth Hamilton, Nancy J. Phillips10kb Mar 2003Catherine Widener
stephens_st.txtStephen Stephens10kb Mar 2003Catherine Widener
summerfield_istxtIsaac Summerfield 10kb Mar 2003Catherine Widener
summerfield_2.txtTa-Key Summerfield nee Oo-Saw-Ahe10kb Mar 2003Catherine Widener
swaneyj.txtJack Sawney10kb Mar 2003Catherine Widener
etate.txtEmmerson Tate 5kb 19 Jun 2002 Catherine Widener
staylor.txtSynthia J. Taylor 2kb 03 May 2002Catherine Widener
terrapinbet.txtBetsy Terrapin nee Whale13kb Mar 2003Catherine Widener
terrapinjms.txtJames Terrapin14kb Mar 2003Catherine Widener
throntonra.txtReese Albert Thornton14kb Mar 2003Catherine Widener
ltincup.txtLucinda Tincup 8kb03 May 2002 Catherine Widener
ltoney.txtLeona Toney nee Davis 2kb 08 Aug 2002 Catherine Widener
ctownsend.txtCharlotte Townsend nee Taylor 5kb08 Aug 2002Catherine Widener
1418-john_twist.txtJohn Twist5kbAug 2002Catherine Widener
isaactwist.txtIsaac Twist3kb19 Jun 2002Catherine Widener
tonytwist.txtTah-yu-ne-se (Tony) Twist 4kb19 Jun 2002Catherine Widener
wgtwist.txtWilliam G. Twist4kb19 Jun 2002Catherine Widener
wjtwist.txtWilliam J. Twist4kb19 Jun 2002Catherine Widener
jefferson_tyner.txtJefferson Tyner3kbAug 2002Catherine Widener
ltyner.txtLewis Tyner6kb19 Jun 2002Catherine Widener
wmwallace.txtWillaim and Ruby Wallace12kb19 Jun 2002Catherine Widener
wattemily.txtDavid LaFayette Whitaker12kb Mar 2003Catherine Widener
whitaer_dl.txtEmily Watt nee England 19kb Mar 2003Catherine Widener
pewillis.txtPickens E. Willis 2kb 08 Aug 2002 Catherine Widener
pewillis.txtPickens E. Willis 2kb 08 Aug 2002 Catherine Widener
whitaker_dl.txtDavid Lafayette Whitaker 3kbAug 2002Catherine Widener
sarahwood.txtSarah Wood nee Edmonds 5kb19 Jun 2002Catherine Widener

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