Ramsey County Minnesota Genealogy Queries

Ramsey County Minnesota 1997 Queries.

12/31/97, Suzanne Sense
I am looking for any information on my ggrandparents, William Roe and Agatha (Jones) Wood. My grandmother Ella Van Schuyver Wood was born in St. Paul in April of 1892. The family moved from Rochester NY to St Paul sometime before 1891. Any help appreciated. Suzanne Sense

28 December, 1997 Kathleen Dodd
I am looking for help in obtaining info on my g grandfather. He is Gustov Wegner born June 1868 or 1863 in Germany. He settled in St Paul and died there. He became a citizen 1890. He married Hedwig Seebald and they had a boy and a girl there. Can you point me in the right direction in obtaining information on my g grandfather?

Thank you for your time.
Kathleen Dodd

Dec 27,1997; Patricia Muncy
I'm looking for any information or researcher doing the LUSERKE family. My great grandfather was Rudolph Felix LUSERKE. He was born: 18 Aug 1871 in Germany. Came to USA abt 1892.(Have date just but it's in storage, just moved.) Married: 17 Mar 1897 in Ransey /Hennipen Co. Minnesota to Lydia Myrtle KELLER. Died: 26 Sept 1916 in Minneapolis. This are children: Robert, Leslie, Alice, Alma, Pauline, Clyde. The last 3 all died within a year of there birth. Lydia took her family to Burlington, Iowa to live near her family when her husband passed away.

There was another LUSERKE living in St. Paul at the same time as mine (1900 census). His name was Otto LUSERKE born Feb 1846 in Germany. Came to USA. Married a lady by the name of Mary abt. 1877. They had two daughters named Lydia, Alice. Would like to correspond with any one regarding this family.
Pat Muncy
1305 U Avenue
La Grande OR 97850

Dec. 26, 1997 Henry D. Wise
I'm looking for information on my ggparents. They were parents of HENRY FREDERICK HAYES, who was born on May 26, 1859. The 1880 Kansas census lists Henry as emigrating to Kansas from St. Paul, MN, but does not say when. The only information about his parents is that they were born in Germany. Henry married ALICE CAROLINE HARPER IN 1884. He was killed in an automobile/train accident in LeRoy Kansas in November, 1924. Henry had a large family of which I have some information I would be happy to share.

12 Dec 1997; Norm PIHALE
I am searching for any information about the MARUSKA family in St. Paul and Ramsey County, especially as it pertains to the family of Rose MARUSKA PIHALY (12 May 1890-25 Sep 1981) who married Francis (Frank) PIHALY (06 Jan 1888-29 Dec 1950), married in 1913 in St. Paul. They had three children: Clarence Francis PIHALY, Marie (Sis) PIHALY PATES, and Claudine PIHALY BURTON. Thank-you.

10 December, 1997; Vincent T. Ness
Looking for info on Antony and Bridget Aigen NESS of St. Paul. Antony Ness was born in Germany. The family was Catholic. Their son, Frank who was my grandfather, was born in St Paul on Mar 13, 1860. The family was Catholic and they moved to the Winnipeg area before 1870. When did Antony and Bridget arrive in the U.S.? Thank you very much for any information you can provide on Antony and Bridget Ness as well as Frank.
Vincent T. Ness

7 December 1997 Howard M. Kaplan
I am seeking information on David Jacob Kaplan and Bertha Carnis Kaplan who were married in St.Paul on either Jan. 3 or 6, 1915. They had four children: Melvin I., Ernest I., Howard M. and Shirley E. born, respectively, Jan. 8, 1916; Dec. 3, 1917; March 28, 1926; and Nov. 18, 1933. Both David and Bertha died in California but are buried in St. Paul at the old West Side Cemetery on Maryland Ave. Shirley died in California in 1984 and is buried in San Jose. Ernest died at the VA Hospital in the Twin Cities in 1989/90. As the sole surviving child, I am attempting to gather a family history for my nephew and two nieces who live in the metro Twin Cities area. ANY information would be deeply and gratefully appreciated. Many thanks.

Robert A. Dreyling December 7, 1997
I am interested in finding out more about the family ties of the people listed below who all lived in died in Ramsey County, all Dreyling last name
First Name Born Died
Anthony . . . . 2/25/1910 . . . 12/1/94 Uncle 477-05-3982
Evelyn . . . . 8/2/20 . . . . .2/78 Aunt 471-16-1766
Frank . . . . . 1/14/12 . . .. . . 5/75 Father 474-10-5197
John . . . . . 9/30/12. . . .. 11/8/88 Uncle 477-03-2222
Kenneth . . .. . 5/28/39 . . . .. 11/65 Cousin 472-36-8456
Marion . . . .. 2/25/04 . . .. . . 1/74 I don't know who this is. I would like to know if there is any relationship between the people listed here. 476-14-7026 Michelene . . .. 7/27/16 . . .. . . 7/87 Same comment as above for Marion 476-20-1853
Myrtle . . .. . .. 9/14/10 . . .. . . . 3/83 Mother 472-54-7153
Sibyl . . .. . 11/17/20 . . .. . . . 5/96 Aunt 476-16-5061
Fred . . . . . ? . . . . .. . ? Uncle
I also have another email address: robert_a_dreyling@ccmail.ray.com
Thank you, Bob Dreyling

4 December 1997 Phyllis Jackson
Lloyd/Lyle Edward Van Tassel, born St. Paul 1921. Parents Charles and Rose Soules Van Tassel. Married Marie Marguirite Moser 1948. Died St. Paul 1979. I believe he was member of St. Mary's Parish in St. Paul. Mother Rose died 1951. Believe Rose's sister was Minnie Pederson, widow of Adrian. Rose also had sisters Olive, Amelia and Nellile. Lloyd/Lyle's sisters were Lucille, Mildred and Ruth Van Tassel. I'm looking for relatives or friends who may have information about this family.

