Ramsey County Minnesota Genealogy Queries, July-December 1998

Ramsey County Minnesota Queries  Jul-Dec

Thanks to anyone who takes time to answer.

Mary Pike
I am looking for information on my Great Grandmother, Mary Breslin, died 1936 or 1937 in Philadelphia.
Married a man by the name of Orth in Minnesota Gave birth to only child, Leonard Orth on 8/16/1887 Later on in life, she moved to Philadelphia, PA and married Charles Wermuth, and gave birth to 2 more children, Katherine and Charles
I am looking for information on Mary Breslin, and the Orth man that she married, and when and where she was born as well as her parents. I saw the Ramsey County, Minnesota Genealogy Queries ....ly of Joseph MANIFOLD'S wife, Mary Breslin. I know that the Mary Breslin, that I am looking up info on, had a mother that was raised by a family that traveled on the Conestoga Wagon. Any info that you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Mary Pike - pikefarm@erols.com
Oct 25, 1998 Mary Ferm
Looking for information on Melville/Melvin C. Sullivan (b abt 1842, res Granite Falls & St. Paul, MN 1872-1884, d 1929 Medford, OR). He owned a dry-goods store and hardware in Granite Falls with his uncle, Rollin Hotchkiss; presumably he had a similar occupation in St. Paul. His father was Absalom Colman ("A.C.") Sullivan b. 17 Mar, 1817 in Cinncinnati, OH m. 19 June, 1839 in Fayette Co, IN res. in Dayton, OH 1844 to 1860 res. in Rochester, Olmstead Co, MN by 1867 until 1884 d. Feb, 1884 Granite Falls, MN,at the home of his son, Melville; bur. Rochester, MN Feb 29, 1884 Melivlle's mother was Charlotte Hotchkiss ( b 1814, d 1881 in Rochester, MN).
24 Oct 98, Tom Johnson
Looking for any information on great uncle Clifford Otto Johnson, b. 17 Mar 1906, Herman, Grant County, MN; d. 17 Aug 1993, St. Paul, Ramsey County, MN. I believe he lived in St. Paul or S. St. Paul for at least 40 years before his death. I don't know if he was married, if he had children, where in St. Paul he lived, where he's interred, etc. Appreciate any info. TJ in Oahu, HI.
10-23-98 Kim Schiel
I am looking for any information on Lawrence Koch, I have reason to beleave that he was my great-grandfather. All I really know is that he was from Ramsey County, Mn. He was a farmer and was born in 1890-1892. He died in 1972 or 1973 of bladder cancer. Any information at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. Kim
Nancy Scott
I am looking for information on Fredrick Frances GERARD who married Ella S. GERARD at the Church of the Good Shepherd in St. Paul on 15 Nov. 1877. Fredrick and Ella had the following children; Fredrick Curtis GERARD b; 16 Oct. 1878, Birdie Ella GERARD b; 4 July 1880, Charles Drummond GERARD b; 25 Dec. 1888, and Florence Drummond GERARD b; 29 Sept. 1893. Gredrick and Ella later moved to Minneapolis MN. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Nancy Scott
Sandy Simmons
Ramby, Nels O.
My grandfather, William Larsen's death certificate lists as his place of birth, St. Paul, Minnesota, Ramsey County. His father's name is Nels O. Ramby and his mother, Wilhemina F. Katinka. I am just beginning my quest for information on William Larsen's family and would appreciate any information.Thank you,
OCT 8 1998 Maria Copley
Looking for information on these families in RAMSEY COUNTY.
Some of thes are buried in WHITE BEAR LAKE. Willing to share information&pictures. I'm coming out with a booklet on these families some times next year. So Please share any info ect. Trying to make sure information-HISTORY on these families are not lost,and are passed on to future generations. Thanks so any help you can share. Will add more names later on.
Oct. 17, 1998 - Pat Schak Quesnel
I am looking for date of death and burial place of August Gottlief DAACKE (born c. 1817), died before 1914 in St. Paul while living with/near daughter Annie Dora Daacke Schaettgen who lived on Hamline Avenue.
10/15/1998 Beth Morris
Researching HULL and (VON) BODENSTEDT surnames. I am particularly looking for records of Gotthardt VON BODENSTEDT who emigrated to St. Paul between 1872 and 1879. In 1880 he became an official at the Villards Northern-Pacific-Railroad in St. Paul. He married and (hopefully) had at least one daughter, Frieda VON BODENSTEDT. She married Alanson Axtell HULL (1884 - 1961) on July 10, 1909 in St. Paul.

