YOUNG COUNTY, TEXAS <br> MARRIAGE RECORD BOOK "A"Young County Marriages 1856-1890

July 1875- March 1890

(Pages 125-286)

Marriage record book "A"  lists two records on each page.  Spelling of the names has been double checked. Some of them sound as if they could not be right, but were copied as closely as the handwriting would allow, and question marks were added when they were impossible to read.  We strongly suggest that you order the original records for complete verification. Earlier transcriptions of dates were the "recorded dates".  Changes have been made to reflect the actual marriage date for all parties.  Transcription was begun (pages 1-79) in July 1997 by Georgia Pratt Cunningham.  Additions (pages 80-124) were made in February 1998 by Georgia Pratt Cunningham. Additions (pages 125-286) were made in March 1998 by Dorman Holub.

Page number                   Groom                                        Bride                                       Marriage Date

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