29 Nov 1997 Kris McCrea
Looking for needle in haystack. Husbands Grandmother Jose Lovering, DOB @ May 1885 supposed to have been born in St Paul. Any info on her father John Lovering and his wife (unknown name) would also be welcomed. Father had 2 siblings Daisy Lovering Krauthoff and also brother Phillip Lovering. Thank you

Phyllis Marsh 11/20/97
Seeking information on my Grandfather FRANK ANDERSON who was born 3 June 1870 in Vastertgotland, Sweden (I don't have town or Parish). I believe he immigrated to the U.S. in about 1886 when he was 16, don't know whether he came with parents or not. He was naturalized in St. Paul on 17 April 1893. He met ELLEN NELSON and they were married 12 Nov 1898 in St. Paul, Ramsey Co., Mn. They had three children, FLORENCE B: 1899, MILDRED B: 1900 & RUSSELL WILFRED B: 1908, all born in St. Paul, Mn. This is all the information I have on FRANK, do not have his parents names. ANY HELP WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED!
Phyllis, pqyp32a@prodigy.com

Oct. 31, 1997; Ron Rolfer
Seeking info on Robert ROLFER and Catherine ARTH married in St. Paul on September 26, 1865. Children were Robert Michael ROLFER and Henery G. ROLFER, twins, born November 1867, later residing in Daytons Bluff area. Trying to connect to the Robert ROLFER listed in the 1860 census at age 27 in Jessen Land, Sibley Co. living with Catherine ROLFER (mother?) age 62.

nov 3/97 ruth yacey
1900 census record shows a person George Nicholson as living in ramsey county shows dob as 09/1897 this person was 2yrs. old at the time of this census. however does not list parents name of this child. i have reason to believe this may be my father. any infor will be a help.


10/31/97, Karen Garibaldi
I am doing some family research and would like to know if anyone has some information on the following individuals. Harold Arnold CHRISTENSEN was born in the St. Paul area between 1894 and 1900. His mother's name was Christine PETERSEN or PETERSON, and his father's name was Emilius CHRISTENSEN. Emilius is the latinized version of his first name and I am not sure what his "true" name is. I know that Emilius and Christine had at least another son named Walter CHRISTENSEN. Harold CHRISTENSEN married Gertrude Marie GROSSMAN in June 1923, and they were divorced several years later. Harold was a car salesman, and he and Gertrude lived on Aurora Avenue in St. Paul in the early 1920's. After he and Gertrude divorced, he lived in Virginia for awhile before returning to St. Paul and remarrying. Harold CHRISTENSEN is my grandfather and Walter CHRISTENSEN is my great-uncle. Any information would be appreciated.

30 Oct 1997 Jim McDonnell
Searching for relatives or descendants of Dorothy (McDonnell) Ross, Daughter of Arthur McDonnell, and wife of Ed Ross. Ms Ross lived at 1123 Cook, St. Paul, MN in the 1960 - 1970 period.
Regards, Jim McDonnell
Seattle, Washington

26 Oct 1997 Anne Lamb
My sister's husband's father,Thomas Joseph Towey, was born in St. Paul, MN, in the 1890s from a family which came from Ballaghadeeren, Co. Mayo, to St. Paul. I have some information on that family from the Mayo end, but have not connected Thomas Joseph Towey to them. Can anyone help me?
Anne Lamb (AnnL7777@aol.com)

10/24/97, Karen Garibaldi
I am doing some family research and am wondering if anyone has some information on the following individuals. Delina St. Germain was born between 1860 and 1866 in Canada or Malone, NY. She is my great-grandmother.

The following individuals are her siblings: Annette St. Germain, Louise St. Germain, Mabel St. Germain, Tillie St. Germain, Ellen St. Germain, and Thomas St. Germain.

Delina married Frank Grossman and they had four daughters: Pearl Grossman (married to ? Jeppesen), Gertrude Marie Grossman (married Harold Christensen), Marieta Grossman (married Robert Messing), and Minerva Grossman (married Lloyd Wainscoat).

Any information would be appreciated!
Karen Garibaldi

Norm Dahl
Seeking information and possible descendants of Olaf A. Dahl (b abt 1905 near Harvey, ND) and wife Dorthea . From land abstracts involving the sale of the family farm in North Dakota, I found that Olaf and Dorthea lived in Ramsey Co., MN, at the time of the sale in 1943 and probably thereafter. Olaf's father (John Martin Dahl, b Norway abt 1845, d 1909) died when Olaf was a child and his mother (Hanna) had a nervous breakdown a couple years later. This left Olaf & his brother (Carl) essentially orphans - Olaf was about 6 --who were reared by neighbors who I suspect were relatives of their mother, Hanna. Olaf was my father's cousin, but because of the circumstances this is a somewhat "lost branch" of the family. Have found that Olaf's brother, Carl, lived and passed away in Redding, CA but I'm pretty sure Olaf stayed in Minnesota. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated.

Norm Dahl

October 15, 1997 T. Gilbert-Carson
I am searching for information regarding Bert F. Gilbert b. 11/11/1866 (birth place unknown) d. 2/24/1911 in Ramsey County Minnesota. Married Mabel N. Snyder 9/4/1901 in Sherburn County Minnesota. Children are Donovan, James, Philip, Dorthy and Robert. City directory lists him in 1904 Bert F. Gilbert butcher b William Robinson S. St Paul. I am searching for any information regarding Bert F. Gilbert, who his parents were and his siblings. Any help is greatly appreciated. In advance thank you.
T. Gilbert-Carson

Christine McCormick Sat Oct 4 16:04:07 1997
Searching for DUNAWAY descendants. James A Dunaway moved to Mankato About 1909 after the death of his wife, Hester. Shortly before his death he Moved to Ramsey Co, MN to be with his daughter, Mrs Charles DURCELL. James & Hester Dunaway had 8 girls and 1 boy. He was a farmer. Will share all.