I am interested in any records of these two or their family. Thanks!

Douglas Holmes
I'm looking for any information on Jim and Nora Foley. Both born in Ireland. They lived in St. Paul and Nora gave birth to a daughter on 4/17/1900. There was another daughter Irene but I don't have her DOB any help would be appreciated.
Douglas Holmes from South Portland, Maine. I'm making the inquiry for a John Flynn whos mother is Alice.
Oct 12, 1998Larry Powers
Interested in information on Thomas F. Powers born in Ramsey County in approximately 1870 and was in construction business later in North Dakota. His wife, Margaret McDonough immigrated from Ireland. Information also on his parents?
12 Oct 1998 Shirley Hewlett
Would appreciate ANYTHING about Nicholas Miller who came to St. Paul before 1858 from Germany and married Unknown from Luxomburg, Belgium. Also information on their son, my grandfather, Jacob Miller, born in 1858 in St. Paul. He later moved to Hartshorne, OK. I know he had one sister. Is there anyone who has access to census reports for 1860 for this area? Any help will be appreciated.
Shirley Miller Hewlett
10/12/98 Robert McSherry Roxanne Brown
Looking for information about Robert Richard McSherry, Sr.; married to Laura or Lara, and living in St. Paul until approximately 1950.
Am looking for Arthur MURPHY (b. 1834) and parents Harry (Hugh?, Arthur Sr.?) and Mary MURPHY, reportedly located St. Paul circa 1855,all Ireland-born. Arthur a blacksmith who removed to Minneapolis circa 1865.
October,01,1998 Bernice Lea
I am searching for information on the Holmes family. My grandfather was Edward Benito Holmes who died in St. Paul in 1902 or probably 1903. My mother, Helen Bernice Holmes, was 2 years old when he died. She was born November 29, 1900 in Minneapolis but the family had moved to St. Paul. My grandmother was Margaret Ellen Daly Holmes. After my grandfather's death, they moved to St. Joseph Mo. to be with my grandmother's family. Some of my grandfather's family was in the Rochester, Mn. area. His parents were Frank and Mary Holmes. He also had a sister and two brothers. I wonder if Edward was originally from Rochester.Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Mark and Sarah Kurkowski
Hi I am looking for ancestors to my husbands family primarily located in Ramsey county MN, more specifically Shoreview. We have traced back to John and Magdeline Kurkowski and have 4 of their 10 childrens names. Their names are Nicholas, George, Joe, and Andrew. We have also found that they have migrated to Wisconsin in some cases residing in and around Frederic and Rice Lake. If you have the names of any of the remaining 10 kids or can elaborate on the families of the sons listed Please contact us, Mark and Sarah Kurkowski at masacrbe@aol.com. We are posting this on 10/1/98 but we will keep checking indefinately for new updates. Thank you.
September 30, 1998 Sue Horak
Am looking for information on the surname of Huspek. They came to St. Paul app., the 1870's-1880.
9/30/98 Annette M. Gendrot
