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Massachusetts ALHN

 State Coordinator: Ron Nielson


Massachusetts was admitted to statehood on February 8, 1788.   It is called "The Old Colony State."



“In 1607 some of the patentees of the Northern colony began a settlement at Sagadehoc. They laid the plan of a great state. The president died the first winter which was extreme cold. Sir John Popham, his brother, the great promoter of the design, and Sir John Gilbert, the admiral's brother died the same year in Europe; and the next year 1608, the whole number which survived the winter returned to England. Their design of a plantation was at an end. Both English and French continued their voyages to the coast; some for fishing; and some for trade with the natives, and some feeble attempts were made by the French towards plantations, but they were routed by the English in 1613. There was no spirit in the people of either nation for colonizing. Favourable accounts were published of the continent by Capt Smith and others: But who would remove and settle in so remote and uncultivated a part of the globe if he could live tolerably at home? The country would afford no immediate mediate subsistence and therefore was not fit for indigent persons. Particular persons or companies would have been discouraged from supporting a colony by the long, continued expense and outset without any return. No encouragement could be expected from the public. The advantages of commerce from the colonies were not then foreseen but have been since learned by experience. Virginia in its infancy was struggling for life and what its fate would have been if the fathers of it in England had not seen the rife and growth of other colonies near it is uncertain f God in his providence bringeth good out of evil. Bigotry and blind zeal prevailed among christians of every sect or profession. Each denied to the other what all had a right to enjoy liberty of conscience.” (Source: the history of massachusetts, thomas hutchinson, pp.10-11) Manuscript notes give the date for this section as 1617.




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