Rosemary Bradford Sat Sep 27 08:02:51 1997
My father, Roy Murray REMORE (d. 29 Feb 1916, d. 11 Oct 1952) was born in Albert Lea to David Iven Remore (b. 26 Dec 1890, d. 11 Oct 1952) & Alma M. MADSON (13 Jun 1892, d. 8 Nov 1987); one other child at the time, Iva, b.1914. "Ivan D. Remore's" occupation listed as "fireman." His parents were Eliah Remore (b. New York) and Margaret MORRILL (b. Canada). Alma's parents: Albert Madson and Marie MYHRE, both born in Norway. David may have had half-siblings in Albert Lea or the surrounding area. There's a family story about the purchase/raising of a pig. Remores then moved to St.Paul (date ??) Do you know my family?

Tor-Ingar Nordsetr nningen Sun Sep 28 03:44:28 1997
RAMSEY county: I'm seeking any information on the two brothers Hans and Harald GELLEIN and their possible descendants. Both were born in Trondheim, NORWAY. Harald (Ingebrigt) GELLEIN was b. Sep. 21, 1865. He emigrated from Trondheim to Eau Claire, WI. in 1889, but lived in St. Paul, MN in 1899. His brother (Margido) Hans (Andreas) GELLEIN was b. on Oct. 6, 1867. He grew up on a little farm outside Trondheim by his uncle Andreas (my great-grandfather). Hans emigrated to Eau Claire, WI in 1888. Later on he moved to St. Paul, MN. I have found a letter from Hans to his mother in Trondheim, dated Oct. 23, 1894 from St. Paul, MN. He has written Railway Globe Building in St. Paul as his address. In Oct. 1898 he sends a letter to his mother via the Notary Public, Ramsey Co., MN. They had a brother Lauritz (or Loius in USA) who died at the Falkland Islands in 1897 or 1898. Thats how I have found the two letters dated 1898 and 1899 where Hans and Harald leave their mother all the money left by Lauritz. Any information concerning these persons, and/or tips where to look for more info., would be greatly appreciated. E-mail: tor-in@online.no

Sue Eddy
September 25, 1997
I am interested in finding more information on Ruth Vincent and her daughters, Mary Louise and Jean Ann Vincent. Hugh J. Vincent d. 30 August 1939 at St. Paul. He left a wife, Ruth Jones Vincent and 2 daughters. Any information that would help with locating them would be appreciated. Thank you. Sue Eddy

September 18, 1997, Jane Fitzpatrick
My grandfather, Raymond James Fitzpatrick was born January 2, 1902 in Ramsey County, MN. I am looking for any information about his 1st wife, Lillian Lynch married abt 1920. They had a daughter named Betty Jane Fitzpatrick born abt 1920 in St Paul, MN. Any information or advice on where I should starting looking would be greatly appreciated.

Norma (Rodabaugh) Heiman
Lost Uncle! (My father's brother)

Jesse James Rodabaugh, b.25 Nov 1893 Clare Co, MI. Son of Frank & Emily Jane (Oles) Rodabaugh, of MI. Jesse d.21 Aug 1942 at St Paul, MN. On 21 Sept 1921 in St.Paul, MN., he m. Ethel Brown. Ethel b.25 Dec 1891 at ?? Dau. of ?? She d.27 Mar 1953. Together they had a son, Harold (date unknown), who married someone named Bette.

Would like any information on Jesse, Ethel, Harold, or Bette. Is Harold still living? How about an address. Did he & Bette have children?

Please, if you know this family, give them my email or snail mail address. Norma (Rodabaugh) Heiman, 620 Silver Springs Circle, Cottonwood, AZ 86326
Thank you so much!! Norma

September 13, 1997 Merle Love
Am looking for any relatives of William and Mary Jane Love who I was told came over from Ireland with 7 boys, one of which was Robert Henry Love, who was born in Ireland 5 12 1855 and died in St Paul on 10 29 1933. Robert's death certificate states he had lived in the area for 63 years. I have heard the name of Uncle William mentioned by my husband's sister but she doesn't remember anything else. Thanks for any information you can give me.

Sept. 10, 1997 James A. Pearson 2902 Metolius Dr, Eugene, Or. 97408
Looking for descendants of John Glancey, who died in St. Paul in 1927; born in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada about 1870, migrated to St. Paul before 1900, married and had children in St. Paul.

Merle R. Price 9 Sep 1997
I am searching for relatives of Lloyd M. Andrist b- 27 Feb 1896 @ Claremont. MN. He married Dorothy Isabel Morse 16 Jul 1941 @ St Paul, Ramsey county, MN. She was born 27 Jan 1914 died 13 Oct 1993 CO. Her parents were Vernon Richard Morse and Winifred Skinner. Their two children were Geraldine b-26 Aug 1950 @ St Paul, Ramsey, MN. married Arlan Bozych 1965? Virginia b- ? married Robert Updegraf.
Thanks, Merle

Bernie Cinkoske
Cincoski - I am interested in any information on the family, ancestors or descendants of William Valentine Cincoski (b. 2-Feb-1851, Poland/d. 10-Aug-1934, St. Paul). He had three wives: Josephien Dyecykewicy, Anna Price (1850-1882) and Katherine Salate (1866-1945). He also had 14 children: Felix, John Harry, Leo James, Frank Emmet, Rufus Martin, Sophia, Marie, Eva Elizabeth, Teresa Margaret, Helen, George Anthony, Anna Catherine, Theodore and Robert.
Bernie Cinkoske, 2741 Patton Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46224,

Suzanne Leonard
I would like to obtain a copy of an obituary for Donald Arndt, b.9-9-1903, d.Sep 1976 (according to Soc Sec Death Index) Last known address was St. Paul

Carolyn Homeister Caplinger Thu Aug 28 18:45:01 1997
Would like any information on the Hohmeister (Homeister) family. My great grandfather William Homeister came to the US from Germany in 1890 at the age of 12 along with his half brother Fred. William was born March 20, 1878 in Germany and died January 16, 1963 in Iowa City, IA. William settled in Bremer County, IA, but Fred settled somewhere in Minnesota. Fred kept the original spelling of their last name which was Hohmeister, but William dropped the second H, spelling it Homeister. I'm not exactly sure where he settled, possibly in Winona, MN. I am sure he married and had children, but nothing is known about him. I would like to make contact with any of his children, grandchildren or someone who could give me more information on Fred Hohmeister. I have done searches on online phonebooks for the last name and came up with a few people with the same last name in St Paul and Wabasha. Could these be of relation?