LaPOINTE, Pierre & FORCIER, Margaret married May 8 1864 @ St. John the Evangelist, Little Canada, MN. (previously married in civil ceremony in 1854, location unknown, may have been Mass) Trying to locate parent information and immigration path. Margaret FORCIER died in Dec 1879 after the birth of her 11th child Mathilda. Pierre LaPOINTE died in 1904. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Sept. 29, 1998 Kristin Linchester
Looking for info on MRS. WALTER CHARLOT, living in St Paul in 1928 (the year of her husband's death). Her father, JOSEPH MOSES HEROUX, may have been living with her at the time (he would be my great-great grandfather).
September 27, 1998 Jim Jarvis
I am interested in information regarding the vital stats (birth, death, marriage, etc.) of the Benjamin and Pierre Gervais families. Especially that of the their children, grandchildren, etc., through 1800's and early 1900's. Also, info regarding who and when the name spelling may have changed. (at some point, someone changed their spelling to Jarvis -- my last name.) Thank you. Jim Jarvis
Nancy Bolger (Lasko)
I am looking for any information about my grandmother and her family. Grandmother: Ruth Marvin, b. 8/18/1885 in St. Paul. She died in Pasadena, Calif. on 3/23/1966. Her father was Richard Francis Marvin, b. 2/23/1842 in Warwick, England and died in Minn. on 6/29/1913. Her mother was Lillie E. West, b. either 10/1/1854 or 10/16/1853 in Roxbury, Boston, Mass. and died on 8/26/1923 in Minn.
I have been able to trace Marvin family in England back to early 1800's but if anyone has additional data, I'd appreciate it. I have come to a block wall with Lillie West's family. Her mother was Louise P. Briggs, b. Aug, 1816 in Suffolk, Boston, Mass. She died about 1906 but I don't know if it was in Boston. Her husband, William Carter West, he was from New Hampshire and I have lots of information on his family. Louise's parents were? John Briggs and Ruth Jones? from Boston or Salem and were married about 1815. Also, if anyone can find out from a census, etc. how may children the Marvin's and West's had, that would be great. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.
Nancy Bolger (Lasko)
Sep 10 1998, Don J. McConnell
Looking for local history information and any possible photos of VADNAIS, Pierre (Peter) and his wife Mary Ann Houle Vadnais. Peter Vadnais was living in the Ramsey County area as early as 1850 and as late as 1870. Also interested in Peter and Mary's eldest son, Joseph Vadnais. Joseph married Adaline LeMay before moving on to other areas of MN and ND.
Nancy Westenfield
I am searching for any information on the family 0f Albert RolandSTARKEY and his wife Emma (GOBLER) STARKEY. Albert died in 1918 and is buried in Oakland Cemetery, St. Paul along with his wife. Had 2 sons Roland and Warren who lived in St. Paul. Send information to Nancy Westenfield: westenfield@maricopa.edu
Henry D. Wise
Need information on parentage of Henry Frederick Hayes, B 5/26/1859, St. Paul, MN; D 11/1934 in LeRoy, KS, victim of auto/train accident.
From grandson Henry D. Wise
3 September 1998; Maxine GRAY Perrin
I would like an obituary for Bernice GRAY. She was born Feb 9, 1900. She died Sep 19, 1979 at St. Paul. Thank you and God bless. Maxine GRAY Perrin - MPe8353643@aol.com
3 Sep 1998; Maxine GRAY Perrin

