Fort Belknap Archives
PO Box 444
Graham,Texas 76450

Fort Belknap Archives are located on the grounds of the historic Fort Belknap.
The archives are open by appointment only.

Old Red Courthouse

Fort Belknap Archives



Old Red Courthouse

Fort Belknap Archives Reading Room


A special thanks to our late archivist and assistant archivist:
Dr. Kenneth Neighbours and Mrs. Barbara Allen Neal Ledbetter
whose assets to the archives has been monumental.


The Fort Belknap Archives collects, preserves, and makes accessible to researchers such materials as Fort Belknap records, Young County records, photographs, books, genealogical archives, and special collections.

Archives Board Officers

Dr. Harry Hewitt


Wichita Falls, Texas

Judy Etling


Newcastle, Texas

Judge Steve King


Fort Worth, Texas

Dorman Holub


Graham, Texas

Desiring membership with the Fort Belknap Archives?
Contact Dorman Holub for criteria concerning membership.

Searching for family records or information about Fort Belknap,
please contact Dorman Holub.

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