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North Dakota

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North Dakota ALHN

 North Dakota was admitted to statehood on November 2, 1889.   It is called "The Sioux  State."





"The Territory of Dakota was organized by the Congress of the United States by the act of March 2, 1861.  Prior to the passage of this act by Congress, a few enterprising spirits had crossed the confines of Minnesota and Iowa and established homes along the banks of the big Sioux and Missouri rivers, and founded the cities of Sioux Falls, Vermilion and Yankton, but settlements in North Dakota were principally at Pembina, until the Northern Pacific Railroad crossed the Red River and founded the City of Moorhead on the east bank and Fargo on the west.  From that time forward settlers, attracted by the liberal provisions of the homestead law, and the rich and agricultural lands of the Red River Valley, poured into North Dakota in streams, and the population increased from 2,405 in 1870 to approximately one hundred and eighty thousand in 1889, when Dakota was divided on the seventh standard parallel and North Dakota admitted as a state in October, 1889."

Source:  Early History of North Dakota by Clement Augustus Lounsberry


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