I would like an obituary for Eugenia (Jenny) Caroline Ottelia SNOREN. Her maiden name was GRAY. She was born Aug 12, 1879 and died in Feb 1953. I would also like an obituary for her husband John SNOREN if possible. I do not know his date of death. I would also like to find any of their children. Thank you very much and God bless. Maxine GRAY Perrin - MPe8353643@aol.com

August 29,1998--Don Lindorfer
I am seeking info on the Stoehr family from the Rice St. area of St. Paul. The oldest members to my knowledge wer Charles & Rose Stoehr. They had 11 children, 5 boys & 6 girls. The children are all deceased, but had quite a few children them selves. I am one of the children, & I am 71 years old. My mother was Margaret.
Knut Olav Hoset
Searching Ingvald Dyrseth  I'm trying to locate descendents or sisters or brothers of Ingvald Dyrseth, b. Sep. 4, 1905. All I know of him I learned from a search in the social security death index: ssn 475- 10- 8115. He died in December 1986. His residence was 55105 St. Paul, Ramsey, MN. I have reason to belive he was son Ole Dyrseth, b. Jan.5, 1873, who emigrated to America from Averøy, Norway. Ole was my great-grandmothers brother.That's all I know. I hope you can help with some information of where to ask- or feel free to rewrite my poor English and pass the letter on to other helpers. If you know somebody who need help to search in Norwegian sources I will be glad to give some help in return. "Hilsen" from Knut Olav Hoset
27 August 1998; Susan Parker
Looking for any information or link to StPaul,Ramsey,Mn family of Andrew Nolan and Ida Brunell.Andrew Nolan b;12 March 1866,Ballycallan,Kilkenny,Ireland,F: John Nolan,M:Briget Burke.Siblings,Richard Joseph b;12 May 1868,Michael J.b:27 June 1870,Denis b:18 May 1877 and Mary b:11 March 1881.Richard and Micheal also came to US but stayed in Albany,New York.Andrew fought in Indian Wars but I don't know which.Ida Brunell was born in Minnesota about 1867 and married Andrew Nolan before 1895.They had two sons;Lloyd A.Nolan b:1 July 1895 in StPaul Park and John Michael b:8 November 1897.1920 US census shows family in StPaul but not in other census.WWI draft registrations list Lloyd and Michael as in St.Paul and still living at home.Letter from Andrew's sister in Ireland indicated Andrew was living with one of his sons 11 February 1938.Can't seem to find a scrap of anything else.HELP!
August 26,1998 Erwin Blankenmeister
I am looking for any information of George and Marie Rink who resided in Ramsey County and St.Paul from 1880 to at least 1908 when he died. If you can help in any way I would appreciate it and thanks for your assistance and help. Erwin Blankenmeister
24 August 1998; Gordon O. Roberts
Looking for information on WRIGHT, KEDDELL and LINSCOTT.  Would like info about Francis L WRIGHT (b. Sept 1874, IN), his wife, Edith A COPLAND (or Copeland), (b. July 1875, Wisc)grandaughter of a Keddell, married in 1894/1895 and his children, Kenneth M, Dec 1895; Beatrice B, Aug 1898; Maurice C, July 1900; Vera C, 1902; Paul F, 1905; and Elizabeth R, 1913; all born MN. Father, sons and daughters were active in PHOTOGRAPHY ; were involved in studios and art galleries. They lived in St. Paul from at least 1900 to 1920, first on Smith and than on Newport. The oldest son had a photography shop which was named, "Kenneth Wright Photo Studio", or something similar. Would like to contact descendants; Edith's and my grandmothers were sisters. Beatrice WRIGHT was listed as a Photo Retoucher in the 1920 census. I have pictures of Edith, Kenneth and Edith¹s mother and would like to find a descendent.
Paul Barton August 23, 1998
Seeking information on Asa and Louisa BARTON. Asa was an attorney and is said to have died in St. Paul. He was born about 1823 in Charlestown, NH the 5th of 7 children of Frye Barton and Sarah Powers. The family moved to Leon in Cattaraugus county NY about 1831.  Asa had the following siblings : Sarah, Nancy, Dena, Lucy, Laury and William.
22 August 1998 - Alan Johns
I am interested in the family of Evan T Williams and his wife Ann C. Williams (nee Roberts). They were both Welsh. Ann was born near Bala, north Wales, about 1833, and emigrated to USA in 1856, with a brother John Roberts. Her mother Laura Roberts, and several brothers and sisters followed. They originally settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where Ann seems to have married Evan T Williams, whose occupation in the 1860 census is given as "freight". The obituary of her sister Eleanor, who died in Mankato in 1914, says that Ann was still alive and living in St Paul. The St Paul directories show Ann as living at 235 Arundel, St Paul in 1910 and 1915 (being described in both entries as "widow of Evan Williams").  Does anyone know anything about this family? Alan Jones, Wales, UK.
August 17, 1998; Sue Horak
Looking for information on: HORACHEK/ HORACK/ HORAK name. Thomas and Catherine Horachek came to New York in 1872. They settled in Ramsey County app. 1882 or 3.
Julie Kuntz
I an looking for any information on the Florin family. I also want a copy of an obituary for David Florin died September of 1985 his date of birth is May 19 1894. Any information would be helpful. Thank You Julie, skeeter@televar.com
Gene Gillen
Search for any Information about the BLESIUS family. Michael BLESIUS married to Susanna KROPF abt 1857 in St Paul, probably at Assumption Catholic Church. Johann BLESIUS married Anna Maria KROPF abt 1866 in St Paul. Looking for descendants. Believed to have been in White Bear Lake at one time.
Gene Gillen, Modesto Ca
epgillen@worldnet.att.net or Genegillen@aol.com
Dennis Brandt
I am looking for anyone inquiring into the Crapsey. So far it appears I'm the only one in the world who is. John and Lura Crapsey moved to Minnesota from Pennsylvania in October 1865. He was an infamous preacher who could get congregations going wild and causing everyone else in the area to fear and hate him. He wrote a life history (stuffed full of lies) that I got at the Minnesota Historical Society (Paula Stuart Warren did the work for me).

