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Arizona ALHN site

State Coordinator: Ronald Neiilson

Arizona ALHN site

State Coordinator: Ray Ensing




“Prescott and Yavapai county are the cradle of Arizona It was here that the ball started to roll and it was to them that the first white man's expedition was attracted. Of the members of that expedition only a very few remain. In a decade they will follow the wing that has gone Appreciating how invaluable the events of the earlier days will set on the equilibrium of the present, an effort will be made in these chronicles to recall some of the noteworthy happenings of the earlier days, the period, in short, attending the combat when the Apache contested every inch of the land invaded, when whites fought whites, when the earth was seething in all the fury of a cataclysm, to again break through the crust of the volcano that buried everybody and everything in one way and another. The domain to be included in this brief resume is confined to that region lying north of the Gila, an area in its day that was known as Yavapai county and embraced over 50,000 square miles of land.” (Source: The White Conquest of Arizona: History of the Pioneers, Orick Jackson, pp.10-11)





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