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Cities, Regions/Oblasts found in the LDS Family History Library Catalog
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Cherkassy Cherkasy Chernigov Chernihiv Chernivtsi
Chernovtsy Crimea Dnepropetrovsk Dnipropetrovs'k Donets'k
Galicia Halych Ivano-Frankivs'k Kharkiv Kherson
Khmel'nyts'kyy Kiev Kirovograd Kirovohrad Krym
Kyyiv L'viv L'vov Luhans'k Mykolayiv
Nikolayev Odesa Odessa Poltava Rivne
Rovno Ruthenia Subcarpathian Rus Sumy Ternopil
Ternopol Transcarpathia Vinnytsya Volyn' Volyns'ka
Voroshylovgrad Voroshylovhrad Zakarpats'ka Zaporizhzhya Zaporozhe
Zhitomir Zhytomyr
NOTE: The FHL has listed placenames using the Ukrainian and Russian transliterations.

Church Records:
Greek-Catholic Church Registers for Galicia, Consistory of L'viv
Greek Catholic parish registers (births, marriages, deaths) for the Consistory of L'viv, Ukraine. Includes records for many localities of Austrian Galicia and areas now in Poland and Belarus. Text in Polish, Russian and Ukrainian -- 268 microfilm reels.
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Orthodox Church Registers, Consistory of Kyiv
Orthodox parish registers (births, marriages, deaths) for the different districts of the Consistory of Kiev, Russia. Now in Cherkasy, Kyiv, Vinnytsya, Zhytomyr (Ukraine). Text in Russian and Ukrainian -- 237 microfilm reels.
Orthodox Church Registers, Consistory of Pereyaslav-Borispol
Included are memoranda, decrees and directives, parish censuses, financial records, litigation papers, land and building records, school documents, criminal records, marriage injunctions, disciplinary action, reports, complaints, vital records and other documents. See inventory for a description of the contents of each file. Documents refer to localities from all districts of Poltava province. Also includes towns from the following districts: from Chernigov province: Kozelets and Oster districts; from Kiev province: Cherkassy, Chigirin, Kanev and Uman districts; and from Kherson province: Aleksandriya and Yelizavetgrad districts. The region was later divided among the oblasts of Poltava, Chernigiv, Kiyiv and Cherkassy, Ukrayina. Text in Russian -- 53 microfilm reels.
Roman Catholic Church Registers, Archdiocese of L'viv
Roman Catholic parish register extracts of births, marriages and deaths from various parishes in the Archdiocese of Lwow, Galizien, Austria; later Lwow, Poland; L'viv, Ukraine. Includes an inventory of parish registers of the Archdiocese of Lwow in the district of Lubaczow. Text in Latin, Polish and Russian.
  • Inwentarz ksiag metrykalnych archiwum archidiecezji Lwowskiej w Lubaczowie 1573-1946 FHL INTL Film 2041194
  • Akta urodzen 1881-1945 FHL INTL Film 2041192 Item 4
  • Akta urodzen (kont.) 1881-1945 Akta urodzen, malzenstw, zgonow 1863-1930 FHL INTL Film 2041193 Items 1-2
  • Roman Catholic Church Registers, Stanislaviv/Ivano-Frankivsk
    Roman Catholic parish registers and transcripts of births, marriages and deaths for Stanislau, Galicia, Austria; later Stanislawow, Stanislawow, Poland; now Ivano-Frankivs'k, Ukraine. Includes: Czerniejow, Wolczyniec, Krechowce, Kniechynin, Wysoczanka, Pawelcze, Nowa Huta, Stara Huta, Pacykow, Zagwozdz, Pasieczna, Uhrynow, etc. Text in Latin and Polish -- 10 microfilm reels.

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