My research is John's son from a first marriage: Angelo M. Crapsey, a prolific letter writer and diary keeper. I have 45 letters and a diary, but that is only part of his output. MHS could only provide one letter. They exist somewhere.

I have also been searching for data on Jean Follett, John Crapsey's great granddaughter and sent out over 200 messages via E-mail. I got nada. Any help will be gobbled up and appreciated.

Dennis Brandt

August 14, 1998; Cathie Jarvis
I am seeking information on WILHELMINA C. LIPKE, born in 1855, daughter of CARL FREDERICH "CHARLES" LIPKE and KATHERINE WUFF LIPKE. I would like to find her husband's name. She is listed in her father's list of heirs in 1926 and living on Cedar Lake Road, St. Paul. She married someone named WOODBURY. I have a lead that it might be HORACE WOODBURY. Is anyone familiar with this family?

Thanks, Cathie

Nancy Scott
I am looking for information on a Fredrick Frances GERARD who married Ella S. WADDELL on 15 Nov. 1877 in Ramsey Co., Minn. I do know that they later moved to Morton co., ND. They had the following children; Fredrick Curtis b; 16 Oct. 1878--Birdie Ella b; 4 July 1860-Charles Drummond b; 25 Dec. 1888 and Florence Drummond b; 29 Sept. 1893

Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Nancy Scott

12 Aug, 1998 Robert Parks
Looking for any Harff connection in Ramsey Co. May have emigrated to Mn from Reading, PA. 1870 census shows 9 Harffs
William Richardson
Hi I'm starting to get my genealogy together. If you know anyone that might know who is working on Dondt history feel free to send me information. - From Belguim and came over at the turn of the century- What all I know is that they came over at the turn of the century from Kaprijke or Caprycke. We found the name in Oost-Vlaanderen. Also found Kaprecke or similar spelling in Waasland. My family settled in the Moline, Ill area and some went to St. Paul, Mn. My mothers maiden name is <Cathylin and her mothers maiden name was Dondt. Also have VanAckers.. Thank you very much for any help you can give me. My wife and I have had a hard time with this Belguim genealogy! When asking older members of the family their response is ...that is old stuff and what do you need to know that for? And some are in nursing homes and do not remember.
Bill Richardson
August 5,1998 Gene Hendrix
info on Christian Kearnisch died 7/18/1887. saloon keeper in St. Paul. Lived at 98 St. Paul St. wife Katherina Children Elizabeth,Frank, Barbara and Maggie.

Will someone research obituary and school records and be compensated? Thank You.

August 5 John Mackintosh
Seeking information on descendants of Caroline Otis, eldest daughter of Judge George L. Otis (1829-1883) Don't know name of his wife. Caroline (known as Carrie) married Lt. George D. Wallace (native of Yorkville, South Carolina), U.S. Seventh Cavalry, in 1882 at Christ Episcopal Church in St. Paul. They had one son-Otis A. Wallace.

The Lt. was killed in 1890 at Wounded Knee. St. Paul City Directory lists the widow Wallace and son as living at 354 Summit Avenue in 1894. My trail stops here. Interested in correspondence that may have survived from the eight year period of their marriage that would be useful in illuminating his life for biography, especially seeking letters on what has been called the "Ghost Dance War" of 1890. Any help provided would be greatly appreciated, as living in South Carolina puts me at a disadvantage in doing research in your state.

