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Indiana was admitted to statehood on December 11, 1816.   It is called "The Hoosier State."



"The Buffalo Trace (From A History of Dubois County by GEORGE R. WILSON 1910 pp 27-28) The Buffalo Trace now almost obliterated, was such an important factor in the settlement not only of Dubois county, but of other counties in southern Indiana that it deserves more than a passing notice.


Why the buffalo is seen upon the seal of the State of Indiana is easily understood when one recalls that buffaloes lived in countless numbers in Indiana. They made several paths through the State. One trail passed through Dubois county. Of this one we shall write. The old Buffalo Trace was so important in pioneer days that William Rector was employed to make a survey of the east end of it which he did in July 1805." (Source: Readings in Indiana history, Indiana State Teachers Association. History Section. p. 214)




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