BATEMAN Fri Aug 22 20:40:15 1997
Bateman, Roselle Presely; daughter was Helen Rosella, born Saint Paul, Ramsey County, August 7 1856 or Aug 7 1863. Left MN in 1864 and went to Montana. Thanks in advance!

Gynger Cook
Seeking information on the Clay family, Mrs. Elizabeth Lee Clay, her son Odin Green Clay and daughters, Mary L., Annie C., Sallie M., and Bettie N. Clay. This family moved to Ramsey Co., Mn., in the late 1880s, after the death of the childrens Grandfather Gen. Odin Green Clay of Campbell Co., Va.
Gynger Cook

Randy Muir 19 Aug. 1997
Koza & Svoboda
Looking for any info on family of Joseph & Antonette (Svoboda) Koza. Joseph was b. 1861 in Prague, CZ to Frank & Anna (Zbytovsky) Koza-m. Antonette Svoboda in 1884 in Silver Lake (McLeod), MN-d. 1909 in Ramsey Co. Antonette Svoboda was b. 1867 in Heuit, Moravia to Frank & Antonia (Dvorak) Svoboda-d. 1949 in Anoka, MN. Their son, my grandfather, Joseph Berthold Koza was b. 1888 in Ramsey Co., MN-m. Anna J. Wallner (dau. of Berthold & Maria [Wimmer]) in 1911 in Ramsey Co.-d. 1967 in Dakota Co., MN.
Any help & cooperation sure would be appreciated. Thanks.
Randy Muir

8/19/97 Roland Elliott
Would like obit Jessie Chapman [f] died 1970's.
Percy James Chapman mar Feb/11/1902 to Eliz. Jane Field, parents James Wm. Chapman and Emma Varley. Obits would be neat. Believe both born Eng., died Ramsey County. Thank you--will reciprocate.
Roland Elliott
Chapman Mitchell Field Alkire Kenney Hornback Patton Bradt Jacobs Lamb

Linda Scott Sat Aug 16 20:27:04 1997
Vanness, Eugene Edward. He is my uncle. He may have moved from St Paul to Minneapolis, possible divorce. No contact for over 25 yrs. He was born Dec 24,1932 Elwood, IN. Married Joyce Marie Anderson Aug 1953 in St Paul, MN. There were 3 children born: Vicki, Ruth & David.. I have no other info. Any help appreciated.

Matt Carman Wed Aug 13 22:29:37 1997
I am looking for any information on my grandmother. She was born (I think) in St Paul (but no record in the city records) on October 22, 1892. Her father's name was Emil Adix and mother's name was Catherine Heberle. She married my grandfather in Detroit on June 14, 1910. Not sure when they moved to Michigan. It is said she had a brother named Jack Adix and sister named Margaret Adix. That is all I know. Please help me with research ideas. I know of other Adix families in Minnesota, but the connection may go back to Germany. Thank you, Matt Carman

12 August 1997 Bob Souther
My great grandmother Marjorie A. Souther was a member of the Bethany Congregational Church in St. Paul from 1895 until her death in 1934. I am trying to find out if this church is still in existence or if it goes by another name as I cannot find it in the internet classifieds. I would like to have the address of the church so I can write to them for information.

My geat grandmother Marjorie A. Souther was a member of the board of directors of Babie's Home in St. Paul in 1894-95. I do not believe this home to be in existence any more and am trying to find out where their records are kept so I can write for information.
Bob Souther

Donna Pierce Sun Aug 3 13:03:22 1997
Delger, Conrad August Bernhard
Seeking any information on Conrad August Bernhard Delger who arrived in St.Paul in 1868 from Germany.

Julie Dresser Sun Aug 3 07:27:14 1997
Searching for the family of Samuel Staples born 1831 Newfield, ME and died 1911 St. Paul, MN. Lived in Mendota, Dakota County, MN. Married 1) Katherine McDonough 2) Margaret Rogers 3) Anna Kreider.

3 Aug 1997 Julie Dresser
Searching for Eugenio A. Johnson born ca 1819/1820 MA and died 23 May 1888 St. Paul, Ramsey County, MN. Married Isabella McKelvey. Their children were Margaret (married Charles Staples), Eugene (moved to Seattle, WA) Charles, Benjamin. Eugenio graduated from Union College (class of 1847) He was a civil engineer. Would love to exchange information.

Gerald Marose Mon Jul 28 03:23:30 1997
Am looking for information on the Marose family that settled in Carver County, and later migrated into Hennepin and Ramsey counties. There is also one relative (Frederick) that lived in St Paul around 1900 and later moved to Stearns County with his wife and (3 or 4) children.

Margaret Hawkins
Looking for information on Walter B. Jordan and wife Emily Leighton. Were in St. Paul in 1870s before he left for MT. Later came back and went into business with his sons Al, Walter B. Jr., Pat and Marcus. Would like to see an obit from 30 Jan 1924. Would also like to know where he lived (street address) when he came back. Email to MHBBGHawk@aol.com Margaret Hawkins

July 27, 1997, Glenn R. Hancock
Information on Boughner, Jackson Leroy.