JULY 29-1998 Maria Copley
MUCKENHAUSEN & MACKENHAUSEN. MATT came to White Bear Lake in about 1868. Some family members.

I HAVE A NEW MAILING ADDRESS-----bootz396@worldnet.att.net

07-28-98 Brenda Hansen
Looking for any descendants of CHARLES A. WALD & ETHEL A. ? (maiden name unknown). Charles was born in 1906 in Wisconsin, Dunn or Barron County. He died in White Bear Lake at age 72 on 1/23/1978. His parents were Alex & Sarah (Orton) Wald. Charles had 3 sons-Charles A. Wald, Jr., bn abt. 1919, Joseph E. Wald, bn abt 1921, and Vernon M. Wald, bn abt. 1937. Ethel had 3 children of her own. I have no other info so any help is appreciated. I have info to share on ancestors.
July 28, 1998 Brenda Hansen
Looking for info on SCHEFFER family. Charles Scheffer lived in St. Paul and married Katie FINCH who was the daughter of a Judge in St. Paul. Charles Scheffer was part owner in a business "Auerbach, Finch & Scheffer" in the late 1860's. Charles & Katie had 4 children: Kittie, Nellie, Charles & Dudley. Katie died in 1869 leaving Charles with 4 children. In 1874 Charles married Jennie Goodrich. They resided at 159 Summit Ave, I believe. In 1875 Charles took his own life shooting himself in a local Lutheran Cemetery. He had been in a train accident which left him somewhat crippled, yet self sufficient.
However, he feared with age he would become more & more crippled. Charles was a very prominent man within St. Paul and more than well known. His son Charles Finch was married to my Great Aunt-Harriet Gifford. I believe he was married previously to Clara ? I am looking for any info regarding Charles Finch Scheffer and his brothers & sisters. I know Charles Finch Scheffer lived at 35 E. 7th Ave. in St. Paul (1900 census). And in 1920 he lived on Lexington Ave. with my Great Aunt Harriet. Charles died in 1936 I believe and Harriet died late Oct. 1940. They had no children. Finch & Scheffer families are buried in Oakland Cemetery. I am very interested in their religion, as I have heard they practiced a faith that did not believe in the medical profession. Also I am interested in info regarding Jennie Goodrich, surnames: Ermatinger or Armitinger, Loomis & McMaster(s). I am interested in finding any descendants of the above as well as any leads, clues or etc.
July 25, 1998, George Watson
Need any info on Joseph Miller Tricky (Trickey) who was born 9 April 1865 in St.Croix Co., Wisc., moved to Ramsey Co., Minn. by 1888, married Martha Conradson in 1888 in St.Paul, Ransey Co., Minn. One of their children was Harold Rebe Trickey born 17 Jan 1896 in St. Paul, died April 1951 in St.Paul, married Ada Lundt in St. Paul 5 Oct. 1920. The father of Joseph Miller Tricky was J. M. Tricky who died April 1865 and served in the Civil War. Need wife of J.M. Tricky, parents, and any family data on Tricky family. Thanks. George Watson
7/23/98 Francine Streat
Searching for info on African-Americans in St. Paul between 1880-1920. Specifically looking for info on Glovia DAVIS and the DAVIS familyl. Glovia married my grandfather Horace G. Streat in January 1910 in St. Paul. They moved to Livingston, Montana shortly after that where my father was born. Any info on African-Americans would be most helpful. Thanks!
Christine Martin
GARKOW/GERKE/GURKOW Looking for August Garkow. father of Charles b. 1874 and Gustove Garkow b. 1875/6 in Clayton county, IA. I found an August GERKE in the 1870 census index of Ramsey county, MN. I was wondering if this could be the same man. August m. Augusta MEUTZNER/MITZNER (d/o August MEUTZNER).

Any help concerning these people would be greatly appreciated

Carol L. Franklin
I'm looking for information on the BORK family who lived in Ramsey Co., MN in 1870. The names I have (no dates) are Gustav; Caroline; Herman; Albert; and Ida.

