Sabino Cemetery

Willacy County, Texas - Sabino Cemetery

near Santa Monica, TX
by John and Maria Montalvo Graham

DIRECTIONS: From Raymondville, Texas take US 77 South through Lyford and before reaching Sebastian turn right (east) on FM 1018 . Continue on the paved FM 1018 until it ends at a _T_ intersection with another paved FM road (number not noted). Continue straight ahead (east) in a gravel road which will shortly begin to run along side the north levee of the International Boundary Commission's floodway. The next intersection is Old Alice Stage Road where you have a choice of turning left on the Old Stage Road, turning right up on or over the levee, or going straight ahead on a dirt track along the base of the levee. This track, if followed alongside the levee, will lead you to the Sabino Cemetery. However, it is largely unimproved and would probably be difficult going in wet weather. Instead, turn right up the levee slope and left on the single lane gravel road atop the levee. Follow this road a few hundred yards until you see the cemetery on the left, below the levee. A gravel road leads down the levee side toward the old Rancho Sabino. A dirt track at the bottom of the levee leads into a field to the Cavazos Family Cemetery.

The cemetery is fenced and, when we transcribed it (May 10, 2002), was neat and clean. It is the burial place for a couple of generations of the Cavazos family, descendants of Jose Narsico Cavazos, impresario and Grantee of the San Juan de Carrisitos Land Grant in the late 1700s. Our transcription is listed in the order we encountered the monuments. We did not attempt to copy various inscriptions on the stones. Dates were mostly in Spanish, but have been translated here into English. Where the monuments were double stones, or were otherwise known by Maria to be associated, we listed them together or noted the relationship.

            Jorge Galvan                       Stone set apart from
            b. Sep 24, 1938
            d. Sep 30, 1958

            Ninfa H. Cavazos    Doroteo Cavazos, Jr.          Husband & Wife
            b. Apr 19,1921 b. Jun 29, 1918
            d. Jul 28, 2001          d. Nov 6, 1944

            Gumecindo C. Cavazos
            b. Aug 15, 1915
            d. Mar 19, 1984

            Anastacio Cavazos   Ysabel Cavazos      Husband & Wife
            b. Jan 4, 1879      b. 1884
            d. Jul 23, 1950          d.  Feb 26, 1938

            Gustavo Cavazos     Filberto Cavazos
            b. 1937        b. Jan 16, 1935
            d. 1937        d. Nov 15, 1937

            Doreteo Cavazos     Rafaela Cabazos          Husband & Wife
            b. 1842        b. 1843
            d. Sep 19, 1922     d. Nov 16, 1921

            Matias C. Cavazos   Francisco C. Cavazos          Bachelor
            b. 15 Aug 1872 b. 1876
            d. 9 Nov 1941       d. 1952

            Jesusa G. Cavazos   George Cavazos, Jr.      Husband & Wife
            b. Jun 11,1944      b. Mar 9, 1942
            d.             d. Nov 18, 1990

            Petra R. Cavazos    Jorge Cavazos            Husband & Wife
            b. May 10, 1910     b. Mar 31, 1905
            d. May 20, 1981     d. Jul 14, 1976

            Andrea C. Cavazos   Juan C. Cavazos          Husband & Wife
            b. Nov 10, 1879     b. Nov 25, 1870
            d. Feb 26, 1947     d. Aug 24, 1950

            Roberto Cavazos     Elisa C. Fernandez       Brother &
            b. Aug 18, 1922     b. Dec 27, 1906
            d. Oct 4, 1976      d. Feb 22, 1999

            Eugenio C. Cavazos  Ester G. Cavazos         Husband & Wife
            b. Jan 23, 1909     b. Jul 18, 1914
            d. Mar 30, 1988     d. Sep 1, 1993

            Juan Cavazos        Rosa V. Cavazos          Husband & Wife
            b. Jul 7, 1900      b. Nov 10, 1902
            d. Jul 24, 1978          d. Aug 21, 1993

            Noel C. Cavazos     Lydia Vitonet Cavazos    Husband & Wife
            b. Dec 10, 1914     b. Sep 29, 1918
            d. Aug 15, 1998     d.  

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