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Utah State Coordinator needed

 Utah was admitted as the Union on January 4, 1896.   It is called "The Beehive State."





"In the history of Utah we come upon a new series of social phenomena, whose multiformity and unconventionality awaken the liveliest interest.  We find ourselves at once outside the beaten track of conquest for gold and glory; of whole sale robberies and human slaughters... of encomiendas, repartimientos, serfdoms, or other species of civilized imposition; of missionary invasion resulting in certain death to the aborigines, but in broad acres and well filled storehouses for the men of practical piety; of emigration for rich and cheap lands, or for colonization and empire alone; nor have we here a hurried scramble for wealth, or a corporation for the management of a game preserve.

"Anything written at the present day which may properly be called a history of Utah must be largely a history of the Mormons, these being the first white people to settle in the country, and a present largely occupying it. "

Source:  History of Utah... 1540-1887, by Hubert Howe Bancroft.



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