Other possibilities are: Otto Bork, b. 1835 Germany, and wife Henretta. Children, August, b. Jan 15, 1865, m. Augusta MOTZ; Emma, m. JURS; Mary, m. SCHEELS.

Any kind of help would be most appreciated. Thank you!

20Jul1998; J/J Srail
Searching for Ggrandfather Thomas Burke (b. 1856 in East), Came to St. Paul area about 1880 from IL with brother, George. Any help greatly appreciated.
17 July 1998; Barbara L. Thomas
Looking for info on Mortimer, Laura (wife) and Alice (daughter) FOREST. Mortimer was a stockbroker in St. Paul before 1910 and was born in Brooklyn, New York. Laura CHANDLER Forest was born in Sparta, Wisconsin. Alice died in 1916 and Laura died in 1945, both in Burnett County Wisconsin. There is another male relative (brother, uncle??) named John A. CHANDLER, living in Minneapolis in 1916.
Kjell Nordqvist
About 6000 people emigrated from the Karlskoga/Bjurtjarn area in Sweden. Not so few of them settled in St. Paul. If you know that you have roots in the places mentioned, please contact Karlskoga Heritage Society, where mapping of the emigration to America is going on since many years.
Address: kjell.nordqvist@karlskoga.mail.telia.com Greetings Kjell Nordqvist Web site: http://w1.586.telia.com/~u58601239/
Kjell Nordqvist
Does anybody recognize these names:
Peter Olsson, editor, b. 1847 October 28 in Segerstad, Sweden, his wife Gerda Wendla, b. 1874 Sep. 7 in Bjurtjarn, Sweden, and son Olof Viktor Nathanael Olsson b. 1914 October 29 in St.Paul. Lived in St. Paul from 1911.
Kjell Nordqvist . . http://w1.586.telia.com/~u58601239/
July 17, 1998 Bev Ewing
I am looking for an Appolonia "Abbie" (FAUST) married to a George PENZENSTADLER about 1888. Children: John A (b St Cloud 1890), Joseph J, Louis, George M., Tony. 1900 Res: 389 Thomas St. St Paul; George was a tailor. 1920 Res: 740 Edmund, St Paul, Abbie age 57. I am writing the FAUST history and would like to know more about this family. Thanks.
Barbara Means
I am interested in finding any information on Alvin and Alfred HARRIS of Ramsey County, St.Paul, Minnesota. Alvin Harris may have been a student in one of the Colleges around 1940. He may have moved to California .
July 13, 1998; Christie Welch
Looking for information on Dr. Martin Kandler and Bertha Anna Louise Kostiz. They were to have married in St. Paul in the year 1905. The family has virtually no information on these two at all, so any help would be appreciated.
Thursday, July 19, 1998 Mary Jane Bell Pierson
Looking for any additional information on Clovis M Converse (35)and family. In the 1920 Census record my grandfather was located at 1918 Goodrich Ave. He was living with wife Mary Josephine Smith (34), my Aunt Mary (6) and my mother Jane Edith (3), his Mother-in-Law Mary Smith (72) and my great grandmother Julia Converse (73).

I believe that later in the 20's the family may have moved to Chicago, Ill where my mother attended high school. I have not had any contact with any of the above named individuals since my (6) birthday. Any additional information would be appreciated, it will be several weeks before I can return to the National Archives to have a look at the 1910 Census. Thanks.

7/6/98 Paula Deml
Looking for DONALD MCDONALD b:@1923 - 1933. Believed to have been living in RAMSEY COUNTY, MN in 1954/55. Baby Girl ADAMS was born in 1955, and the person I am making this query for would like to contact him -or- any half siblings who may be out there. She knows of at least 2 older than herself.