Gordon Madison Sat Jul 26 16:15:52 1997
Selke surname
My cousin Lois Selke left me considerable data and photos of members of the Albert Selke family, particularly her parents Alfred August Paul Selke and Bertha Maria Madison Selke.

Anyone member of the family researching this line is welcome to much of what I have if it will help you in your research. I am most anxious that it be put to good use in your family quest.

The family consisted of Albert Selke, b. 28 Dec 1855 in Pomerania, Germany, his wife Wilhelmina Wockenfuss, b. 12 Jan 1860 in Pomerania. son Alfred August Paul (my uncle)b. 2 Feb 1882 in Pomerania; son W. Erich Christian b.9 Nov in La Crosse, WI; daughter Olga (Carol) b. 3 Jun 1890; son George and son Arthur. The parents and eldest son, Alfred immigrated to Benton Co in 1882 and later to the Saint Paul area.
Please let me know if you are interested.
Gordon Madison, Chambersburg, PA, gmadison@epix.net

25 July 1997 Sue Rogge
Ellis Looking for the descendants of Bertha Bennett Ellis. Parents: Robert C Bennett and Sarah Elizabeth Seth. Elizabeth later m James Williams. It is thought that the family now lives in the St Paul, Minneapolis area.

24 July 1997; L. J. Swendner, Jr.
I am seeking to expand/share information on the following surnames:
Maternal: Ekberg/Veberg
Paternal: Swendner/Gchwendner/Gschwendner/Gaerth/Biermeier
These families originated in Europe, immigrated to Ramsey County, MN, near the turn of the century and have scattered thru out the United States. I will share my data w/other Family members. My Parents are of the first American-Born children of the above surnames. I have much valuable factual data.

July 14, 1997 J. Martin
Trying to find any information on a John Schenk that lived in Ramsey County, possibly St. Paul, MN from sometime in the 1880's to his death. The rest of his family lived in Shawano, WI, but for some reason he went to St. Paul. He was probably born in the late 1850's or 1860's. He would have come to USA from Germany maybe Friesenhausen. J. Martin

July 14,1997 Rosemary K. Sausen
Seeking information on Maximilian Keller, died November 2, 1936. Also seeking info on Ramsey County residents with names Anfang, Gerth, Schulte.

I have been looking for records of my grandfather, Maximilian Keller. He was born on the 18th of Nov. 1867, in Immekeppel, Gr. I believe. He married Mary Magdalen Schulte on 25th of May 1898 in Henderson, MN. He died in St. Paul on the 2nd of Nov. l936. I have no other information on him or his family. Would very much like to have more. Remember hearing he came from a large family in Germany. Thank you for any information that you might be able to supply. Rosemary

July 14, 1997 Dale M. Knebel
Want to locate Catharine Knobl (modern spelling Knebel), born Jan 15, 1840, Apetlon, Burgenland, Austria. Married Apr 26, 1858, Apetlon, to Daniel Mullner, born Feb 18, 1836, Apetlon.

One child Maria Mullner, born Nov 8, 1861, Apetlon. Married Sep 15, 1884, Apetlon, to Jacob Weisz, born about 1861, Halbturn, Burgenland, Austria. Mullner family settled in St. Paul. Family lore says that Mullner family members traveled to Waubay, South Dakota in 1928 for funeral of Paul Knebel, brother of Catharine Mullner.

Sue Runnells Peltier
Arthur Peltier (b. Jul 1876 in NY) was the son of Frank and Henrietta (de Maille) Peltier, and brother of my husband's grandfather, Joseph E. Peltier. Arthur was raised in Dunseith, ND, and married Aurore Casavant. They later moved to St. Paul, MN, and our branch of the family lost track of them. I would like to contact some of their descendants, to fill in the information on their branch, and also to share the family history. Arthur and Aurore's children were: Millie Peltier m. Forrest Brandt; Aurore Peltier; Arthur Peltier; Percy Peltier; Theodore Peltier; Marie Peltier; Evelyn Peltier. It's possible some of the family may have changed the spelling of the surname back to the original Pelletier.

Thanks very much, Sue

Sandy De Taranto
Seeking info on Mary Lida Mitchell b. June 30, 1916 in St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MN. She married Ralph Everet McKinnie abt 1940. I do not know Mary's parents names but her mother's maiden name was Brundred. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
Sandy De Taranto

Rebecca Rector Mon Jul 7 15:43:37 1997
Looking for information on Michael O'Neill, born Feb 8, 1822 in County Kilkenny, Ireland. His parents were Patrick O'Neill and Catherine Foley. Other siblings were: Thomas(1804), Mary(1811), Judith(1813), Anne(1819)-married Britt, and Patrick(1825). Patrick Jr. immigrated to U.S. and lived in Ulster County, NY. His mother, Cath. Foley also died in Ulster County, NY. Thomas supposedly went to Belle Plain, MN. and brother Michael supposedly went to St. Paul, MN.

Marie Bohan Schmitz July 5, 1997
Seeking contact with descendants of Timothy and Mary Bohan family (farmers) of Rose Township, Ramsey County, MN, shown on 1870 Federal Census. Children listed (in 1870) were James, Julia, Laura, Margaret (Maggie), Nelley, and Timothy. To my knowledge, this was the only Bohan family in state of MN in 1870. Believe this family, as did mine, may have come from Kilcrohane Parish, Bantry region, west County Cork, Ireland. Please do respond. Will share info. E-mail Mariegen@aol.com

R. Kyes 7/1/97
Looking for death notice for David H. Kyes who died in St. Paul on 23 Mar. 1942. David was a pastor for many years at the M.E. church in St.Paul. Will reimburse any expenses for this search.

