Galleries Index
You will find three photo galleries in this section.  Each gallery will contain just five portfolio pages.   When one portfolio fills up, a second will be added to the specific gallery.  Currently there is just one portfolio per gallery.
If you can identify any of the people and/or places in the 2nd or 3rd galleries, please let me know and I'll post the information here.  Be sure to tell me which gallery the picture is in that you can identify.
Click on a picture to enter your chosen gallery.
Gallery 1 
Ancestors we can identify.
Gallery 2
Those who are still unidentified -- those "lost souls."  If they are identified they will be moved to Gallery 1.  Read a story of "The Lost" here.
Gallery 3
In and about Wilbarger County -- its everyday life and events, including groups of people at public places,  even if the place is known, but the people are not identified.
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