Yarnscombe Anonymous Gravestones

St Andrew's, Yarnscombe
Anonymous Gravestones

Anonymous Gravestones
Anonymous Gravestones at Yarnscombe
The churchyard of St Andrew's, Yarnscombe has a significant number of anonymous gravestones dating from the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Several are Grade II listed. Similar anonymous stones can be found at St Giles in the Wood.
Anonymous Gravestone Our days of Sickness have
long been
And God hath our
afflictions seen
But Christ by Death hath
set us free
To live we hope Eternally
The debt we have paid is
due from all
Therefore prepare till Death
shall call.
Anonymous Gravestone A tender husband
and a friend sincere
A kind indulgent Father lieth here
In hopes releas'd from sorrow sin & pain
Eternal happiness through Christ to gain
Let friend forbear to moun & weep
While sweetly in the dust they sleep
This toilsome world I left behind
A crown of Glory for to find
Blessed are the Dead which
die in the Lord
Weep not for us our Children dear
Look on your tender Parents here
And live in love & in God's fear
That we in heaven may all appear
Were everlasting joy abound
And sorrow shall no more be found
Anonymous Gravestone Weep not for me it is in Vain
Death is to me no lost but gain
Here I do lie and free from pain
Till Christ shall rise me up again

In Pain and Sickness Long I layed
My Flesh consume my lungs decayed
With Patience to the last he did submit
And murmurd not at what the Lord thought fit
Anonymous Gravestone My Husband and my Children dear
I pray forbear to grieve
For in my pain I did complain
Till God did me relieve
I pray be cool do not lament
All must submit you see
When God doth please your life to call
Come here and sleep by me
Chest Tomb Because of lichen and weathering, this early 19th century Grade II listed slate gravestone has become difficult to read. Part of the inscription is included in the National Heritage List for England description:

Now like the sun set in eclipse he lies
And like the sun is soon again to rise
Anonymous Gravestones Why should we wish on Earth to stay
To feel the Pains of Dust & Clay?
Should we not pane for Bliss above
Where all is Peace & Joy & Love?
My time is past, I hope the best
To meet in Heav'n with Peace & Rest
Grant O! my God my Soul may soar
From Earth to Heav'n to sin no more
He liv'd a sober honest Life
His Children loving & his Wife
Learn then like Him to live & ___
And sure on Heav'n you may ___
Anonymous Gravestone Now cease dear friends and weep no more
Behold the Judge stands at the door
Prepared be for all must die
And turn to dust as well as I
Keep faith and true repentance still
Then let death come whene'er it will
Anonymous Gravestone Belov'd by all to all the
good a Friend
In all her dealings she
was just and true
Her virtues many and her
faults but few
Anonymous Gravestone The stroke of Death
Did end my Time
And cut me off Just
in my Prime
Nothing thare is that
can Prevent
The stroke of Death
when Time is Spent