Ronald L. Kyes
Madeira Beach, FL.
E-mail Scotland1@iname.com
Voice/Page (813) 402-9589

Sheila Horton Thu Jun 26 06:44:10 1997
Gress family. Looking for info on William Gress. He purchased property in Rice County in the 1860's. some of his children's names are Elizabeth, Charles. He moved from PA in the 1850's first to Ramsey County in 1857, then to Rice County.

Norma (RODABAUGH) Heiman Sun Jun 22 15:38:27 1997
Jesse James Rodabaugh, b.25 Nov 1893 Clare Co., Michigan.
d. 21 Aug 1942 St.Paul, MN.
m. 21 Sept 1921 to Ethel Brown in St.Paul, MN.
Jesse was the son of Peter & Elbina (Gebhart) Rodabaugh, Ramsey County

22 June 1997 Norma
Looking for marriage or death info on Jesse James Rodabaugh. He was b. MI 25 Nov 1893. m. in St.Paul, MN 21 Sept 1921 to Ethel Brown. He d. St. Paul, MN 21 Aug 1942.

Thanks in advance.

21 June 1997; Cathe Gordon
Looking for Kerker, Thomas Dagobert, (b. St. Paul 14 Feb 1873); father Joseph Thomas Kerker (b. 1850, Frieburg, Switzerland) and mother Louise Berreau (b. Paderborn, Germany, 10 March 1845). Other related SURNAMES include: DANZ, HACKE, JENSEN, RODECK, SCHRANTZ, VAN KEUREN

Anne Jefferson Mon Jun 9 00:13:41 1997
I am looking for information regarding my ggrandfather, his name was Dr. Henry Johnson (Johnston) second wife's name Margaret? daughter Julia born 1879-80. The doctor practiced around St Paul, MN 1980. Died in Chicago after 1917.

June 14, 1997 Linda A. Magley
I have a Ramsey Co. marriage I cannot find. This is for Hulda Teolina Soderstrom b. July 1, 1889 in Moliden, Vasternorrland, Sweden. Church records in Sweden state she emigrated to IL 7 Nov 1912. They have no marriage record for her there. She married Gust Norman who was from a neighboring parish of Sjalevad in Sweden.

Gust was born 27 Dec 1887 in Billsta, Sjalevad, Sweden. In both of their obits it states they were married in St. Paul, MN - Nov 5, 1915. However, I have found no County records to support this. They lived their entire married life in Moline, IL. I know of no other relatives who were in St. Paul during this time. Hulda did have a sister Erika Ottilia (b.4 Apr 1885) also called Tillie, who in the Swedish church record said emigrated to Minnesota 5 Sep 1907. Ottilia married a Jonas Edstrom and was widowed and living in Seattle by 1920 census. Thank you!

roger sklar Thu Jun 12 05:39:40 1997
George N Sklar marriage to Irene Alpha (nee: Peterson)
Sklar former name: Sclarevsky
George born Russia (?)
Irene Alpha born Norman County, MN
Married in (?) Domiciled In St. Paul, MN around 1930
Children (2): Milton, Arthur

Irene Alpha daughter of
Johan Axel Peterson and Ingeborg (nee: Norum)
Both from Trondheim, Norway - arriving around 1900 (?)
Children (3): Arthur, Milton, Alpha Irene
Ingeborg remarried to Thomas Kirkwood around 1915 (?)

9 June 1997 Juliann Larson MAY
I am researching my ancestor George KUSH/KUSZ b. ca. 1839 Poland. He went to New York in 1867. He and his wife Josephine and children Joseph and Mary moved to New Brighton, MN Ramsey County about 1872. George's brother Anthony (Anton) also lived in New Brighton. I would like to know where they came from in Poland. My e-mail address is frank2@concentric.net

Gordon Madison Fri Jun 6 15:45:48 1997
Grandfather Peter C. MADISON, immigrated from Germany in 1881, married Barbara SCHULER, Mar. 31, 1883, probably in St. Paul. He reportedly worked for Hamms Brewery as a grain buyer. I need further information on ancestors of these two persons. I have everything from them to this date and will be happy to share. Also have a great deal of data and photos on the SELKE family originally immigrated to St. Cloud area. Anyone closely related to them are welcome to the things I have.

Louise Gervais Mon May 26 18:23:57 1997
BENJAMIN GERVAIS Looking for descendants of Benjamin Gervais and Genevieve Larans or Laurence founder of town of St. Paul, Minnesota (Little Canada) If you have information I will be very happy. Thanks a lot in advance, Louise from Montreal, Qc, Canada

22 May 1997, Nancy Seaver Bussey
I am looking for the children of William C. Hoffman born 1880 in Vermont and died and is buried in Saint Paul, MN in 1950. His children are Clyde Cardell Hoffman b. 1905, MN and Evelyn F. Hoffman b. 1909, MN. Clyde and Evelyn are listed in the Saint Paul City Directories in 1920 - 1935. I am trying to locate all the descendants for a reunion of their grandparents Elias and Elizabeth (Sanders) Hoffman who came to Vermont before 1860 from Tralee, County Kerry , IRELAND.

Bill Riley Sat Apr 12 05:31:42 1997
I am looking for any information on Rollin Houle. It is believed that he was a resident of New Brighton.

Rae Sirott Thu Jan 30 08:35:17 1997
Looking for Abraham Latts born 1860 - 1870 ? moved from St. Paul and became somewhat famous in Wyoming.

M Haker Fri Feb 28 11:42:30 1997
Looking for gm Lena Link who wmigrated to MN in 1893 to the St. Paul area. Married Fred Haker my gf around 1900. Moved to WI had a girl in Minnie in 1902 in Roberts, a son Fred in Burkhart in 1904. need Marriage info. Thanks all.

Shari J. Sassman Wed Feb 26 16:15:57 1997
I am looking for family members, names Norman Arthur Durum and Viola Mary (Wheat) Durum. I believe they were born in Ramsey county and married there also. He is the son of Oscar Durum and Lillian (Roebuck) Durum. Viola is the daugther of James D. and Laura may Wheat.

