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State Coordinator: Ray Ensing

California was admitted to statehood on September 9, 1850.   It is called "The Golden State."



“Apart from the Bear Flag Revolt there were two clearly defined stages in the conquest of California by the American forces. The first of these, extending from July 7 to August 15, 1846, though devoid of bloodshed, resulted in the temporary establishment of American control over every place of significance in the province. The second, beginning with a local revolt in Los Angeles on September 22, was a matter of much greater importance and for a time seriously threatened the continuance of American control.

As previously stated, the Polk administration was determined, upon the acquisition of California in case of war with Mexico. At the same time the Washington government believed that the Californians, disaffected as they were with Mexico, might easily be persuaded to transfer their allegiance to the United States without the necessity of armed conquest. The opinion also prevailed that even were the Californians so inclined, they could not offer very serious resistance to the United States because of military weakness and inefficiency.” (Source: A History of California: The American Period, Robert Glass Cleland p. 206)




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