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Last modified: 31 MAY 2008

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Surnames: BUSTOS
Submitted by:
Email address: DepJavi1@aol.com
Date: 20 FEB 2004
Query: Looking for anyone who lived and worked or had relatives that lived or worked at the Callaghan Ranch. Interested also in getting in touch with anyone who attended Cactus School, it was located at the Callaghan Ranch. My parents are Don Mauro Bustos and Dona Berta Bustos, both have lived and worked at the Callaghan Ranch for over 50 years. My father was the "Caporal" or cowboss.

Submitted by: Jean Cunningham
Email address: cavelady@svtel.net
Date: 29 FEB 2004
Query: am looking for any information on the Delling family, Manoah (son) and Luther (father) are the men. Manoah married Marie Havre in 1909 in Brownsville. He had a sister named Rosebud who died in 1914. I don't know if she lived in Webb County or not. She would have been about 24 years old and I think she may have died in childbirth as the photos of her taken around that time show her as pregnant. Thanks for the help. Jean Cunningham.

Submitted by: ann
Email address: annt45@yahoo.com
Date: 21 JUL 2006
Query: I am looking for information on Eula (may be listed as Buela)Harper she married Ed Despain and said to have died in 1918, am looking for death and burial place, and other information on Francis Cary Harper wife Willie Maude Despain thank you

Surnames: DIAZ
Submitted by: Ana
Email address: anaya_ab@yahoo.com
Date: 18 NOV 2005
Query: I'm looking for the obituary of Petra Pizana Diaz. She died June 2, 2003 in Laredo. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted by: Marilyn Hendrix
Email address: whendrix@tds.net
Date: 30 AUG 2004
Query: I am looking for a cemetery in Web county. George Albert Dillingham was burried there in 1967. Don't know the name. Could someone Please look this up for me? What is the Newspaper name in Cotulla? Thank You Marilyn

Submitted by: Elma
Email address: eramos1228@msn.com
Date: 30 DEC 2005
Query: Rodrigo Esparza born in 1861 married to Margarita Arellano Esparza born in 1866. Sons and daughters, Felix, Profirio, Igancia, Juana, Santos and Maria P. Esparza. Sons and Daughters born in Texas. Rodrigo and Margarita somewhere in Mexico. Felix Sr is my grandfather, My father is Felix Jr. Anyone related to this family, please email me. Thanks, Elma Esparza Ramos

Submitted by: Annabelle C. Stroman
Email address: leroy1917@earthlink.net
Date: 09 DEC 2004
Query:I have a Marriage Certificate dated 30th day of December 1901 by the clerk of County Clerk of Webb Co, TexasC. R. Molina, J.P. in and for Webb Co. Tx. for the Rite of Matrimony of Mr. Emmett C. Jones and Miss Jennie Ruth McClean of Laredo, Texas. Mr. Jones's father, William C. Jones and wife Mary lived there many years. Mr. Jones died in June 1883. Is there any way I can find out where he is buried? Mrs. Mary Jones ran the Veteran House, a boarding house there in Laredo--is it still there? The Jones raised several children there. I was married to the son of Mr. and Mrs. Emmett C. Jones.....all deceased.

Surnames: KEMP
Submitted by: Chad L. Harris
Email address: schnauzerpak@yahoo.com
Date: 04 JUL 2006
Query: I am looking for any information on Kyle Michael Kemp. He was born in 1963 in Texas or Oklahoma. I believe he committed suicide on November 23, 1993 in Webb County Texas. His father's name was Mike Kemp. Kyle had a step-mother named Teri. He had a step brother and sister and a half sister. Any information is greatly appreciated.

Surnames: ORTEGA
Submitted by: Matilda Maynard
Email address: maza67@sbcglobal.net
Date: 04 JUL 2006
Query: I am researching on my grandmothers history. She was married twice. She was married to a Nicolas Ortega in 1896 in Gonzales. I found he was in your jail in 1880. He was 19 at the time. I was wondering if you could give some information on that incident . Later in years, he committed another crime. Sometime after 1911 he was to hang himself in jail. I am trying to find why and where he was buried. If you can research any information. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You

Surnames: PRESCOTT
Submitted by: kay
Email address: laser@brightok.net
Date: 30 MAR 2004
Query: I am looking for any informaion on a Clarence or Peter PRESCOTT in or around the Laredo (Webb County)Texas area. Clarence (or Peter) died in 1933. He was married to Catarina Valls Prescott. Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted by: Vivian Moelter
Email address: horseshoecolt@earthlink.net
Date: 04 JUL 2006Query: I need some help in finding out the name of a (Dairy Farm in late 1800 or early 1900. My grand father was said to have owned one, Antonio Salvagno. He had a good friend by name (Antonio Bruni) Does name Los Flores sound familar.

Submitted by: Vic Schneider
Email address: niceguytoo45@hotmail.com
Date:20 FEB 2004
Query: Am looking for information on SCHNEIDER. My grandfather was Frank F SCHNEIDER, His wife (my grandmother) was Caroline Schweittman SCHNEIDER. My father, Henry W SCHNEIDER was born on 3 July 1883 in Laredo, Webb, TX. I understand that they also had a son named William (Willie) SCHNEIDER but am uncertain where or when he was born. I would appreciate any information anyone can help me with regarding these four persons.

Submitted by: Vic Schneider
Email address: niceguytoo45@hotmail.com
Date: 05 MAY 2005
Query: Am looking for information on SCHWETTMANNs in Webb County. I believe that Christian SCHWETTMANN, born about 1825, and wife Henrietta, and daughters, Wilhelmine, Caroline and Louisa came to Galveston, TX about 1869 and then settled in the Laredo, Webb County area. Caroline married my grandfather, Fraz (Frank) SCHNEIDER (in 1874) and had children William and Henry SCHNEIDER (born 1883)(who was my father).

Surnames: SCOTT
Submitted by: Geraldine Scott Lawless
Email address: bglawless@ctesc.net
Date: 07 MAR 2004
Query: William Milton SCOTT has a Texas Death Certificate #23514 of Webb County, Tx...death date of April 13, 1936. Can someone research for this death record and tell the information on it.. so I can decide if he is the person I am trying to find..for my SCOTT Family Research...I need to know all the information on the death certificate and maybe I can locate some of his family for more information...His father was Charles Pinckney Scott (buried at Encinal Cemetery)...Mother was Susannah (Rouse) Scott. His wife was named Belle I think (with possible last name of Morris).Thank you for the research.....Geraldine

Surnames: WILDT
Submitted by: LaVerne Jean Wildt
Email address: wildtfr@aol.com
Date:04 JUL 2006
Query: MY husband Robert Henry Wildt Jr's father Robert H. Wildt died in your city March 29, 1961. He was born in 1891 in Louisville,Jefferson Cnty,Ky. His body was shipped to Louisville,Jefferson.Ky for burial at Cave Hill Cemetery. Do you keep records of deaths and where a body was shipped for burial? There is mention of Miller Funeral Home, but don't know id it was in Laredo or if it was in Louisville. I would like to have copies if you do as I'm working on family genealogy and there is no one to ask. My husband didn't know much about his father, because the divorce was not friendly.and his mother wouldn't allow him to comunicate with his father. He also had a daughter named Mary by first wife Julia. If you would e-mail me direct if this is or is not possible I would greatly appreciate it. I am 74 and would like to leave some notes on Mr. Wildt for our gandchildren and great grandchildren. My husband Robert Henry Wildt Jr. died Dec 11, 2004 here in Ft.Worth,Tarrant,County, Tx.