BARBARA JEFFRIES Thu Mar 13 10:21:25 1997
Hi, Looking for info and descendants of the Uline -Barringer families who lived in St. Paul, MN during the 1800's. They were originally from Rensselaer Co., NY . Thanks, Barbara Jeffries jeffribm@gw.sunysccc.edu

Derek Dupont Sat Mar 29 20:24:11 1997
I am looking for information on my great-great-great grandmother's side of the family. The last name is Dayon, and any information would be appreciated. All I know is that her son, my great-great-grandfather was born in St.Paul in 1871 to Marie Dayon, and Telesphore Dupont.

Hal Nielsen Sat Mar 22 21:40:42 1997
Looking for information on Nielsen, Harlan L. Born in St Paul, Moved to Warren, then to Niagara falls, N.Y. Ancestors and descendants please. Thank You!!!

Ann Monnier Thu May 15 07:03:33 1997
Crary-Lounsberry-Cooper-Fairbanks-Betcher Dr. George Holmes Crary (1838-1903), son of John Wesley Crary and Mindwell Permelia Holmes. His first wife was: Kate (Catharine) Cooper (1840-1874), daughter of Ezra Cooper and Maria Johnson. Second wife, Mary Betcher. Lillian Crary (1869-1961) married Wells Lounsberry (1870-1917). Georgiana Crary married George Henry Bryant. Maria Johnson was the daughter of Malinda (Fairbanks) and Daniel D. Johnson (from Champlain, NY). Dr. George Holmes Crary was a practicing dentist, along with his brother, William, in Red Wing.

The children of John and Fanny (Kelton) Fairbanks (of Champlain, Clinton, NY); Ezra and Maria (Johnson) Cooper (of Coopersville/Champlain, Clinton, NY) and their children; John Wesley and Malinda (Holmes) Crary and their children, all lived between St. Paul, Ramsey, MN and Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN. They lived in both places at different times. My great-grandfather, Dr. George C. Crary was a traveling dentist (until about 1875) and lived in Minneapolis and perhaps St. Paul. Ezra and Maria Cooper both lived died in St. Paul. All of these people (with the exception of John W. and Mindwell Holmes) are buried at the Oakland Cemetery in St. Paul. I am especially interested in finding descendants of Ezra and Maria Cooper. I have left unaccounted, four out of their nine children. Many of the Fairbanks families stem from John and Fanny Fairbanks from NY. All of these people are my ancestors.

Paty Malloy Campbell Mon May 12 16:08:04 1997
I am searching for ANY part of my history
My father was born in St. Paul, Ramsey Co., Minn
dob jan 27, 1896
Fred Zertler Malloy
dob Jan 27, 1896
Patrick Francis Malloy
born in Maine Aug 1872

Spencer L. BeMent
Looking for descendents of Robert Bunker Coleman Bement, prominent civil engineer and St. Paul waterworks official. Also intersted in all other Bements for inclusion in my "Update to the Chronicles of the Bement Family in America." Will share information./ Spencer L. BeMent, 5500 Warren Road, Ann Arbor, Mi 48105; 313/665-3334; spence@eecs.umich.edu

9 May 1997 Anne Bjorklund
Bjorklund, Anders(Andrew) Gustaf came to St. Paul, MN in 1869 from Amal, Alvsborg Lan, Sweden (b. 27 July 1845 parents: Anders Anderson & Johanna Nilsdotter). He married Emma Albertina Romwall on 3 Oct 1875. They resided in St. Paul until Anders' death in 1913. Seeking information about their children:
Edward Ebenezer BJORKLUND b. 27 Oct 1879,
Esther Johanna BJORKLUND b. 20 Nov 1880,
Theodor Victor BJORKLUND b. 9 Mar 1882,
Arthur William BJORKLUND b. 28 April 1889,
Abner Gustaf BJORKLUND b. 13 Apr 1893.
Who were their spouses & children? What has become of their descendants? Anyone familiar with or researching this family please send e-mail to gbjorklu@isd.net Thank you.

9 May 1997 Mark Noyes
I'm trying to help my father in finding out about his grandmother who passed away in 1906 with the last name of Noyes in Ramsey County. She was a maid and left one son, John who was raised in a Catholic orphanage in St Paul until he entered military service to fight in WWI.

Additionally, if there are any records on a judge with the last name of Fitzpatrick who held court in Ramsey County, I would appreciate anything you could find. He practiced law in the late 1890's and my great-grandmother was a maid for him and his family.

My return e-mail address is J8mark@aol.com. Thanks in advance for your help. Mark Noyes

8 May 1997 - Vincent T. Ness
I am looking for the birth certificate of my grandfather, Frank Ness,who was born on March 13, 1860 in St. Paul to Anthony Ness and Bridget Egan Ness.

D Nelson 8 May 1997
Looking for more info on my grandparents Peter and Mary Marion, St Paul. Operated a trading post in Orr, Mn. before coming to live in St Paul. Had one son, my father, Eugene Thomas, born November 2, 1909.

Am also looking for my grandmother's family. Her name was Anna Varhanik. Lived most of her in West 7th area. 915 Tuscarora Ave. I understand she had some sisters. One who was married to Rudolph Matak. Her first name may have been May because we always called her Auntie May. Another sister may have had the last name Kratchovil (I'm not sure of the spelling) who also lived on Tuscarora Ave. with her son George.

Any help will be deeply appreciated. Thank you.

May 6, 1997, Steve Luck
I am researching the family of Emma Dorothy Evert, born in St. Paul August 18, 1892 to parents William Evert (born in WI) and Frieda Steinberg (born in Germany, and most likely Pommerania, Prussia). Emma's brother was Walter Evert. Emma was married to George Thistle of WI in 1918. Emma later lived in Lodi, WI and had three daughters, Marie, Elizabeth and Elynore.

