Belknap Coal Company

Belknap Coal Company

Tools Bought
Newcastle, Young County, Texas
April 26, 1909 - March 3, 1910

1- Machine comp. : $12.00
1 shovel : .75 cents
1 Hammer: .25 cents
1 Pick: .40 cents
Cap, wick and Lamp: 50 cents
Bucket: 75 cents
2 Wedges: 75 cents
Oil Can : 25 cents
File and case: 40 cents
Paper: 50 cents

Agnew, S.R.
Ausrey, A.F.
Bandy, C.R.
Beall, Benjamin
Blancett, C.R.
Blancett, H.A.
Blancett, John
Bockout, R.S.
Bowden, James
Broadway, W.C.
Bull, William
Burgess, J.
Butler, Lee
Dover, W.S.
Elliott, T.C.
Ellison, A.J.
Epps, H.S.
Flait, W.E.
Freeman, R.L.
Freeman, R.S.
Fuller, R.H.
Galladay, J.M.
Gooden, L.V.
Goodman, N.B.
Haney, G.W.
Hardin, Lee
Hargrove, J.H.
Harlan, David
Harris, Ben
Harris, James
Harris, O.
Heith, S.M.
Henderson, Walter
Henry, Fred
Hewett, L.W.
Hilt, F.S.
Hitt, F.L.
Jackson, Isom
Jarvins, E.S.
Johnson, Tom
Johnston, Joe W.
Keish, S.M.
Lawson, J.T.
Lyles, J.J.
Mann, B.E.
Martin, O.W.
Massey, Sherd
McDuff, Jim
Miller, A.
Mohorovich, John
Neal, H.D.
Redman, Andy
Ringhoffer, Alex
Roberson, T.W.
Romine, George
Shelton, P.H.
Smalley, George
Staton, W.H.
Stuart, J.W.
Sudsbury, J.E.
Sumner, Jack
Tillman, Barney
Tucker, W.W.
Walker, C.J.
Walker, Joe
Washburn, R.N.
Washburn, Richard
Watsen, Jess
White, W.M.
Williams, Dean
Williams, John
Williams, M.S.
Williams, Oscar
Williams, W.M.
Windham, Earl

Transcribed and submitted by Dorman Holub
August 2000 from original records

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