New Hampshire

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New Hampshire was admitted to statehood on July 21, 1788.   It is called "Granite State."




"In 1789 John Sullivan was again elected to the presidency of the state.  During the year he had the pleasure of welcoming to the state the illustrious [George] Washington, who, having visited New England on a tour of observation, extended his visit to New Hampshire.  His approach was hailed with demonstrations of joy, both from the state authorities and the people.  He arrived at Portsmouth on the thirtieth of October, having been met at the state line by the principal state officers, a regiment of cavalry, and a large number of citizens.  His entrance into town was announced by the ringing of bells and the roar of cannon, and during his stay he received all those tokens of respect which are due from a free and grateful people to a distinguished public benefactor.  His visit gathered new interest from the fact, that scarcely seven years had then elapsed since the closing scenes of the revolution.  His companions in arms were, most of them, still in active life.  Hundreds of patriots, who with him had relinquished the comforts of their quiet firesides, and hazarded their lives to secure, by a long and arduous contest, the blessings of an independent government and a free constitution, gathered eagerly around the man, whose paternal affection for his troops, and inestimable services to the public, had entitled him to be deemed at once the father of the country he had saved and the armies he had commanded."

Source:  The History of New Hampshire from its discovery, in 1614 ... by George Barstow




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