Any further information would be most appreciated.

Annette Fibuch Sat Apr 26 06:42:23 1997
Does anyone know what Ward "Colborne" street was in in 1885? Was it in 3rd, 4th, or 5th? Thanks in advance. I am looking for more information on Joseph and Mary Simek.

Wallace Dunlap Sat Apr 26 13:17:10 1997
I am looking for information on Terrence and Catherine (Devitt) DONOHUE. Terrence was born in 1863 in Smith Falls, Ontario and married Catherine in St. Paul about 1899 or 1900. I only know of one child, Terrence Murdock Donohue, born in 1907 in St. Paul. I would like more information on all their children. Terrence's father was Jeremiah Donohue.

April 27, 1997 Tara
Hi! I'm searching for my family line (Rush) as much as possible and as far back as possible. My father's great grandfather immigrated to the US from Co. Mayo, Ireland and settled in St. Paul, Minnesota.

He had 6 sons. One son was named James Rush who had a son named Bernard Rush. Bernard Rush had a son named James Patrick Rush who is my father. My father was born in Manhattan, NYC in 1937. I don't know where all the original six sons migrated to. If you know any information of the Rush history in St. Paul or their history in County Mayo, Ireland, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I WOULD HIGHLY APPRECIATE IT!
Thanks to all respondants!!

Kristin Gordon
Seidenkranz children belonging to Alfred in 1920 census and A. E. Seidenkranz and Lucille Seidenkranz in 1946
My great great grandmother was Bertha Seidenkranz and she married Rudolph Schmidt. They lived on Jessamine St. in St. Paul, but I have a feeling these could have been some of her nieces and nephews.Thank you for your help.
Kris Gordon

April 22,1997 Robert Rolfer
Looking for information on Robert Rolfer from mid 1800's. Was in printing business may have worked for Brown and Bigelow Co.

Wallace Dunlap
I am researching the Michael and Rebecca Frances (Murdock) Devitt family. He was born in 1831 in Ireland and she was born in 1835 in Ireland. They raised their eight children in St. Paul. I need more information on this family and would like to share what I have with others.

Wallace Dunlap

Janice Bond (Ripley) Phillips 4/20/97
Looking for information on Banning family of Ramsey County; earliest I have is John Banning who married Abigail Niles June 11, 1701. My line goes down: Samuel, Abner, Abner, Benjamin, Edmund Prior, Archibald Tanner, George Wright Banning.

George Wright Banning (1891-1951) was my grandfather, married to Amy Sybil Rose, b. Oct. 31, 1892 in St. Paul. George lived in St. Paul from the 1920's until he died in 1951. He came from a family of twelve: William Peck-1880, Elizabeth Georgiana-1881 (died young), Archibald Tanner Jr.-1884 (died young), Laura-1886 (died young), Lydia-1893 (died young), Jessie Octavia-1896 (died young), Theodore Roosevelt-1899, John Peck-1901 (died young), Benjamin Blaine-1889 (died young), William Peck-1880, Elizabeth Georgiana-1881 (died young), Archibald Tanner-1884. While none of these children were born in Minnesota, they all lived there.

Other Surnames: Lockwood, Sparrow, Peck, Bangs, Tracy, Collier, Mullford, Bassett,Tanner, Newcomb, Mott, Hawxhurst. Always willing to share.

Mimi Doucette Sat Apr 19 18:05:38 1997
Hi I am new at geanology. I was looking for a Lottie or Charlotte Beulke. Today I got information from the family library on the census of l900 from the Family Library. The film I got had the name Baliccy or Balicey residing in Ramsey County with a daughter born in 1883 name Lottie. This is the closest I could come. Were there a lot of spelling errors or changes in spelling in this census? Any ideas? I know that they were Lutheran. Thanks Mimi Doucette

Greg Hanson Sat Apr 12 13:49:16 1997
Looking for information on great grandmother Carrie Hovde. Born 1872/3 Emigrated from Norway 1889/90. Lived at 730 Reaney St in St Paul in 1894 and 95. Had brother Albert Hovde who died on May 24, 1894 age 24 according to St Paul City Directory (no death cert on file). Carrie had son named Gustav Arthur Hovde, given up for adoption in May 1894 to Charles and Annie Olson of Heron Lake MN. Any info on what happened to her after 1895 will be appreciated.

13 April 1997 Eric Soderman
I would like to have information about Oscar Rudolf Soderman born 1890 in Saffle, Värmland, Sweden. Which year he came to America and Minneapolis is unknown by me, but I should guess around 1910, I also know he got two childrens Rubin and Robert (the names and numbers are not 100% verified). What I´m looking for is relatives living in Minneapolis or/and St-Paul.

Reinhard Madlener
I am looking for a kind soul who could visit the Calvary Cemetery in St. Paul in order to find the gravesite(s) of Victor and Ilga Madlener and any other information available there on the two. Victor apparently died in 1948, his wife Ilga in November 1973. Reinhard Madlener (ecsbu@csv.warwick.ac.uk)

Joanne Bortner 4/10/1997
Searching for descendants of Thomas Gregor. He lived in Gladstone in the early 1900's. He married two sisters, Carrie Johnson and Josephine Johnson. They both died young, Carrie in 1914 and Josie in 1919, at Gladstone. Between the two wives, I believe he had 5 children: Norman, Ralph, Thelma, Dorothy, and James. Thomas died in 1944. Please contact me if you have any information. Thank you. Joanne Bortner

Tim Poucher Sat Mar 29 10:03:38 1997
Looking for information on the family of Joseph and Frances Busek who came to St. Paul from Bohemia in the mid-1800's. They lived in St. Paul, MN in the West 7th Street area around the turn of the century. They had daughter named Jenny and s