DONALD MCDONALD was working as a salesman for THE GOLDEN RULE DEPT STORE at the time of her birth. Her birth mother had also worked for the same company - which may have later been renamed JCPENNY's. Any information about Mr. MCDONALD or her siblings will be greatly appreciated. When replying to this message, please put "DEB" in the subject line, as my maiden name (and I am a genealogist) is MCDONALD - it may be confusing otherwise!! (No, I am not related, unfortunately to the adoptee.)
Thank you so very much!
Paula *:O)- bdeml@ll.net

July 4, 1998 Jill Johnson
Looking to connect with others researching the Burgenland Austrian immigrants to St. Paul. My connection is with the TSCHIDA family that came from Pamhagen to St. Paul in June 1885. The parents were Stefan and Katherine TSCHIDA. They lived in the Frogtown area. One daughter, Elizabeth (Liz) married Michael KAINTZ. They had several children. A son, Stephan married Mary GRUBER. Another son, my grandfather, Joseph TSCHIDA married Rose KOHER.
7-3-98 diane diane
I am looking for information on Joseph PETSCH-born March 11, 1849, Married Louisa born June 10, 1856, Children: Louisa PETSCH-born April 29, 1885, Frank PETSCH-born Feb. 8, 1890, Marie M. PETSCH-born April 29, 1894, John Frank PETSCH-born, Nov. 24, 1896, Tekla PETSCH-born, June 1900, Charles PETSCH-born, Sept. 27, 1902.
July 2, 1998 Vicki Leimback
HAUPT, John Conrad b. 1825 Prussia m. Dora A. b. 1833 Hanover listed in Ramsey Co Census 1870,T 1880, 1900 Children: Martha S., Cornelius, Frederick Howard, Lillian M. who married a YOST, Sallie, Anna D
Pamela Hartman
Harry L. Gough was b 11-17-1880 in Preston, MN and was buried in St. Paul, MN according to family info. I have postcards written to my ggrandmother from him while he was in training in SC during WW1. His parents were Robert B. GOUGH(b 6-23-1848 in Castleblayney, Monaghan Co., Ire.) and Josephine L. STEIN (b 3-20-1851 in Plaingrove, Mercer Co., PA) I am really trying to (yikes!) tie my Goughs in with another person who swears we are cousins-there are so many similarities-it is uncanny. I've been working on my genealogy for over 20 years without a computer-and the only reason I have a computer to work on now is because my son was paralyzed in an accident in Nov.-and I have so much info but everything (in this family line) is just "short" of what I need. I cannot afford to pay for any research. Thank you-Pamela in WI
2th July 1998 Annelie Jonsson
Falbygden Genealogical Society is intressting in persons who emigrated from parishes around FALKOPING, SKARABORG, SWEDEN. Therefore I'm intressted in to get in touch with persons who's ancestors came from this area. The persons full name, birthdate - and -place, deathdate and -place are published in a yearly book.

The parishes (52) are:
Asle Bjurum, Bolum, Borgunda, Borstig, Broddetorp, Brunnhem, Dala East Tunhem, Falkoping (2), Fivlered, Floby, Friggeraker, Grolanda, Gokhem, Goteve, Gudhem, Hakantorp, Hallestad, Hogstena, Hornborga, Jala, Kalvene, Karlby, Kinneved, Luttra, Marka, Mularp, Nas, N Asarp, Satuna, Segerstad, Skorstorp, Slota, Smula, Solberga, Sorby, S Kyrketorp, Stenstorp, Tiarp, Torbjorntorp, Travattna, Ugglum, Ullene, Valtorp, Varkumla, Vartofta-Asaka, Vilske-Kleva, Vistorp, Yllestad.

have also a personal intresst as I have found out in my research that a lot of persons in my family emigrated.

July 1,1998- Donald Lindorfer
I am looking for the dates of birth of Charles Lindorfer & Margaret Lindorfer(nee Gabriel or Haberl) who came to St. Paul from Germany in the 1800's. They had 10-11 children including my father Joseph born 11/26/1897.
C Freidberg
Searching BETTINGERs who left NY in 1840's. Have found this family in Ramsey Co. pg.112, St. Paul TWP,1850 Terr.Census and would appreciate any info esp. birthplaces of parents. BETTINGER, John C. and Caroline, Joseph, Melinda, Mary.
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